GeekWire’s Todd Bishop just made the leap. Will you?

Microsoft is turning on the marketing engines for its new tablet computer, the Surface, which is set to debut October 26th. It also just released pricing information for the first time, with the device ranging between $499 (32GB without Touch Cover) and $699 (64GB with Touch Cover).

That price point will pit Microsoft squarely against Apple’s dominant iPad, and GeekWire readers certainly have discussed that at length.

The Surface represents a huge bet for Microsoft. And, as I noted above, my colleague Todd Bishop already decided to make the plunge and bought a $599 Surface. My family is still in the market for a tablet. And I’m taking more of a wait-and-see approach, in part because I’m curious to get details on the rumored iPad Mini which is expected to be announced October 23rd.  (Let me know in the comments if you have advice on what I should do).

You may recall that some of the iPad fans we interviewed last week at an Apple store in Seattle about Windows 8 tablets (not a Surface) really liked what they saw.

So, with that in mind, here’s today’s GeekWire poll question: Would you buy a Microsoft Surface?

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  • johnny

    Hells yeah! Surface rocks!

  • uberlaff

    The pricing put it out of impulse buy range. I’m putting it on a wish list until I can justify the purchase.

    • Travis Pearl

      I agree, pricing it outside of ‘impulse buy’ range is going to greatly slow sales I think. At $600 with keyboard, its basically the same price as a decent windows laptop so it has to be a proven productivity tool for me.

  • Dave

    You forgot to add an option for “Yes, but I’m waiting for the one with the Intel chip.”

    • Forrest Corbett

      They also need the option of “No, the price:value ratio is way off”

      • Thom George

        Pricing seems spot on, it competes with iPad but offers the ability to print, has ports and can create content, not just consume it.

        • Forrest Corbett

          It doesn’t have the ecosystem nor the traction of the iPad. It doesn’t have the apps nor the community. It’s missing a lot of things. And, you can print from the iPad. If you need “ports” there’s many wireless options and plenty of people use it to create content. The rest remains to be seen. (I’m interested in the Pro, but at this price point, I imagine I’ll just stick with a laptop.)

          • Nathan O

            If by ecosystem you mean apps then I guess your right, but if you mean ecosystem as in ever product MSFT offers, then you are way off the mark. The MSFT ecosystem dominates

          • Forrest Corbett

            Can every product MSFT offers work on this Surface? No. So I’m clearly not talking about that. And Apple’s ecosystem has more than just apps.

          • BuffaloBill

            What does it have other than apps? Are you talking about accessories or what? The only parameter in which the Surface loses to the iPad is apps. Everything thing else is either superior or similar (except the screen having lower ppi)…

            It seems you are just being stubborn. Basically by buying the Surface you are getting a device with much greater capabilities for the same price!

          • Forrest Corbett

            Accessories, aftermarket devices, integration with other devices… go to the gym, go to plugin your mobile device. What’s it designed for? The iOS. And you really think the Surface has more accessories? Not a chance. Go to a hotel, what’s the connector on the stereo for – a Surface or an iOS device? And where do you get that the Surface RT has “much greater capabilities”? It has far fewer, there’s no doubt about that. The iPad has more sensors too. Not stubborn, just realistic.

          • moxie

            But then every new apple devices changes all those gajillion connectors and instantly become incompatible, but no one complains, sheesh, apple fanboys.

          • Forrest Corbett

            Not true. Apple rarely changes the connectors. Secondly, even when they do there’s adapters and they still work with whatever you’re connecting them to. Microsoft isn’t even in the game to have that problem. The only fanboys here are the ones making up bogus arguments to support their claims.

  • makapav

    Where is the option of Android tablet?? You called out Kindle and iPad. I hope you realize that Android is 40% of the global tablet market sales. You were clearly not even certain of what you wanted from the poll.

  • Guest

    I pre-ordered one, but I have no choice as MSFT is a customer of ours.

  • MW65830

    If I were in the market for an ARM tablet, I’d definitely go for the Surface.

    Your survey however misses one option I would have picked:
    Yes, I would but I’m waiting for it’s big brother

    However, I will also compare that one to Windows 8 tablets from other manufacturers. Whichever will cover my needs better willbe bought in the next 5-6 months.

    Oh, and if you should wonder: I’ll be switching from an iPad.

  • Garrantsson

    1 positive choice, 4 negative and one neutral choice… lol

  • 1BusyYeti

    No. I am loving my (Samsung) Android 7.7 tablet.

  • CoryRs

    I still don’t see myself using a tablet as a primary device in the next 20 years. Sticking with laptops and desktops, passing on the giant phones.

    • Nathan O

      20 years!! good luck with that

  • Guest

    Surface is too expensive given it’s hardware features (low screen resolution) and the hardware/software has yet to prove itself. At least with iPad or Android tablets I know I get something that works, has high-end hardware specs and comes with a massive app store. I wonder why people would consider Surface. Then again, to each his/her own.

    • guest

      The “screen resolution” talking point, favored by shills and other trolls, has already been largely debunked as a criticism. And the rest of the hardware is impressive indeed, including a keyboard that is unmatched as this time. And no, you don’t know that “At least with iPad or Android tablets I know I get something that works, has high-end hardware specs and comes with a massive app store.”. You only know that for iPad. With Android, you might get anything from a decent machine with a new version of the OS to a complete POS with crappy specs and running a several years out of date one.

      • Guest

        You can try to defend the Surface’s low-end screen all you want but in this game there is no substitute for pixels. And there’s not enough spin in the world for Microsoft to bury that no matter how hard they try. So, no, there is no debunking. The screen “debunking” answer by Microsoft on Reddit was an embarrassing joke. The iPad and high-end Android HD screens are *way* better looking than the Surface screen simply because they more pixels. By itself I’m sure Surface comes with a decent screen. But does it hold up when comparing to an iPad3 or high-end Android tablet? Doubtful.

        And yes, next to my iPad3, I *also* know that for Android as my Asus Transformer TF700 is a high-end Android tablet with a HD screen – not as good as the iPad3 but it’s HD screen has way more pixels than the Surface.

        About that alleged “unmatched” Surface keyboard: have you actually tried it or are you a shill/troll quoting Microsoft PR? It’s far from a real keyboard. Microsoft’s spin that their Surface keyboard was x percent better than using *TOUCH* was telling. Try comparing that Surface “keyboard” to a proper Asus Transformer TF700 or iPad keyboard and see if it holds up. Doubtful from what I’ve heard.

        Hope you enjoy your Surface. I’ll be enjoying the (specs of) the new iPad and high-end Android tablets available for Xmas.

  • Jeff

    Will just way till their on closeout at $99 in a few months.

  • Allen

    If I ever get a laptop, Surface is the most attractive to me, and it’s all about that touch cover, honestly.

  • guest

    Only if I could make money creating SW for it. So far that is unproven.

  • Seattle Startup
  • Matt Vegas

    This post needs the following category: Yes. I work at Microsoft and get one free.

  • cook90

    John – You can have my HP touchpad.

    • johnhcook

      Ha!! I thought you were using that as a doorstop these days.

  • Jason Farris

    I have bought 64gb rt, will likely buy 2 more, one rt, one pro.

  • Klicktech

    Productivity is very important to me. Surface has word, excel and PowerPoint. This tablet speaks for itself for productivity plus the options for external slots such as USB, memory cards, HDMI are the gateways to productivity and freedom rather than paying for storage and accessories for other fortress like and limited tablets. Surface is dream turned to reality to me and surely I will buy it.

  • Thom George

    Beacuse of her work demands, my wife will wait for one with the Surface Pro, but I havwe no need for all that the Pro offers, but I want much more than an iPad or a consumption toy like the Kindle Fire provides, so the Surface RT seems like the perfect blending of computer and tablet to fit my needs

  • Joshua Maher

    Why are there four ways to say no to this poll and only one way to say yes or maybe? Can I offer some assistance with poll design?

  • Lucas

    The moment I see the IE icon on the home screen, I said “Hell no!”

    • Nathan O

      Google has made a chrome browser for Win8

  • Nathan O

    Already ordered mine and I can’t wait.

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