Jobs and Gates at the D7 conference in 2007 (Asa Mathat photo)

Earlier this week, CNBC published a survey which found that half of American households now own at least one Apple product.

GeekWire’s coverage of the survey sparked a strong reaction, which didn’t surprise me given our location in Microsoft’s backyard (not to mention Apple’s legions of die-hard fans). Some readers said the survey results were meaningless, while others pointed out that Microsoft still has a commanding lead in the home.

The Apple-Microsoft rivalry certainly has mellowed from the days when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were battling for computing supremacy. But it’s still fascinating to watch, especially as Microsoft tries to make inroads with its Windows Phone and Apple tries to take on Xbox 360 with Apple TV.

Given that, I was curious about the makeup of  your home setup. Personally, we have three Apple products (a Mac and two iPhones) and one Microsoft product (A Dell PC running Windows 7). Let us know your setup in the comments, and who you think will win this race in three to five years.

Here’s the Apple poll:

And here’s the Microsoft poll:

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  • Angela Graves

    You need a 10+ for my household for Microsoft products, between Zunes, XBoxes, PCs, and even a Windows Phone we have a bunch!

    • guest1010101

      your the other person who still owns that zune than?

      • Mike

        I guess that makes three.

  • Guest

    Quick household roundup.  Apple Products: Mac Mini, Ipad.  Microsoft: 3 MS Desktop Sets, 4 Computers running Windows.  2 Xboxes.  Two Kinnects. 4 Zunes. 2 Xbox Live Subscriptions.  Microsoft Lifecam.  8 Xbox Controllers. 2 Xbox Microphones.  1 Xbox Wireless Headset.  10 Microsoft Game Studios games.  Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as countless other discontinued boxed software products.  2 Windows Phones. 

    • johnhcook

      Wow, sounds like geek heaven over there. How do you keep track of it? 

  • Joe M.

    2 Laptops, 1 desktop, 2 Zunes, 3 Windows Phones, 2 Xboxes, 1 Kinect, 1 iPod Nano and 1 Kindle Fire.

    • guest1010101

      oh crap the other 2 zune owners showed up!

  • Michael Hanscom

    “Products” is really vague, especially I think of Apple as primarily a hardware company and Microsoft as primarily a software company. If I count hardware only, than it’s 5+ Apple/0 Microsoft. If I count software as well, then it becomes 5+ Apple and either 2 Microsoft (two copies of Microsoft Office) or 5+ Microsoft (if you break Office into its major Word/Excel/Powerpoint trio).

    Either way, we’re an Apple household. :)

    • David Cornelius

      I understand you said “primarily” but I think it’s kinda funny that I have four Microsoft products, a Keyboard, a Microsoft Mouse (2 hardware) and Windows with Office (OK, there’s probably more MS software than that depending on how you count).  Ironically, the only Apple product in use at my house is a free piece of software!

      • Michael Hanscom

        Funny, I didn’t even think about all the peripherals that MS has its name on. Of course, that still doesn’t push my household count up at all. :)

  • Anonymous

    We don’t use and will not buy any apple product.

    • Jason Hanson

      Right back at you about Windows products. ;)

      • Anonymous

        it’s not a slam I just never cared for apple products. I am not a geek, just a average joe emailer. So same to you you meanie!

        • guest1010101

          its the only PC my 90 year old father in law can figure out how to use and not get it full of viruses :)

    • guest1010101

      Hi Bill, but your kids do behind your back :)

  • Anonymous

    10 total here.

    2 Windows phone, 6 PC’s running windows 7, 1 PC running Windows XP, 1 running Windows Home Server.

    Not interested at all in the pathetic waste of money and product in the ‘replace it once a year’ mentality of the iPad/iPhone Apple world.

    • Dhuibh

      Which is why Microsoft had the ad campaign telling people “it’s time to upgrade!” Too many Microsoft consumers think your way. It’s the technology which changes fast… The products evolve to reflect that. The iPad can be a serious mobile business tool and increase productivity (and my profits). Desktops are replaced when the tech/productivity curve warrants it. As Steve liked to say, “it just works.”

      • Anonymous

        “Too many Microsoft consumers think your way ”

        I think consumers in general think this way. Most people have a limit on disposable income so having a device that lasts more than a year is expected and needed.

        I was on a two-year contract with an iPhone 3G. Stood in line with everybody else the day it came out. After a year the overall performance/responsiveness started to degrade and toward the end of my contract, it took about 10 seconds for the camera app to boot up (even after several factory resets). Am I just supposed to accept this, and continue to buy a new phone every year?

    • FormerGeneralOfTheArmy;)

      how is that the mentality? should they never update their products then?

    • guest1010101

      the dell on win vista crapped out a year ago, lost all data, the HP on Win 7 is a complete piece of crap, even the ink on the keys is worn off in under a year. My last Mac lap top lasted 13 years and the keys never wore off :) I picked up an 8 year old Mac on ebay, its faster than the vista machines and is such a pleasure to look at and touch after a hard windoz day at work. Macs just work!

  • Anonymous

    1 Dell Win 7 Desktop, 3 Dell Win 7 Laptops, 1 IPad, 1 IPod and 1 Xbox.

  • Jason Hanson

    Only Apple here. As for who will win? The consumers…for whatever product you prefer.

  • guest

    I still think you missed the point of many of the complaints … everyone acknowledges the iPod won the mp3 wars but who is buying those products any more?  The intersting & relevant numbers would be the number households with the other Apple products. Some think the numbers wouldn’t change much, others think it would be much lower.

    • guest1010101

      hey you had like the only 4 zune owners left in the world respond!

  • Jim

    11 Apple. iMac, MacBook, 3 iPads, 4 iPhones, 2 nanos. I avoid Microsoft products any chance I get.

  • CWE

    Two (active) iPhones, one old one in the closet, two Macbooks, an iPad. One copy of Office. Hoping to get an Apple TV soon to replace the Comcast cable box that technically is running Microsoft software.

    • Guest

      I think you would do well to stay away from “technical” statements…

      • guest1010101

        cable boxes are so user unfriendly they most likely DO use micorsoft software :)

    • guest1010101

      get the $99 Apple TV it is so great! I am so happy with it. HD mostly, sees all my ITunes stuff through the cloud, very very fast to load, Netflix is fun, mostly B and C rated stuff though but fun since the Apple TV is so fast and easy to use, UTube is a whole nother experience with it so fast and great picture quality. Pod casts are also great, some pretty x rated stuff on it which surprised me. Can’t wait for a new all in one Apple TV it will be the next have to have device!

  • David Cornelius

    What about Linux?  I have more Linux products than Microsoft. And except for an old mac in the attic that hasn’t been used in years, no Apple products.

  • Samantha

    Definitely need a higher number than “5+” to capture accurate results.
    Additionally, outlining whether those devices are active/in use vs.
    merely “in your house” doesn’t capture the point. I have a museum of old Microsoft technology, hardware and software, most of which isn’t currently used but still lives at home.

    • guest1010101

      yea I have a hyper drive Mac that still boots, a 5500 and 6500 Power PC that work fine and have internet but no modern web browsers. A blue laptop the one with the handle works fine even on Wifi but the battery is bad, two G4s that are still working awesome, on the alum G4 now, and a brand new Intel 13 inch, its so fast I think its struck and have to hit the command again but its already opened the file or on the web page, I use a windows 7 PC at work so I am use to hitting files or web pages several times, wait for it to load, have a cup of coffee, you know the ritual, the new Macs are so fast! and damn nice looking and feeling devices too. :)

  • Bunnyfer

    I didn’t add the Kinect as a separate item, since we only have it for the Xbox. I also didn’t count the old, unused iPhones we still have laying around the house. However, that means we still have 2 macs, 2 iphones, 2 ipods, and 1 ipad, to just 1 Xbox. We are most definitely an Apple-dominant household. :)

  • Eric

    Apple products (made in past ten years): two MacBook Pros, a Mac mini, and two iPods

    Microsoft products: A wireless keyboard/mouse set, a copy of Windows in a VM on one of the Macs, and two copies of Office for Mac.

    Amount paid for Apple products: about $5,000
    Amount paid for Microsoft products: about $200

  • Tech Agnostic

    I’ve mostly been a MS guy since 1995, but I’m mostly brand agnostic. When the 1st iPod video was released, I bought one and it changed how I consumed music. Until recently, I maintained that it was the best thing I ever bought. Because iPhone’s were only available on ATT in the beginning, I avoided them and went with Android after having used Win Mobile for years. 

    Today, I am again fully entrenched in MS technology because despite where innovation flares up (Blackberry, Apple, Android), MS products still allow me to do whatever I want, whenever I want.  Win7 bought my business machine (2007 Dell Latitude D820 w/XP) another 3 yrs of life and its still going strong. Could NEVER do that with Apple (how many iMac, iPads, MacBook Pro’s, etc have you owned over the last 5 years?). Once I found Zune Pass by way of WinPhone7, I’ll never buy music again. And if I do, it will never be in anyone’s proprietary format as I am now stuck with 7 years of AAC music files that I can’t use.Brand loyalty is fine for the average Joe, but if you’re making your tech buying decisions based on status symbols and what the Jones’ have, you’re missing out on huge innovation in other areas and that’s just a dumb place to be. MS ruled, then Apple ruled (still undoubtedly rules) and Google has its own significant piece. The pendulum is swinging back to MS (based on their efforts since Win7) and I’m sure at some point it will move back to someone else. When that time comes, I’ll consider moving away from MS again like I did before. That’s innovation and that’s what we all should demand.

    • guest1010101

      not sure what your are talking about, I have used iTunes since it came out. I have never ever lost any data and the music plays great on now my third used ebay Mac and my iPod. Just backed it up to a FW drive but now with the cloud there is no way to loose it. You are not using the technology correctly. 13 years and counting NO data loss. Now Apple TV it all shows up in the cloud movies and music, MP3 is an option FYI

  • dakini_3

    … I’m a cloud girl therefore in the 5+ Apple category … 

    • guest1010101

      The Apple cloud is awesome! I just can’t get over how FAST it is. Nothing in the windows environment is even close! :)

  • Cmtyree

    I have a Window’s 7 desktop and laptop.  Never ever had even 1 Apple product and never will.  Phone and tablet are Android.  

    • £>$

      why will you never have an Apple product?

    • guest1010101

      brave new world, never know better so never complain, try a Mac you will be a convert, even a used one on ebay on OSX 10.4 is better than windows 7 I know because I use both.

  • Heidi

    Nice. I have majority Apple products….some MSFT…:-)

  • Robert Mao

    Apple: 2 MacBook Pro, 1 Mac Mini, 2 iPod, 3 iPhone, 2 iPad, 1 Airport express, 1 Timecapsule 
    Microsoft: 1 Windows 7 (install in bootcamp of a Macbook Pro), 1 XBox controller, 1 MS Mouse

  • Agrippa

    There are exactly 7 Apple products in my house,  8 if you count my niece’s iPhone whenever she’s back home on vacation from college (3 iPhones, 2 iPod Touches, 2 iPod classics, 1 iPad). There are 13 Microsoft devices (2 Xbox 360 [with kinect], 7 laptops, 3 desktops, 1 WP7 device). 1 Blackberry device. 2 Android devices (Acer Iconia A500 and Kindle Fire). 5 people in the household (4 when the older niece is off at school). There are also 2 Kindle 2s and 1 Kindle Touch. I don’t know what to classify those as. Perhaps Android too?

    EDIT: Oops. Dock one for Microsoft. I forgot I converted one of the desktops to Linux and use it as a home server as my weekend project a while ago.

  • Guest

    I own five of each: two laptops, an Xbox, two Windows Phones 7, two iPads, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle. Thank you for asking!

  • Kathrine Mya

    microsoft office products were the best one 

  • OmegaMan654

    9 Apple – 3 Windows

    MacBook Pro, MacBook Air 11″, iPhone 4s, 2 Ipad 2’s, 5 iPods, 2 Sony Vaio’s Win7 and HP Desktop Win7. Oh and two Xbox 360’s.

    Too many electronics in one household!

    The debate between Apple and Windows kills me. Most people who debate over it never have used the other option. I own both and love both, it depends on what you are doing as to which is better. IMO music and video hands down belong to MAC OS. Database hands down on Windows platform. I use both and have no issues with either. Windows Vista was a disaster (as was Millennium), Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 have been rock solid for many years. Now that Apple uses x86/64 architecture and processors there is not a great deal of difference in hardware, its all about the OS and how it uses resources to do the tasks.

  • guest1010101

    looks more like 66% have at least one Apple device in the home. BTW 10 year old Apple devices still work.

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