Lately I’ve been feeling like I should be apologizing to my friends on Draw Something, the high-tech social Pictionary knock-off that took the mobile world by storm a couple months ago. The novelty wore off for me after a couple of weeks, and our in-progress games have been sitting stagnant thanks to my lack of interest.

But it turns out I’m not alone. Third-party research made public this week show usage of the game declining dramatically. It looks like Zynga, which acquired Draw Something maker Omgpop for $180 million back in March, bought at the peak of the market, at least as far as this particular app is concerned.

For me, at least, the lack of traditional levels in the game give it a static feeling — making me feel like I’m not really moving forward or feeding my desire to accomplish something new. Possibly it’s too collaborative, not providing enough of a sense of competition.

Or maybe the turning point was when my wife started just writing the words for me instead of drawing them, apparently bored with the whole thing herself.

What’s your experience with this game? Vote in our poll below.


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  • JF

    The funny thing is that Windows Phone users have no idea what this article is about.  

  • Luke

    Far too many repeat words for me. I was over it in a couple days.

  • Joseph Sunga

    It’s currently how I get my drawing in each day. The iPad version of this is awesome.

    • Todd Bishop

      Sounds like it would be fun to play the game with you, Joe.

      A while back on Twitter, Ray Ozzie suggested that they should incorporate tools from the app Paper into Draw Something.

      • Joseph Sunga

        I really like paper, but didn’t think it was worth buying the other brush tools. I use ZenBrush for my current drawing needs outside of DrawSomething.

        Also, just FYI — I think my username is either “joesunga” or “josephsunga”.

  • Monica Guzman

    Read my mind, @toddbishop:disqus  I’ve pretty much stopped, and I feel REALLY bad about it.

  • PattyH

    It was super fun but then the app got buggy and I couldn’t get it to open for 2 or 3 days at a time… I got bored.

  • Lawrence Lam

    The same words keep coming up, that’s the problem.

  • JennyPurr

    I quit because of the players, not the game.

    I like the game more when playing with other beginners. I came across one to many players who take the game way too seriously- they usually take 5 minutes to draw their word, which is not fun to watch.

  • Mark Dorsey

    Still on a honeymoon with this game.  Get the most fun playing it with my teenagers.  What a hoot!

  • Pam Miller

    I still play, but not as much. Guess I’m easily distracted by other things.

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