The photo montage with Allen's commentary on an Oregonian columnist's take on the Blazers.

Twitter is such an equalizing force. How else can the billionaire owner of a struggling NBA franchise make his feelings known about the sports columnist for the local newspaper?

Paul Allen

That’s the situation right now between Paul Allen, the Portland Trailblazers owner (and Microsoft co-founder), and Oregonian sports columnist John Canzano. Following a column this week in which Canzano called on Allen to raise his game as the team’s owner, Allen posted the photo montage above to his website, comparing the columnist to a Dumbo Octopus (possibly shot from Allen’s submarine?).

It’s titled, “The Four Stages of reading a John Canzano column about the Portland Trail Blazers,” with these captions …

  • Stage 1: Uh oh, another Canzano column!
  • Stage 2: Wow, even more bombastic and grandiose than usual!
  • Stage 3: He’s frolicking again with unnamed sources and their murky agendas.
  • Stage 4: Movin’ on … (Does his editor even bother to read these?)

Then Allen tweeted a link to the page to his 41,000 followers, and it has gone viral.

I don’t follow the Blazers, but it’s clear that this is not the first spat between Allen and Conzano. It’s just that now Allen has a quick forum for making his feelings known, albeit in an offbeat way.

Conzano addresses the issue in his column today — writing that he and Allen will “need couples counseling if we’re ever to communicate.”

Via Yahoo Sports. Thanks to Isaac Alexander for the tip.

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  • Guest

    Kudos to Paul! I admire Mr. Allen’s commitment to his teams and his dedication in answering criticism.

  • Robert Wagner

    As a Portland resident I beg of you, please don’t give Mr. Canzano any attention whatsoever. He’s a low rent hack of a writer in a town almost entirely devoid of professional sports, therefore he makes mountains out of molehills at every opportunity….poorly. 

    I applaud Mr. Allen for expressing himself but ask that the press limit their enthusiasm. The sooner the Canzano’s of the world go away the better – and I say this not as a sports fan but rather as someone who simply appreciates decent journalism.

  • RobertinSeattle

    I’m so tired of holier-than-thou so-called “journalists” who continue to perpetuate this attitude of holding others to a higher standard than they would ever expect to be held. This mentality goes beyond sports and has so embedded itself into our society that most of our younger generations now believe they’re entitled to criticize anyone and everything around them as not being good enough. Sad but true.

    So congrats to Paul Allen for taking the time – and having the gonads – to stand up to idiots like Corzano. One armchair critic down, ten million more to go! Thanks, Paul!

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