It’s no secret that the image and aura of the Penn State University football program went from representing high-class tradition to committing and covering up downright disturbing actions.

But the past is the past. Supporters of the program undoubtedly want to move on and help get Penn State football back on its feet. And to help improve their gameday experience, Seattle app-maker Taqtile Mobility just released an official smartphone app that should make Nittany Lions fan happy with both its price (free) and numerous features. 

“None of the controversy around the program crept into the project at all,” says Taqtile’s Dirck Schou. “And I say this sincerely — the team at Penn State is excellent to work with and have been all about making it happen. As a result, we have put out a really cool and different app for their legendary football program.”

Schou and his team at Taqtile, a company that got its start in January 2011, worked with social media and marketing people within the PSU athletic department to come up with ideas for the efficient-yet-expansive app. Most features are associated with the gameday experience within Beaver Stadium — play-by-play notifications, instant replays, food ordering mechanisms, a parking pin drop to help you remember where you left your car and for those who can’t hold it any longer, a handy bathroom locator.

Schou’s favorite part of the app is the “Where to Watch,” feature for fans who can’t make it to the stadium. Users can find places to meet up with fellow Nittany Lions at bars and restaurants to watch the game. It’s also an interesting advertising model — Penn State can actively promote specific venues within the app.

“For example, if they want to go out and sell the right to be a “certified” Penn State game watching bar, or restaurant, they can do so and can actively promote those locations,” explains Schou.

The app is available for iPhones now and an Android version should be out within a few days. Taqtile also partnered with Stanford football team last year with a similar app and made updates for the 2012 season.

If smartphone apps are the new way to help improve the college football gameday experience — or any professional sport, for that matter — companies like Taqtile should have plenty of opportunities ahead of them.

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  • daveschappell

    It would be helpful to add a link to the app in the article. Thanks in advance!

  • ForShame

    “None of the controversy around the program crept into the project at all,”

    Controversy? He makes it sound like this “unpleasantness” is a small case of rowdiness.

    This isn’t a controversy: this is a case of systematic child rape that happened over decades and was covered up by those in charge, enabling this monster to prey on even more children.

    I find is appalling that any company would take money from this institution ever, Let alone do so in an effort to help “move on” from this “controversy”.

    And I have to say, shame too on the author of this article. “But the past is the past.” That’s as bad if not worse than what Taqtile is doing here. The “past” isn’t “past” for those kids Sandusky raped. Nor is it likely to be anytime soon.

    I find the lack of seriousness about this situation just appalling. How would you feel if it were one of your kids that Sandusky had raped repeatedly?

    This app never should have been made and this article not written. Penn State should just disappear into anonymity and ignominy except as a reminder of what happens when organizations put winning above ethics and human compassion.

    • Puget Sound PSUer

      I’m sure the 60,000 + students, student-athletes, faculty
      members and Penn State staff who are trying to get on with their educations,
      raise families and live their lives, and who had absolutely nothing to do with,
      nor any knowledge of the tragedy for which the now extinct regime was responsible,
      really appreciate your position. It must
      be an amazing thing to never have been personally affected by a tragedy that
      will forever associate you, through no knowledge or fault of your own, to the
      worst sort of crime imaginable.

      Get a life jack-ass, and let the Penn State family
      continue to repair theirs.

      Penn State!!!

      • ForShame

        This isn’t just one man: it’s an institution whose leadership covered up crimes, hindered investigations and enabled ongoing child rape over the course of decades. All this because it was more important to the institution that a winning football team not be undermined.

        Any time we talk about the crimes of an institution and its leaders it’s complicated. No, those janitors didn’t rape those kids. But, they also didn’t report it either. And they didn’t report it because they feared the institution’s leadership. That leadership in turn feared the coach and everyone feared the reactions of the students and especially alumni.

        If there was a real critical self-examination of the role everyone played in creating this situation and changes to ensure it never happens again, that would be one thing. But the rush to “move on” and pretend nothing happened shows a lack of real regret, real sorrow, real remorse, and real compassion for the victims.

        As it is, they’re just sorry they got caught (and not very much at that).

        I’ll let the Penn State family continue to repair their lives when they face up to their crimes and responsibilities and take real steps to do something about it.

        Last time I checked, releasing a cool new football app doesn’t really do much in that regard.

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