The long-awaited Kinect Star Wars game for Xbox 360 is out today, and the reviewers are united in their opinion — but not in a good way for Microsoft and LucasArts.

Complaints include a lack of precision in the lightsaber controls, a general lack of imagination in the gameplay, and a disjointed experience in which players move from one type of action to another, one at a time, without truly integrating them into a unified set of motions.

“The net effect is a game that makes you feel less like an autonomous, badass Jedi and more like a participant in a really simple game of Simon Says,” writes Kyle Orland on Ars Technica.

Adds Brett Molina of USA Today, “Also, since players have a limited move set, the action can grow a bit dull after a while. Developers break up action with speedracer sequences or moments where a player might man a heavy gun and take out Empire spaceships, but it’s largely basic action sequences.”

Concludes Stephen Totilo of Kotaku, “The Kinect is, simply, a terrible interface for this game that replaces the fantasy of being a Jedi with the frustration of a game that seldom functions the way you would want it to.”

That’s a pretty representative sampling of the reviews.

And then there’s this, the Galactic Dance Off mini game. Watch if you dare, Star Wars fans.

Bottom line: Kinect no longer gets a free pass from reviewers or gamers for being a novelty, and games for the motion sensor are going to need to be better than this if Microsoft wants the Xbox 360’s momentum to continue.

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  • Guest

    MS: the company who can’t shoot straight.

  • Joe Goldberg

    My sons and I demoed this game at Comicon. They couldn’t get enough of it, but the gameplay was so repetitive. You could beat many levels with your eyes closed. Just jump in place then swing your arm around. Repeat.

  • Nierteroth9

    As a product of the 70’s and the beginnings of the Star War’s empire (no pun intended), I really wanted to like this game – really, really wanted to like it.  But I agree completely with the author.  The storyline is uninspired, the graphics look like they would be more at home on the Wii and the on-screen action only barely resembles the off-screen flailing required to complete the missions.

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