GeekWire's John Cook takes video inside the Star Studio photo booth while Coinstar's Brett Cameron looks on

Earlier this week, I popped by Coinstar’s analyst day in Bellevue to get an inside look at some of the company’s latest R&D efforts. The maker of the Redbox DVD movie rental kiosks has a big year ahead, showing off everything from an automated coffee kiosk to the Gizmo, a place where shoppers can buy refurbished consumer electronics. (See earlier video here).

But the demo that really got my attention — unleashing my silly side — was something called Star Studio. Available in just nine locations in the Los Angeles area, Star Studio is a complete redefinition of the photo booth as we know it.

In addition to choosing multiple backdrops and themes, users also receive printed stickers that can be attached to notebooks or phones. The images also can easily be altered (as you see above) and the shared via Facebook or email. The whole experience has a high-energy, rock n’ roll feel to it, perfect for the teenagers that Coinstar is attracting as core users.

Coinstar’s Brett Cameron showed it to us with the enthusiasm of a 15-year-old teeny bopper. What do you think? A hit or a miss?

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  • Richard Brown Photo

    cool fun concept here but if its aimed at the teen audience the cost per unit seems a bit high

    • Jenn

      Where did you find more info on StarStudio and pricing? I have been searching online for info to no avail? Thanks!

      jenn at audiosocket dot com

      • johnhcook

        It’s a bit hard to find online, I must admit, but you can hear the Coinstar GM explain the pricing at the end of the video. 

        • Jenn

          Thanks John. Do you have an email addy? Or website? I will look on linkedin as well. Thanks!

  • Flicker Stage

    This is very cool. I designed a kiosk style photo booth as well, but a much simpler no frills concept. I truly believe that Coinstar is on to something with these kiosks for entertainment.

  • Guest

    Its to similar to the asian photo booth concept

  • Courtney Elizabeth

    I have to admit I was a naysayer until I actually used one. (I too thought the pricing was a little high, but if you get a bunch of friends together, it wouldn’t be too bad since you can add additional photos on for only a few bucks. Plus, you get the pics emailed to you so you can post them wherever you want.) They put a Star Studio in our corporate HQ at Redbox and a lot of us are in our mid 20s. We all thought it was the coolest thing ever and we all have our Star Studio pics on our desks. I can’t wait till more kiosks are added. I’m sure I’ll drag my husband to the mall every so often just to take more pics. I would definitely agree that you’re not just paying for a picture, it’s actually an experience. The best part was when my friend took a picture using the model backdrops and the fans turned on and started blowing in our faces. 

  • KCKel

    Where can we find these kiosks? Which Malls in Los Angeles?

  • not worthy of my name

    This is honestly a HUGE RIP OFF of the booths that are located at Dave And Busters………….

  • Eric h

    This was a huge waste of resources for the company and what an idea in the age of cell phone picks and tweets…. Kids use their phones and “real life” and don’t need a photo booth. I guess it takes someone past their prime to try and cram an old idea back to life.

  • Bullshit

    Takes nice pictures, but I pretty much paid $6 for a sticker! I never received the digital email copy of the pictures. So unless you want the sticker don’t waste your time!

  • Kayley

    Where are these booths located? Are they only in la

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