Is this my next phone?

UPDATE, Jan. 10: Click here to find out what smartphone I decided on


I’ve arrived at the biggest dilemma known to humankind: Apple or Samsung?

OK, maybe not humankind. But it’s certainly a raging debate in the smartphone world (in the courtroom, too, but we’ll save that for another day).

My two-year-old HTC G2 seems ancient now — someone called it a “GameBoy” yesterday — and it’s time to upgrade the cellular device. But which do I pick?

I threw the question out to my buddies in the car the other day while on our way to warm our souls with Vietnamese Pho. One argued that the iPhone 5 could be better integrated with my MacBook. The other told me that “once you hold the Samsung Note, you won’t be able to use a smaller-sized smartphone.”

Or will it be this one?

But I played with the Note the other day, and frankly, it’s just too big. I already have a Kindle Fire tablet and the bigger phone doesn’t appeal to me.

So I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5.

Here’s my smartphone mini- profile:

  • Age: 22-years-old
  • Most-used applications: Facebook, Twitter, Camera, Maps, Music, Voice Recorder
  • Other devices owned: Kindle Fire 8.9″ HD, 13-inch MacBook Pro
  • Carrier: Willing to sign a two-year contract with Verizon, AT&T or wait for T-Mobile 

Right now, I don’t have anything that’s really going to push me one way or the other. I’ve played with both and they feel great.

One issue specific to me is switching from Android to Apple and the costs I’ll incur from having to buy new chargers, accessories, etc. But the only Android-related equipment I have is the charger, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

For the Microsoft fans out there, I didn’t forget Windows Phone. I’m familiar with the Lumia line and even played with one this weekend. I just don’t think I’ll go that route — if you can convince me otherwise, have at it.

I Tweeted out my problem and got a few responses from some fellow 22-year olds. Some answers:


Love the responses, but still need some more input. I know our readers are some of the best and brightest geeks out there, so I’m reaching out before I drop some big bucks. In the end, I’ll probably be happy with either. But this is a big investment for me and I want to be sure.

Should I join my colleague John Cook and go with the iPhone 5? Or should I stay faithful to Android? Please help!

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  • JBishop

    Windows phone is the only way to go.

  • AmyKW

    I just switched from an iPhone4 to a Galaxy a month ago. When I went to the store to check out the iPhone5, assuming that’s what I would want, I was…disappointed. It doesn’t look that interesting, just a little thinner/longer than the 4. The screen is SO SMALL compared to other smartphone options. I found myself holding a Galaxy and falling in love with it. So I ended up getting that instead, surprising both me and the sales guy, lol. And I haven’t regretted it.

    Yes, there are things the iPhone does really well (iTunes integration being the most useful in my opinion), but it’s not the be all/end all. I had a good run with the iPhone4 and enjoyed it, but the 5 just isn’t very exciting. If you want to use all those social apps, deal with pictures/Instagram, maps etc, Galaxy is a much better choice because of the screen size. Hands down. :)

    • Vicki Elliott

      Our family had 5 Evo 4g phones. They were great and worked fine.
      Only upgraded because we were all eligible. We all traded our Evo’s for the Samsung siii (except me, I got the Samsung Note2).
      ALL of the phones have the same problem. BAD RECEPTION.
      What good are all of the phones features if the most basic feature doesn’t work and that’s being able to make a call. The phones need wifi on to work properly.
      I did not have this problem with the Evo. Navi worked, flixter worked if we were out and wanted to check movie times. Could use the phone anywhere in my house or stores. Now with the Samsung’s, it constantly says network error. The phones don’t want to connect. I have to go stand by a door or go outside to get signal. My daughter even got an airrave from Sprint to try and improve her reception. You shouldn’t have to rely on your wifi for the phone to work.
      When we are traveling, the Samsung cannot access flixter nor does the navi want to work. Always has network errors. Many texts don’t go through. Unable to connect error. Then the texts go through multiple times.
      The Evo was better in many ways and at least the phone worked!
      We are all regretting that we kept these phones. The Sprint rep keeps reassuring us that this will improve when the LTE system is finished.
      I hope so because at this point, the actual phone struggles to make calls.

  • Waaa

    Get better things to worry about. It’s just a phone.

  • Todd Bishop

    Hey Taylor, you should check out the HTC 8X Windows Phone …

  • Josiah Suskin

    Hey man, it took me 4 months of intense research and debate againsy myself to decide between the iphone 5 or samsung s3.

    I choose the s3! I got to play around with the iphone 5 for a day, and boy was i happy i went with the s3. To me the iphone does not even come close to the s3’s capability, beautiful software and the camera on the s3 is unbelievable and in my opinion is 3 fold better than the iphone.

    Both are top class phones and neither will dissapoint, but if u hate restrictions like itunes and legal ones as well as many more, tham the s3 is the phone you need!

    I have had mine for 4 months and ir hasnt given any problems! The screen on the s3 is alot better quality as well!!

    Anyway i felt exacly the same as you a while back. Hope this helps

    • Taylor Soper

      Glad we can relate, Josiah. Good to hear you’re loving the S3 – seems like a common sentiment.

      • Johan Spånberg Svelander

        If common sentiment is important, check out Reviews on

        SGS3: 4.0/5 from 326 reviews
        Lumia 920: 4.7/5 from 143 reviews (One of the Worlds best Cellphone-sites):

        SGS3: 7,3 from 1045 votes
        Lumia 920: 7,7 from 1416 votes

        IF you buy a SGS3, you will become one of those who are almost as happy with their phones as the 920-owners.

  • Bill

    The galaxy series of phones and tablets are far superior to any apple product I’ve used to date. Colored me biased as a galaxy note 2 and galaxy tab 2 10.1 user, and the s3 is essentially the note 2 sans s pen. Samsung has done a tremendous job with their devices.

  • James Wilkerson

    As a current salesman of cellphones, from what you have posted this decison comes down to one thing. Your preference of operating systems. If you like the android system , it might be a big change for you to switch. But if your a big fan of Apple products , then a switch may be warranted. Just remember get the phone you want not what everyone says you want. 2 years is a long time to go with a phone you hate!

    • Taylor Soper

      Haha, I love(d) my G2. It’s been great to me. But I would love a better camera and a faster OS. Thanks for the input.

      • judazuk

        I think you already chosen you phone then :) ” a better camera and a faster OS” well I present to you, the Nokia Lumia 920, that you just described.

      • Sone Trillid

        friends and Go Android. They will think you are cool also!Your not allowed to have a Windows Phone little dude. Be cool with your

      • speculatrix

        if liked the G2, then the HTC Doubleshot (aka MyTouch4GSlide) is a very good upgrade. I upgraded from a G2 to a Doubleshot, and now to a GNote2 but am keeping the Doubleshot as it’s very good – dual core CPU and more ram than a G2 makes it zip along, and the camera is quite good too for a smartphone.

  • Amy

    I just switched from an iPhone4 to a Galaxy a month ago. When I went to the store to check out the iPhone5, assuming that’s what I would want, I was…disappointed. It doesn’t look that interesting, just a little thinner/longer than the 4. The screen is SO SMALL compared to other smartphone options. I found myself holding a Galaxy and falling in love with it. So I ended up getting that instead, surprising both me and the sales guy, lol. And I haven’t regretted it.

    Yes, there are things the iPhone does really well, but it’s not the be all/end all. I had a good run with the iPhone4 and enjoyed it, but the 5 just isn’t exciting. If you want to use all those social apps, play games, deal with pictures/Instagram, Galaxy is a much better choice because of the screen size. Hands down. :)

    • Taylor Soper

      Amy, I’ve been hearing that a lot. While screen size is not all that important for me, maybe I just won’t realize it until I start using the S3 all the time. Hmm…

      • hary536

        I have to say this: Based on your comments and the article, it seems you already had almost decided to go with SIII, but by this article, you are just gauging people’s reactions to convince yourself that you are not making an obvious mistake.Not sure why you had windows phone in your poll, when you hardly seem to give it a consideration in your article. Interesting exercise. ;)

  • Deidre
    • Taylor Soper

      Great stuff, Deidre. You certainly make the case for the S3. I didn’t know you could take screenshots with your palm — very cool. Thanks for reading.

      • Blue

        brother taylor, i’ll say just this. you’ll regret if you dont go for Windows Phone 8 particularly Nokia Lumia 920.

      • hary536

        There are apps in the iphone marketplace for Samsung’s palm style swiping. Infact they existed before Samsung put in their phones.
        Also, Nokia has flip-to-silence function if you are looking for fancy functions. ;)

  • Kevin Pierce

    (o) Wait until next year and get a Google-influenced Motorola

  • 4of7

    Go for nexus 4 for the total android device.. Break the two yr scam…port your #…to Sim card….

  • Daniel

    Let’s get thing straight: I LOVE my iPhone. I love it. I’m fully emersed in the iEcosystem, so for me it’s a no brainier what MY nexy phone will be. That being said, I’m going to say go with Galaxy SIII, Optimus G, or Nexus 4. I’m not quite Andriod savvy, but I love the phones. The specs are stellar and if you know how to use them Jelly Bean features are unparalleled at this point. If I could make the switch without it being a hassle I probably would, but Apple isn’t exactly abusing me, and frankly I love the hardware, it just feels classier to me. But for you, Andriod all the way.

  • GD

    Windows Phone 8 FTW. I got my Nokia Lumia 920, and it is ridiculously awesome. I was an iPhone user earlier, but I don’t miss it at all..!

  • Kelly Clay

    Windows Phone 8 lacks a lot of critical apps I use on a daily basis and most of the cameras don’t even compare to the iPhone 5. As someone in your shoes, I feel your dilemma – but there’s no way I can rely solely on a Windows Phone right now both personally and professionally Best advice I have though is go with what *you* need for both work and play.

    • Taylor Soper

      Interesting, Kelly. A lot of people have great things to say about the Windows Phone, but the fact that you couldn’t rely solely on it makes me wonder. Thanks for the input.

      • Kelly Clay

        It may be that I rely too much on my phone – Windows Phone 8 would definitely suffice for “getting the job done” and communication. But when I look at my main iPhone screen (I have an iPhone 4 – and like you, debating about what’s next) over half of my apps don’t exist in the MarketPlace. Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, dozens of voice recording apps – yes. The 920 has a better camera than my iPhone. But it lacks things I use personally – RunKeeper, FitBit, Instagram. There are other missing apps too – Pandora, Pocket, Starbucks – that you can use “manually” – but in the end, the lack of all of these apps make it a much less convenient phone (for now, of course).

        • Cormang

          But most of those Apps are built into the mobile operating system. I don’t need a Facebook app because I can see everything from Facebook from the people hub. Facebook will have an offical app, but I don’t really see the need since Microsoft will continue to bake this directly into the OS.

          • Kalel16

            Taylor: Based on your profile….All these Facebook, Twitter, Camera, Maps, Music, Voice Recorder are available and Built into the OS…Meaning you don’t have to download Separate Apps.
            You can drag and drop MP3 songs by just connecting your phone to your PC/MAC….You don’t need iTunes for that….
            When you take pictures you can copy them just by connecting your phone…..You don’t need iTunes for that.
            Built in NFC….meaning you can transfer Contacts/webpages between WP and Android phones by just touching the phones…….
            You can transfer Contacts, Music, Photos, WebPages by just touching two WP phones like HTC 8x and Lumia 920..
            If you have Lumia 920 then you BEAM photos to any device like PC/MAC/iPhone/iPAD/SIII/Xbox/PS3….Any device which has a browser and internet connection…Checkout Nokia’s PhotoBeamer App.
            When you touch the search button on any WP 8 phone…You instantly get the latest news/deals/movies based on your location….Again No App required.
            I can go on and on…….You are perfect candidate for the WP….also you will almost zero dollars (may be $49) when you sign up for a new contract with At&t….
            I highly recommend that you check out the experience yourself…don’t go by what others say….I bet you will love the WP experience…it’s the best and the consistent experience across any WP devices.

        • ricecube88

          Looks like you are either mis-informed or you did not search correctly !! Evernote and facebook apps exist in market place. OneNote wipes the floor with evernote though if you are not aware. Haha Lumia has rich recording out of box so not sure why you even need an app. His requirement seems to be maps , social network for which WP8 wins hands down, not sure why you brought in the entire apps argument. Iphone or android dont have true offline GPS built in. Social networking is seamlessly integrated into WP8. Hey what professional functions could you not perform on Wp8 ? WP8 has office built in so its sounds ironic that you say it lacks professional features

          • judazuk

            Agree, Full Office support integrated for free, support to sync with Exchange and Sharepoint .and with windows Phone 8 also full encryption support for the business user. You cant get more business on a phone then Windows Phone 8. the iPhone is a toy in comparison if you consider using it for business in a large corporation. Since BB is near dead WP8 is the only option in my opinion

          • Kelly Clay

            Looks like you didn’t read my comment. I said that “yes” all those apps are available. My initial advice to Taylor was that I can’t rely on a Windows Phone 8 because it lacks apps I use on a daily basis. The ones I “need” do exist on the Windows Phone 8 – but the ones that make my life much more convenient do not, which affect how much time I have, which affects my professional life. And I said that.

          • ricecube88

            Did even bother to read his requirement before suggesting iPhone 5 ? Social networking ,camera, maps which makes Nokia Lumia 920 ideal!! Am sure you did not before throwing in a bunch of random apps that the guy looks like does not even care. Everyone and their grandma knows how horrible apple maps are!! Yes I misread your comment about apps but wow so that 2-3 mins you spend more on doing it manually is affecting you professionally huh ? Just curious what you used to before you found those apps ,not trying to demean you in any way but the argument seemed really fluff

        • Sunovavic

          Evernote, Twitter, Facebook are in the Windows Phone marketplace so not sure what you are talking about. Also not sure why you need a dozen voice recording apps.. You say most WP8 cameras don’t compare with iPhone 5 and Galaxy but then the Nokia Lumia 920 has the best camera out there and better tech especially for low light situations and video recording. Please research before posting and only post what you know.

        • Peter Kremzar

          Halo? I’m sorry but could you please make some research before you write something that is not true?

          Kelly Clay: … the cameras don’t even compare to the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy
          The fact is: Nokia Lumia 920 outperform ANY phone camera on the market.

          Kelly Clay: over half of my apps don’t exist in the MarketPlace. Evernote, Twitter, Facebook
          The fact is:
          Evernote is there since the beginning. You simply didn’t check the MarketPlace. There are also several third party Evernote applications

          A better application than Evernote – Microsoft OneNote is already built into the system
          Twitter is also there from the beginning and Facebook too. Meanwhile Twitter, Facebook, Linked In are also integrated into the Peoples hub of the Windows Phone system where they merge into your existing contact list and where you can follow your friends activity under the unified feed. It’s much simpler than at your iOS device where you need a million applications to do the same thing.

          Kelly Clay: But it lacks things I use personally – RunKeeper, FitBit, Instagram.
          The fact is:
          There is no original RunKeeper but there are several third party applications and some users say the Caledos Runner is even better than the Run Keeper on iOS. Caledos Runner is integrated into RunKeeper web service. But I personally use Sports Tracker which is a competitive product.

          A few important features of the Windows Phones I see:
          – Windows Phones don’t come factory pre-scratched as iPhone 5s do. You can scratch them yourself if you like to.
          – Nokia Lumia 920 has a higher pixel density as iPhone 5 retina display (in case this means something).
          – Windows Phone cameras are not known to have the purple haze as the camera of the iPhone 5

          – Windows Phones have Microsoft Office integrated.
          – Windows Phones have live tiles instead of a sea of dead icons that iPhone has. The advantage of the tiles is that you can see lots of information without even opening an application.
          – Windows Phone has a next generation user interface whereas iOS user interface didn’t change for many many years. The only innovation of the iOS 6 was to add an additional row of dead icons.This is why iOS is completely outdated.

          • Kelly Clay

            Again, not sure why so many comments misinterpreted my reply, or are taking my words out of context. I’ve been juggling the 920, 822 and my iPhone 4 for 2 weeks. I already said the 920 camera is better, and I clearly said what apps were and were not in the marketplace. Also, many of these “third party” apps do not function nearly as well as the original – including Facebook.

          • Michael Prince

            I misinterpreted your original comment too. It seemed you were saying a lot of apps that are there, were not thre. Fitbit app is only new as far as I know. I really don’t like the facebook app for IOS and find the one for Windows phone just as good.
            Agreed on the third party apps.
            Glad you are willing to try the Lumia devices. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. I do find that people look at Windows phone and find that it’s not as good at being an iPhone as an iPhone. By that I mean they forget that Windows does things differently and don’t look into how it’s done on Windows and that it might in fact be better on Windows. It’s like moving from a Windows 7 machine to a Mac and being frustrated that Office is different or that skydrive integration is poor.
            Skydrive is much better than dropbox on windows phone (works like iCloud, but cross-platform).

        • Brad

          instagram and Pandora are the only 2 you listed that don’t have ‘official’ wp8 apps. But BOTH have 3rd party versions.

          • Kelly Clay

            FitBit, Starbucks, Runkeeper as well – and third party versions do not work nearly the same as the original. Facebook isn’t even “official” – and also lacks some key features that are found in the native iOS and Android version.

          • Brad

            Oh sorry I didn’t realize runkeeper ended support. Starbucks I missed in your list sorry about that. But 3rd party apps not working as well is completely situational and/or opinion based. Companies make API’s so that people can create 3rd party apps. Many 3rd party versions of apps are better than the original Twitter (rowi, tweetro), Youtube (metrotube) not to mention the Twitter/FB integration in the OS is much better than having to launch an app usually.
            In the end the choice is simply what a person prefers but most/all of your points are moot as they are so specific to what you use

      • Ann_Onymous

        Roughly 27 of the first 30 or so responses are raving about how much they love their WP8 (the others don’t actually say anything bad about it, it’s just not their personal preference), and ONE person doesn’t like it and that “makes you wonder?”

        I hope you’re taking Kelly’s input a little less seriously given that all six responses to her post have pretty much disproved everything she had to say. I should be clear – I’m a luddite, and my phone is a stylus (yup, you read that right – stylus), so you can see how much I care about phones. Hell, I don’t even know who the manufacturer is, and I don’t feel like looking around to see where I last left it to find out. My response has nothing to do with whether or not I’m a WP8 fan, it’s based entirely on your logic and thought process. This was a very interesting article, and very interesting responses (I was amazed to discover how well MS appears to have hit the nail on the head, given their past “successes” in the consumer markets), but it became a little harder to take seriously when I read your response to Kelly.

    • judazuk

      It’s true “the cameras don’t even compare to the iPhone 5″ They are actually good instead. There is a good reason why Instagram became big on iPhone. The filters are needed to cover up the poor picture quality. Sure the iPhone 4S and 5 has much improved cameras, but they still pales in comparison to the Nokia Lumia 920. PureView kill everything on the market currently in my opinion

  • Robert Corrington

    Windows Phone 8. If it’s good enough for Mark Cuban (see, it should be good enough for anyone. ;)

  • SilverSee

    Taylor, another vote to look seriously at the HTC Windows Phone 8x. It’s a beautifully designed handset that feels fantastic in the hand, has superb audio quality (for music listening), and brings a platform user experience that is unique and intelligent. Why follow everyone else when you can stand apart from the crowd?

  • FatherOfThor

    after 4 years of iPhones I just jumped to WP8 and Nokia Lumia 920. Beautiful OS. Gorgeous device. Missing a few key apps, but no deal breakers. Really glad I made the switch.

    • Cormang

      I agree. I did the same thing. I had every iPhone to date. Then when the iPhone 4S came out with SIRI I was disappointed. And then the iPhone 5 came out and I was really disappointed. I jumped to the Lumia 920 and never looked back. My favorite part of Windows Phone is live tiles, lock screen info, integration, and speech! It’s awesome.

  • Taylor Soper

    This is awesome. Thanks everyone for your feedback — I really appreciate it.

    I wasn’t even considering a Windows Phone, but that HTC 8X does look really nice. And judging by what a lot of people are saying, it might be a nice middle ground between Apple and Android. I’ll keep researching and listening.

    • S_A_R_K_I_S

      Also consider the Nokia Lumia 920 ;)

    • Jens Rothenborg

      You seriously need to check out the Nokia Lumia 920. Has been getting rave reviews and been getting sell-outs all over.
      Best of luck :)

    • FuriousATG

      I use (and LOVE) a Lumia 920. It’s easily my favorite tech purchase in a long time. The OS is just so fast and slick that it makes iOS look incredibly dated and Android look incredibly confused and scattered by comparison, not to mention how gorgeous and eye-catching the hardware is.

      But – you have to be comfortable using your phone to do basic things really well, while sacrificing being on the cutting edge of the app environment. Your facebook, twitter, linkedin integration on a Windows Phone is much smoother and more deeply integrated than in the other ecosystems (for example), but you’re almost never going to have access to the “new cool” app. This doesn’t bother me, because I feel like I can do pretty much everything I want to from my phone, but as a tech blogger it may be more frustrating.
      That said, maybe you could help add to the chorus of Windows Phone lovers and help this platform get the traction it needs to start getting the same sort of attention that iOS and Android already do! It truly does feel to me like a quantum leap forward from iOS in terms of modern, touch-friendly design (much like the touch elements of Windows 8). Android isn’t as far off, but the flexibility and customizability is a double-edged sword that comes at the expense of consistency and functional minimalism of design.

    • Mythos88

      If you really are considering Windows Phone the Nokia Lumia 920 has some big advantages over the HTC 8X most notably the build quality, screen, apps and of course the camera with amazing OIS. Recording videos with sound is horrid on the 8X but the Lumia 920 does it better than anything on the market.

    • Jade Bryan V. Jardinico

      you will miss the best camera and display when you go for a HTC 8X. Better try the Lumia 920. :)

    • Brian

      The 8X is a great phone, especially on T-Mobile. Unlike the Nokia, it’s thin and light (the Nokia is a bit of a brick).

  • GarnetRuggedVanterpool

    To be honest I voted for the s3. The reason I voted for it is because it definitely is a superior phone indeed. It also is packed with a lot of features most important would Sbeam, which uses NFC technology to transfer files, photos, apps and also make mobile payments. I think when it comes to screen size i think it is something that you can get use to and learn to appreciate. Also don’t forget about google services and also google sync features. Google stores all your contacts on gmail, so when ever you get a new device all your contact will be there. Google also sync your calender and photos in the cloud so you always have access to them. The android devices I have are the nexus 7 and the galaxy nexus. The reason why I listed both devices would be to show that I have two android devices running stock android. Although the s3 is superior its major flaw is not being stock android so you can do some research also on the benefits of having stock android. The most recent device on stock android would be the Nexus 4. With that being said both the IPhone 5 and S3 would be great devices you just have to see which one appeals to your needs ,most..hope this helps. P.S. The stock experience is the best experience.

  • S3 user.

    I will never buy a phone without a memory card slot and a removable battery, plus you can sacrifice a couple millimeters and upgrade your battery not to mention the customizable UI, I would go with the S3

  • Kevin Lisota

    I have a box of the first ~5 generations of HTC phones from 2002-2004 in my basement you could peruse through. I’ve got both smartphones and Pocket PC phones. You can choose from the likes of the Canary, Tanager, Voyager, or Typhoon.

    If you are more ambitious, I’ve got a Motorola MPX from 2004. It has this crazy hinge to make it either a flip phone or a keyboard-style phone. Was also one of the first devices I remember that could flip the screen orientation between portrait and landscape.

  • Toosh

    I read Mark Cuban is digging the Nokia if you want to roll like a billionaire Taylor

  • Portico Lover

    Hi Taylor, thanks for considering Windows Phone. I understand why phones such as the I-Phone #5 and Samsung Galaxy #3 would be something you would want, given the popularity of such devices. I don’t want to talk about popularity or specs or coolness though. Instead let’s focus on the 5 areas you mentioned you were looking for in a phone: social networking, camera, maps, music, and voice recording.

    Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are built in to Windows Phone. You have one address book that has your email/phone contacts, Facebook friends, people you follow on Twitter, etc. You get to see a feed of all activity on your networks, and you can even have the ability to pin people to the phone’s start screen. You can also post to multiple social networks at once, and your privacy settings carry over.

    Camera & Pictures: Two of WP8’s flagship phones, the HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920, have stellar cameras that take gorgeous shots, especially at night. The 8X even has a front-facing camera with a wide-angle lens to capture more area. And with Windows Phone’s Camera Lens apps, you can do a lot more with your camera such as translating text (Bing Vision) or even activating your phone with your voice (ReadyClick). Speaking of social networking, it’s super easy to share any pictures you’ve taken to social networks (in Facebook you can even tag your friends).

    Maps: Depending on which phone you get, you’ll get some unique mapping features. The Nokia phones have offline maps so you can navigate around in low-signal areas or if you have a data limit. It’s also good for finding public transportation directions, and it has this really cool app called City Lens that allows you to use the camera to find cool stuff to do nearby by just pointing your phone in any direction. No matter which phone you get, you’ll get Local Scout, a feature that lets you find restaurants, shops, and attractions that are nearby using GPS.

    Music: Xbox Music, Microsoft’s music service, has 30 million tracks, and a subscription package that gives you unlimited streaming and downloading of those songs on your phone. But even if you don’t want to use Microsoft’s service, and I understand you have a MAC, there is a Windows Phone Client for the Machintosh, and it even lets you sync your iTones music collection. Besides locally stored music you also have many other popular music streaming services such as Spotify,, Rhapsody, Slacker, iheartradio, and in the new year we’ll be getting Pandora (and every Windows Phone user will get a year of Pandora for free).

    Voice Recording: Microsoft has a similar feature to the Apple Siri called TellMe. It is activated by pressing and holding the Windows button. It allows you to call people, voice text, start applications, but more specifically to you, it allows you to record voice notes. Those notes are transcribed and stored into OneNote (an underrated Office program), along with the original voice recording text.

    Pretty cool, huh? And that’s just the stuff you mentioned you liked. There’s a lot more where that came from buddy (built-in music detection, Xbox Live games, Office, the dynamic Start Screen, the dynamic lock screen, Skydrive integration, etc. etc. etc.)

    One last thing: apps. We get a lot of flack for our supposed lack of apps, but I’ll have you know we actually have more than 120,000 apps, making us the 3rd largest application marketplace. Oh, and another thing: very soon we will have 46 of the top 50 apps available on other popular phones.

    Cool stuff, amiright? Hey, no matter what you decide, good luck with the choice. It’s not one to be taken lightly as it’s a 2 or more year commitment of your life with a device that goes with you everywhere. Hopefully I was able to be as thorough as possible with why Windows Phone is right for you. You are its ideal user, actually believe it or not!

    • judazuk

      dont forget Nokia Music if you get a Nokia that is.. free music, also in Offline :)

      • Johan Spånberg Svelander

        And Xbox Music. :)

        • Michael Mitchell

          150,000 Apps in the market place.
          Image stabilization on the Nokia is by far the best on any phone.

    • trentfortune500

      Windows Phone is like Golf the less strokes the better the game.. Nokia is the best for hardware..

    • Guest

      And good news, apparently you can get some WP 8 phones for free or nearly free now!

      It’s great that such a great phone is selling so poorly that you can get it at fire sale prices. Maximum value for you!

      • Johan Spånberg Svelander

        So when Nokia gives a $60 discount it’s bad… But when Apple gives a $50 discount plus gift-cards it’s awesome, right?

      • speculatrix

        only they’re not really free, they’re just subsidised differently so there’s no upfront charge.

  • Tom Leung

    Hi Taylor:

    This has come up on Yabbly a bunch of times so here’s a summary of what our members tend to say. 1.) From an elegance and reliability pov, it’s hard to beat iOS and the iPhone hardware. 2.) From an early access to cutting edge apps pov, most startups develop for iOS well before they do for Android (with Windows a distant third). 3.) However, if you value a lot more customization, need that bigger screen, and are ok with rebooting from time to time, Android is not a bad option. In which case, the one everyone loves seems to be the S3.

    Hope this helps!

  • Christopher Budd

    Most comments are on what phone, I’m going to speak my opinion on carriers.

    I’ve been with Verizon for many years. I was happy with them until recently. They sold me at Droid X2 in 7/11 that was promised to be upgraded to ICS. After buying, they and Moto broke their promise. They haven’t updated the phone since I bought it. Verizon sold me a phone that was out of date the second I walked out.

    I complained to VZW and all they’ve offered me is a coupon provided by Moto for $100 off….another Moto phone. What’s that about fool me twice?

    I am actively considering dropping VZW when I can over how they didn’t handle this.

    I had AT&T before and hated them too.

    I think AT&T and VZW are a duopoly these days and that’s bad for us. I’m going to look at Sprint and TMobile first when I can. I’d encourage you to do the same.

  • Jamie

    I just got myself a Lumia 920. LOVE the phone, much better than my old iPhone. Camera is amazing and I’m really loving the OS…give it a shot, you wont regret it!

  • Cormang

    For the techie with lots of Apps, go Android. For the social person love integration, go Windows Phone. For simplicity, go iPhone. I chose Windows Phone (Lumia 920) as I love live tiles, simplicity, taking pictures, and integration. Plus there’s a lot coming down the pipe from Microsoft. But I chose a Galaxy Tab 7.0 for my slate, because it has all the apps I need (and I don’t really need it for work, just play). I dumped my iPhone because of the static icons, lack of integration, and I’m sick and tired of Apple coming out with “brand new ideas” that have already existed for years… Don’t get me wrong, I would always reccomend an iPhone for the older crowd or non-techies because they do everything the average person needs (and more) and they do it well. But for me, it’s Android and Windows.

  • Joe Easton

    I have the HTC 8X on Verizon and I love it. It’s an amazing device and the OS is flawless and useful.
    If I could switch, I would probably go to ATT for the Lumia 920 because of the Nokia exclusive apps, better camera, and super senstive screen.

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    Nokia Lumia 920

  • Andy Babbitt

    My opinion is to get a Lumia 920 or HTC 8x for a phone, because Windows Phone is by far the most inviting and fun/fast to use phone OS. The Windows Phone team did an outstanding job on their OS. Sure it doesn’t have the amount of apps as iphone, but I bought an iPad mini to fill those gaps. I would never even consider getting a different phone OS as now I am completely hooked on Windows Phone 8. Please don’t get an Android device, they are junk man. They are slow and will never get as good as iOS. They have more apps than Windows Phone but they all suck. Please get an iPhone if you aren’t ready to choose ( in my opinion, the best choice ) Windows Phone. Good luck. and just to note: Windows Phone 8 has the BEST, and I mean BEST twitter client, if you’re a twitter user. It’s called Rowi. Check it out.

  • LinkArt

    Nokia Windows phone

  • Andy Babbitt

    I cannot steer you away from the S-3 enough! It’s a nice phone on the outside, but after using it, it’s just another junk android phone. I really can’t stress enough not to get caught in the Android wreckage. There is a storm brewing and that storm is Windows Phone overshadowing Android because after people realize it, they will know that it’s a far superior phone OS!

  • GuiSantos

    Get a Lumia 920 with Windows Phone. The iPhone 5 is no competition for it. I have both and my iPhone is left uncharged for almost a week now. No need for it whatsoever.

  • erzhik

    yellow Lumia 920. ‘nough said.

  • Ef Jay

    Thought about actually trying each of them out? Seems that would be the sensible way to choose a phone YOU will be using otherwise you’re just going to get the fanboys perspective for each OS and not necessarily what suits you best.

  • Robert R Frew

    Windows Phone 8 is the future. The operating system is so clean, fast, fluid and was built for mobile. iOS is tired and old news, Android is just compounding the problem with each new update and was always bad from the getgo. Companies like Samsung have masked Android well enough to make it seem like it’s good but as the years go by, it will only get worse.

    WP8 is amazing, especially how it integrates with social networking and such. It’s just a beautiful OS and was meant for mobile phones.

    Switch to AT&T like I did (From Sprint) and try it out for 2 weeks, I’m sure you will love it!!!

  • Sunovavic

    this is from this site.

    1. The live tile home screen is easily unique, easy to look at, easy to use, customizable without losing the look and feel of windows phone, and has no real competition. Hell, as an iPhone user, the live tiles tempt me.

    2. Because windows phone 8 and windows 8 are built off the same architecture, every windows developer will have a much easier time developing for windows phone 8, just like Mac users do for iOS. With more developers on windows, however, there is an incredible advantage in app development.

    3. As mentioned earlier, it has customization traits. Apple doesn’t have customization so people can easily recognize iPhones. Android allows full customization which can lead to confusion with people. Windows Phone 8 customization, however, allows unique looks without confusion. Aka the best of both worlds.

    4. Windows Phone is the only platform that can sync with any library system. Android can sync with DoubleTwist (and iTunes, but poorly). iPhone can sync with iTunes (and DoubleTwist, but poorly) but Windows Phone 8 can easily sync with Zune Desktop, Windows Media Player, DoubleTwist, and iTunes.

    5. Windows integration. While this is the same as iPhone’s Mac integration, the windows marketshare is vastly bigger than Mac marketshare.

    6. XBOX integration. Android users have Rokus, iPhone users have AppleTV, but the XBOX allows integration with media centers, DVRs, cable, video games, everything.

    This list can go on. But the major points, at the end, is that Windows Phone 8 takes the best of iOS and Android, while allowing a little of its own uniqueness.

  • BRUU™

    for what you do. Lumia 920 will do the best job..what’s the point of pollingif u dont follow the results… Another dumb blog created by a bias website trying to get some readers… Obviously wp8 is the shit right now…iphone 5?? Don’t seat on it it will bend..
    Sg3?? What’s is so nice about that phone..yuck its the same design over and over again!!

  • Honty Das

    Shifted from the G2 to a Lumia 920, loving the speed,simplicity and the way it gets things done.Plus Nokia music and Xbox live. Hating the lack of the many free apps(games), I had on android.

    P.s: Be warned!: You have to look at the screen and type , ( Miss my keyboard :'( and the tiny mods from those custom roms)

  • steve

    Former Galaxy Nexus owner and now a Nokia Lumia 920 owner. I gave my nexus to my 2 year old for her to mess around with.

  • vitek

    windows phone does social. Does work. Does music does play.
    it does everything that the others do, just more efficiently, better, and prettier

  • WixosTrix

    WP8 has more built-in emoticons than any other platform.

  • Adam Hilliker

    I am another iPhone forever die hard apple nerd fanboy who is really happy with my Nokia 920. There are definitely times when I am bummed that I don’t have a certain app, or that I don’t have a webkit browser on my phone, but those times for me are overshadowed by, in my opinion, the things that matter most – the things I do the most. Interfacing with the phone, interfacing with my friends. The keyboard and selection interface on WP8 is the best in my opinion; whenever I have to type anything on the iPhone I want to kill myself. The people hub on WP8 is invaluable to me; makes social networking so uncomplicated. Seems trivial, but it has actually made me a more social person; seriously.

    Another thing which for me was important was individuality. Sounds stupid, but I hated being on the bus or subway and seeing EVERYONE with an iPhone. With WP8 at least I felt like I didn’t look like everyone else. Obviously this comes with the downside of the smaller app store and nobody developing for WP8, but I have faith that Microsoft will turn that around. Look what they did with XBox; and they realize how important mobile devices are; this is a space where they NEED to succeed.

    You, and some people in this thread have already said the most important thing; whichever way you go, you will be happy – all three platforms are awesome.

    • Robert R Frew

      I have to agree with the people hub comment, I never used Facebook much before and now that I have the 920, I use it every day! I love how I can organize my best friends and family into groups so I don’t have to read the millions of pointless posts from everyone else and only see the posts and photos that matter to me.

  • mrity

    For your scenarios, u can’t go wrong with Lumia 920. Best camera for any smartphone on earth. Worldwide offline turn-by-turn navigation and mapping, ad-free unlimited streaming with offline capability with Nokia Music, and the most solid smartphone ever built. I’ve dropped mine on a moving escalator and didn’t even notice a scratch. Try saying that for iPhone/Androids. Top that up with an integrated social experience in WP8 for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and you have a winner.

  • iambc1


    We have iPhone 4S and 2 Galaxy S3’s. Everyone agrees that the Galaxy if far away the better phone
    iPhone is simple Galaxy is Awesome!

  • green

    Any Windows phone 8. By far the fastest and easiest OS to use.

  • jmccastlain

    Taylor- I come from an extensive cell phone history and I have used everything from BlackBerry to an iPhone to an Android device. I switched to Windows Phone. I used to always get bored with my current device and I was switching from one platform to the other from one hardware design to the other and let me tell you that was getting expensive. But I decided I wanted to switch to WP to try something new and I do not regret it! The speed, beauty and integration is second to none and I am so happy I made the switch. If you are on AT&T, get the Nokia 920. It’s frankly awesome. I switched from AT&T to Verizon so I am using an HTC 8X. I’d rather have the Nokia for the OEM apps and the camera but the HTC 8X is a great device too (beats by Dre is impressive).
    I gave the SGIII a long look but it felt cheap to me. Plus, the other thing that keeps me away from Google devices is the data use agreement. I don’t have anything to hide but I also don’t want Google storing my data for resell to advertisers and data aggregators.
    If I were you, I’d choose either the iPhone or a Windows Phone device (920 or 8X). My wife has the iPhone 5 and she is envious of my WP8 device.

  • basbasics

    GS3 looks cool but gave up on Galaxy line after I continued to suffer from b battery drain issues. Iphone is like a Ford or a Volvo. Everyone has one and it is a relatively safe bet. Lumia 920 on the other hand is like a Lamborghini,, striking in color and design and super fast. Girls walk up to me all the time asking if they can play with it. They all say it is very cool if not a little heavy and big. But that was the impression I wanted to make anyway;) Not sure why a guy needs to know anything else.

    • judazuk

      “Girls walk up to me all the time asking if they can play with it. ” if that is not a selling point, I don’t know what is *Lol*

    • Taylor Soper

      Wow. By far the most convincing reason to get a Windows Phone.

      • Bhairav Pardiwala

        Thing is if you are an app lover goto iPhone or android but if you want a phone that basically fullfills all requirements properly (just does the job) then a windows phone might be for you
        From my experience I own both a samsung galaxy y a nexus 7 and a lumia 800 and I can just say this that live tiles and notification lock screen and the people app cannot be underestimated those features are good
        PS if you want a gs3 or an iPhone you should go for it ignore any advice that tells you otherwise
        If you have read harry potter the same thing that applies to wands apply to phones :-)

  • Bilal Khan

    Hi Taylor,

    Based on the needs you described I think any smartphone will do. Personally, going to Windows Phone is like an adventure… There are some surprises (good and bad), some disappointments, and a general sense of being off-tangent from mainstream (in terms of app coverage). If what you’ve described is the mainstay of your smartphone needs, you will love Windows Phone… However, if you want absolute comfort in terms of getting the latest apps on time and what have you, then go iOS.

    Personally, I chose the Lumia 920 on Windows Phone, I like adventure.

  • bhss

    I currently own a Lumia 920 and whilst the OS is beautiful, the live tiles are so much better than the 800 I had, it’s still not there, I’m not an obsessive app and game user on my phone, just like something to pass the hours, and Windows Phone is lacking in that. Plus, Windows Phone 8 is soooo buggy it’s painful, so next week ill be returning my Lumia 920, as I did with the 800, and return to iOS, maybe Windows Phone 8.5/9 will be perfect, tho right now, I don’t see much in the way of progress since Mango.

    • judazuk

      what is buggy? Work smooth as silk for me. Could it maybe be just that one device you have?

  • Larry

    Looks like this is a scam and you’re just an iphone tard

  • Anton 894

    I’ve had Windows Phone since the very beginning (Samsung Focus) and it’s the best OS you will ever get your hands this day and age. It is the most stable OS (rivaled only by iOS) and a lot if the things you seem to like are right here on WP. We’ve got Facebook and Twitter integration, which means you can post everything you want from one place. The integration is also very useful with contacts. On my girlfriend’s profile I can call her, text/facebook chat/messenger chat (we use threads, so it’s all in one place and you can switch between with a push of a button), write on her wall, mention her on twitter, Skype her, email her, or view any other info she has decided to post all in one place. No opening apps (in fact, since everything is baked in, I never use the Facebook or Twitter apps) for any of that. If you’re willing to come to AT&T, then the Lumia 920 is the best phone around (its the one I’m currently using). The camera is amazing, its low light shots can’t be compared with any other phone and its day shots are fantastic as well. It has a nice screen nice and feels wonderful in the hand. Some people complain about its weight, but it really isn’t noticeable (I like it more than light phones, those light phones just feel too cheap in my opinion). The apps argument isn’t valid anymore, we have everything you need (except instagram, which I hear Nokia is getting for us soon). Nokia is also a great company to be under, they really care about their customers and go out of their way to keep our devices updated and with the most current apps. If you like Xbox, then there is no OS that can compete with the integration it has with WP, I can change my avatar, send messages, view achievements, earn achievements, view friends and interact directly with my console. I have already convinced about 10 people to make the leap to windows phone and they love it. My brother, an avid iPhone fan since its release in 2007 made the switch to a Lumia 920 over the iPhone 5 and has no regrets. Another friend who currently has the iPhone 5 has fallen in love with the Lumia 920 and is looking to make the switch as fast as possible. Windows Phone is an amazing platform and the Lumia 920 is an amazing phone. Jumping aboard the WP ship will leave you with no regrets and the best experience out there. I hope I could help you in the endeavor, the best of luck.

  • Agha

    Get yourself a Lumia 920 Windows Phone. Nothing better than that…

  • M3

    If you decide to go android forget the S3 and get the Asus Padfone 2.
    I fyou decide against android get one of the top 3 WP8. Ativ S, 8X or Lumia 920

  • mercuryblaze3

    I think there is room in your tech portfolio for another OS; you have an Android and an iOS device, having a Windows device won’t hurt a bit. Especially considering the apps you use, look at the Nokia 810 or the HTC 8x. On the Nokia side, two of the your most used apps are Maps and Camera; and Nokia Drive and Nokia Camera Apps are both accurate and excellent. Sound quality on the 8x is awesome given the Beats Audio. P.S. Sorry dude for the shameless plug approach on the article, promise you though, I’m a fan.

  • Oliver

    I recommend the HTC 8X – great OS and possibly the most comfortable phone to hold! Slightly cheaper than the alternatives as well.

  • Julo Krištof

    Take WP, definitely. According to your pofile, it looks like WP was made for you and you have been made for that :) I have been using WP devices for two years. And not planning to switch to other OS any time soon…

  • Tommie

    I got the Lumia 920 and just love it ! Cheers and hope you find your device:)

  • Brad

    Using and iPhone feels much like using Windows XP imo. The GS3 is certainly a great device but you can’t beat the beauty, simplicity, and general core OS function of WP8, especially if you get one backed by Nokia software. Android you can certainly do anything you want with one app or hack or another but for everyday function WP8 just does it and with elegant poise.

  • Khan

    “Facebook, Twitter, Camera, Maps, Music, Voice Recorder”. Now perhaps it was implied strongly enough that you need to have access to a cellular voice network, but if you don’t, you could always go with an iPod Touch to access those apps.

    You can also do VOIP telephony on it with Boingo Wireless (or equivalent Wifi/Mifi) service if you do want to occasionally use it as a phone.

    When I mentioned this option to a friend, he said “well what do I do if I break down or need to call someone outside of a hotspot?” I responded with “pretend it’s 1989: adapt and improvise”.

  • Brad

    And I am sure all of those carriers offer a 14 day exchange no questions asked. Unless you scratch/break it. I know ATT does as I have used it. So you can give the iPhone 5 or GS3 a 2 week run first. Not sure if the 2 week starts over when you trade in tho so not sure if you can give each 2 weeks.
    Of course you could give each 4ish days.

    • Brad

      also if you do iPHone on big red you can’t talk surf at the same time :(

  • TFOI

    With those specs, the choice is easy; go with the Smartphone of the year 2012 Lumia 920

  • Astroturf?

    Wow, so many pro WP comments in the past few hours. You’d almost think there’s an email circulating around Redmond encouraging folks to go post here.

    Not that anyone would ever try astroturfing. Perish the thought.

    Of course, the real question on WP with a two year contract is if the phone will still be supported by the end of your contract. I’m sure those people that bought the Kin on a two year contract have some thoughts about Microsoft’s commitment to their customers.

    And I’d look closely on the apps question. As this article points out even with 75K apps you’re still missing some that you likely want:

    “There’s no Pandora (but supposedly it’s coming soon). No Dropbox. No Instagram. Even the Facebook app isn’t made by Facebook; it’s made by Microsoft, so it’s missing a lot of the latest features Android and iPhone users enjoy. Then there are apps like Twitter that feel like they haven’t been updated in eons, while their Android and iOS counterparts get all the glory.

    Now look at the hot new apps that launched this year: Clear. Snapchat. Brewster. Fantastical. All of those apps launched on iPhone first. Some got Android versions shortly after. None are found on Windows Phone.”

    • Johan Spånberg Svelander

      Read the article first… There’s 120,000 apps on the marketplace and counting… Those 75,000 you talk about is just what has been added these last 12 months, and the number is growing.
      There’s support for Pandora (The third-party apps on WP are usually better than the first-party apps on other platforms). Dropbox is exchanged for the far more superior Skydrive, Instagram?, there are a gazillion of Facebook-apps and the built-in support for Facebook is awesome… Twitter-support is built-in and the third-party apps are awesome.

      • Astroturf?

        Yeah, I dropped the word “new” from 75K.

        Even if those substitutes were equal, and I’d argue they’re not, the fact still remains that even with 75K new apps taking it up to 120K you still don’t have full choice on WP like Android and iOs. And I find it insulting the way WP zealots try to talk past that fact: it’s like a used car salesman trying to convince me I don’t really want what I know I want. I heard an add for photo printing at Bartell’s that said I can just “download their iOS or Android” app: that means if I’m on WP I’m SOL. And that’s a typical example. 1 billion apps doesn’t matter if it doesn’t include what I actually want and need.

        I actually don’t have a strong feeling about WP. But I do have a strong feeling about people manipulating surveys (really, 85%? I’m supposed to believe the voting isn’t stacked and manipulated?) and me (by telling me I’m crazy for what I want).

        • Johan Spånberg Svelander

          We talk from experience with the platform, you talk from… Articles. I haven’t found a need for any of the below mentioned apps from their developer and I’m more than happy with supporting small third-part developers instead of huge billion dollar companies. And besides… My Youtube-app has gotten 8 updates during the last 3 months, how many have your Youtube-app gotten?

          “it’s like a used car salesman trying to convince me I don’t really want what I know I want.”

          This article is about a guy who doesn’t know what he wants, and by what he has written so far WP would fit hand in glove.

          “And that’s a typical example. 1 billion apps doesn’t matter if it doesn’t include what I actually want and need.”

          Exactly… And I dare you to find something “big” that’s international and is not supported by an app on WP.

          “I actually don’t have a strong feeling about WP. But I do have a strong feeling about people manipulating surveys (really, 85%? I’m supposed to believe the voting isn’t stacked and manipulated?) and me (by telling me I’m crazy for what I want).”
          Ever thought that WP might just be THAT good that people that use WP get so “in love” with the system that they want to spread the Word?

  • Greg Lamb

    From the mini profile I’d narrow down to iPhone or Windows Phone and dump the Android. Im sure youve hit these problems so if Music makes it to your main list then don’t go the Android path especially if you’re on a Mac. Managing and playing music on an Android can be a nightmare. The headset you get with the S3 is awful and good luck trying to find a reasonably priced one with remote controls that actually work. iPhone is the only device if Music is important. Having said that, Windows phone connector app works well from Mac for syncing/managing music. All other apps/uses work pretty much the same on all platforms. Windows Phone OS is more visually appealing and the apps seem more integrated than the other platforms. Number of apps for me isn’t there yet (some main ones I regularly use haven’t been ported) but WP8 could make me switch down the road. I’ve still got my Mozart running WP7.5 and the iphone5 as my daily driver. Couldn’t live with the S3 as a daily driver so it went.

  • WindowsPhan7

    If you asked Siri herself earlier this year what the best smartphone ever was she would have recommended you to go with Windows Phone. That is until Apple told her to shut up and changed how she responds to that particular question.

    As for Samsung, their Android handsets would have also pointed you to a Windows Phone.
    So if when looking at user ratings both Apple and Android devices agree Windows Phones are more satisfying even before Windows Phone 8 the choice should be clear.

  • Michael Prince

    Taylor – I have a 920, an iPhone5 and a Nexus 7. Neither are for everyone. Despite the overwhelming support for Windows phone, it seems you want an S3. If that’s the case, don’t get the 920, you’ll just end up returning it because it’s not what you wanted. P.S The 920 is my fave device, followed by the Nexus. iPhone 5 is fine, it works fine, but it’s boring.

  • s

    This article was posted on numerous Windows Phone biased websites to vote up the Windows Phone. I assure you, Windows Phone is currently a poor choice. Maybe down the line it’ll be better, but as of right now just steer clear, it’s not worth jumping into this OS – way too many teething problems. Limited functionality, very poor app selection, non-robust start screen, bad notification system etc.

    • Johan Spånberg Svelander

      May I ask you what experience you have with the platform, because in my opinion it’s way better in functionality, start-screen design and notification system than the other options on the market as of right now.

      • s

        Personal experience with the platform.

    • Oliver

      Limited functionality – any examples?

      Very poor app selection – 150,000 isn’t half bad for an OS only a couple of years old, and growing quickly alongside Windows 8. All the important apps are there. If you miss being able to play Temple Run before everyone else then boo hoo, maybe you’re better off with iOS.

      I lol’d at the non-robust start screen comment.

      • s

        Large, often non-updating monochromatic flat non-interactive tiles (unlike widgets) Definitely non-robust. Disgusting actually. iOS esque. Primitive. Bad.

        <150k is very bad and when they don't contain the hot apps that people want NOW, it just simply gets worse.

        "Equivalent/alternative" apps are not an option. If the apps that people want directly aren't there then the store has failed. Simple. Windows Phone has failed.

        Also, it's painfully laughable when people boast about Draw Something coming to Windows Phone 8 months after it came and went. The apps have to come out at the same time, if they don't, it fails.

        Honestly if you don't care about apps and think it's a boo-hoo situation, get a feature phone because it has more functionality than a Windows Phone.

        • Oliver

          Your comment has left me baffled. iOS-esque? In what way?
          I concede that there are some bugs with some live tiles, but what OS doesn’t have bugs of this nature?
          Right, let’s get something straight. No one is boasting about WP having Words with Friends. It’s just another Scrabble copy that’s designed to waste a bit more time. Time-waster games should not be dealbreakers.
          150k apps is very good. Considering BlackBerry has only 90k and still has more users in the UK. What on earth do you expect them to do? 90% of smartphone owners have iPhone or Android, so obviously they are going to get the big apps first. If WP got them first, they wouldn’t get big at least until they move to Android/iPhone anyway! The apps are not going to come out on WP at the same time and people accept that. You can’t say it’s failed because developers make the sensible decision to develop first for the more popular platforms, I think THAT is laughable.
          Your last paragraph….

          • Oliver

            I meant Draw Something, not Words with Friends. They’re both relevant here though. Draw Something is a shockingly poor port from iOS.

        • Oliver

          I live to read comments by morons suvh as you.

  • Justin M. Salvato

    Windows Phone users, you are wasting your time. The fact that this kid barely responds to the vast amount of Windows Phone comments, but shows interest as soon as someone says something negative about it, speaks volumes. He is getting an iPhone 5. Don’t bother.

  • Jonny Rose

    From your most used apps, its pretty clear the windows phone is the winner, Facebook and Twitter are baked right into the OS, and if you use groups too, then pinning the groups to your home screen means you can organise your twitter updates and stuff. The Camera on the 920 is absolutely insanely brilliant, Nokia maps are great, and for music get an Xbox Music pass and you can download an unlimited amount of music. Voice Recorder – just hold down start, say note and start talking, it will record what you say as an audio clip, but also type it out for you.
    Absolutely love my Lumia 920, and all the reasons above make it that much better.

  • Abhilaksh Lalwani

    there’s everything people expect phones to be. And then there’s windows phone. I wasn’t a Microsoft person until a year ago. I was a windows user. I hated the OS but needed it because all my apps were on it. Then, one day, I bought a second hand windows phone on eBay on a whim. And that changed things. I’ve used iPhones, albeit not in the last two years, and I was immediately struck with how different this was, but different doesn’t mean worse. Within a day, I was doing more with my phone than ever. Not because you can’t do the same things on iOS or on (the newer) android devices out there, but because windows phones allow you to do them faster, and they look better while at it. Its that good feeling you get when technology responds the way you want it to.

    onto something more concrete though, there’s the Lumia 920, which is a behemoth, has the best camera in any phone due to having optical image stabalization, has Nokia drive which is offline voice navigation and beats the hell out of apple maps. Google maps has an edge over it ONLY because of its slightly larger number of POIs.

    the HTC 8x will feel brilliant in your hand. Its different. It looks 2013. Not 2010 like the iPhone, and not like every other Samsung phone like the s3.

    the Samsung ativ s is even larger than the Lumia, and is essentially the s3 with windows phone. Its also the only flagship wp8 with a microsd slot. So you might wanna pick this.

    one of the primary reasons I picked a windows phone last year was because I was bored of iPhones. Apple kept sending out the same phone with a couple of extra features, a faster processor and better screen.
    android was just too buggy and a big no-no. Its obviously much better now (in jelly bean), but its still essentially the same experience as before, rehashed.
    so I implore you. Take a windows phone for a ride. For a few months at least. You might just fall in love.

  • Eminent 1

    After 3 yrs. of Apple, ditched for Lumia 900 and now 920. Love the color customization and the big beautiful display. Never looked back and I hope I never have to look at another miniature display and lack of innovation. I used my phone with gloves today in the icy cold and it was great!

  • Ryan Allen Schrader

    Windows Phone is the way to go! I’ve played with the iPhone and tried to understand the confusion that is Android, but Windows Phone blows them both out of the water! All of my friends are envious of my Lumia 920 and wish that they had one. I have not once regretted not going for iPhone 5 or Galaxy SIII.

  • Yohanan Nunez

    I am switching from my Xperia S to a Lumia 920, im so damn tired of Android and I can’t go the apple way, I’m not into their ecosystem… I’m already tied with an xbox and a windows 8 machine, microsoft wins me over with their ecosystem.

  • Sean

    I’ve been with Windows phones since their launch 2 years ago. My first was an HTC HD7, and now I’m on a Nokia Lumia 920. I was impressed with the beauty and ease of navigation of the OS. Microsoft made a bold decision to not emulate the leader of the pack, and it has paid off because they are the only ones not being sued by Apple for emulating them.

    Don’t be a follower. Whatever you choose, choose it because you like it the most.

  • nishsingh

    At 22, you are young. You have the world to explore, the task of reaching out to your family and friends and making new ones along the way…. and of course showing them what you are about, too. Get a phone thats an extension of you, get a phone thats very you. Get the Windows Phone.

  • Jérémie Melchior

    I have been using Windows Phone 7 for 1 year and a half now.. and will soon switch to Windows Phone 8. I have sold my iPhone 4 and I am very happy. Never had any issue with WP and I have all the application I need.
    It is an amazing device and allow for Free Streaming of music everywhere from all my computers

  • Jungle Jim

    lol this is so funny it ain’t real !!!!!!!!!!! have got their users to come over here and vote for windows phone looooooooooool.

    Come on guys you *really* that desperate for ONE sale ??

    I had a 920 it was OK’ish but the CONSTANT random reboots and that god-awful screen flicker made me send it back and I got a S3 to replace it, wayyyyyyyyy better phone which actually has apps.

    Lumia has not matured, still buggy and too few apps plus did I mention it weighed a TON.

    • Johan Spånberg Svelander

      What app are you looking for?

      • Jungle Jim

        BBC iPlayer, sky go and instagram were 3 off the rt op of my head but there were loads missing.

        • Johan Spånberg Svelander

          I use Metrogram for Instagram, but haven’t Heard about the other two services so can’t help you on that unfortunately.

  • Lewis McCrary

    Get a 920. A couple of apps are missing but I don’t mind at all. It’s a solid and fun phone. I’ve heard of some people not getting great battery life but I’ve managed to get amazing battery life – after full discharge/recharge I easily go a day and a half between charging. Great pics, access to Xbox, SkyDrive, Office. Yes, it’s a great phone and a great OS. The best part is that it has even more potential which is a great thing. :)

  • ekaddo

    It would be interesting to see how many page hits and/or comments are coming from Windows Phones…I just left Android/Samsung Infuse for the WP8/Nokia Lumia 920. Great phone and gets my vote.

  • namikral

    it’s only a damn phone, whats all the drama. just get one and move on

  • stagerbn

    Choose the Nokia Lumia 920. It’s really the most innovative smartphone around.

  • Taylor Soper

    Never expected this big of a response, but I’m loving it. The commenter who told me that a Windows Phone gets the attention of girls might just do it for me.

    • speculatrix

      the girls might give more attention to iphone5 users because they don’t feel threatened by people less likely to be hetero :-)

  • Narna

    You should try WP8, especially the Lumia 920. I’ve had mine for about 4 weeks, love it. A friend bought one 3 days ago leaving her iPhone behind and is also loving it. The most surprising thing about it was the number of sales reps in stores and phone dealerships who were using them as well!
    You should really try it out. Nokia Drive and City lens are fantastic and the camera is great too. But if you’re more into tunes try the HTC 8X – it definitely has better sound.

  • metoo

    i have used all three. iphone, Galaxy s3, and windows phone 7.5.

    For me it’d be 1st WP8, then 2nd Galaxy S3, and last would be the iphone5.

  • voleheart

    DO NOT FORGET THE 8X AND ONE X+ or the Droid DNA. HTC still makes great phones but i assure you the WP8 path is the best and beautiful.

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