A big thanks to the hundreds of you who tuned in for our impromptu live stream from the Angry Birds Space launch event at Seattle’s Space Needle this year.

Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio's Chief Marketing Officer

And a special thanks to those of you who answered my appeal for a cup of coffee while I was stuck holding my iPhone in the air for two hours.

Afterward, I tracked down Rovio’s chief marketing officer, Peter Vesterbacka — better known as the company’s Mighty Eagle — and finally got some solid answers about what was going on.

Basically, it’s an art piece, not an action piece, as we were hoping. They’re turning the Space Needle into a giant slingshot, but they’re not going to be slingshotting the giant inflatable bird or letting it float into space.

Here’s the story behind the stunt, as explained by Vesterbacka.

“We looked at all things space around the globe and we developed the back story to the game, about how the birds get to space, and if you look at the animation, it’s basically this worm hole that opens, the eggs get stolen, as they usually do, and then they end up in space, and then the birds slingshot themselves through the wormhole. So the slingshot to get to space needs to be pretty big. We figured, OK, Space Needle. Perfect.

“So we came here last year, we talked with the Space Needle guys, and we started a discussion about turning the Space Needle into the slingshot to get the birds into space. It turns out that we could. And then we teamed up with T-Mobile, and invited them to the party, and now we’ve turned — or let’s say, we’re in the process of turning — the Space Needle into a slingshot. Actually not that much will happen, but it will look really cool once we’re finished with it.

“There will be some more things going up so that it will look like a slingshot. It’s more about getting the iconic image of the Space Needle and the bird. It’s like a montage, a picture-taking opportunity.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.meier Josh Meier


    • Forrest

      Agreed. Fail. And if all they end up doing is making it look like it’s going to hit the top of the Space Needle, double-fail.

  • Neseattle

    Just a little helium would have made it.

  • http://www.toyboxinc.net Katoya Palmer

    It still was a ton of fun! Went home to get my kiddo thinking there was more fun to be had shortly after noon… and there wasn’t :( I think the consumer awareness was great… PR wise, kewl idea… possibly better execution and a lil more fun next time! Meeting the Author of the Angry Birds Space book was also a pretty neat! 

  • Cktaylor


  • Philip from Rovio

    thanks for the live stream.  couldn’t be there with the other rovio team as i was waiting for my wife to have our child.  loved the livecast and sent ville from rovio to bring you coffee, but it looked like you got uite a few well deserved coffees!  Great job and thanks again

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=94500172 Kyle Kesterson

    I love all of the cynicism here! I’m sitting here at Startup Weekend in Oslo, Norway and people walking by saw the image on my screen, stopped and wanted to know more. It started a conversation. 

    Rovio has created effective global brand awareness, and FUN stunts like this are what build momentum and excitement around the simple and addicting mechanics of their product. Yes, it could always be mooore extravagant, high tech, animatronic, flame throwing, lasers, etc etc… but with their demographic, I bet this was absolutely enough.How many of your startups or companies have gotten to use the Space Needle as a conceptional art/conversation piece in order to promote and extend your brand?That’s what I thought.

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