The picture in question, published today by The Daily.

Microsoft this afternoon took the unusual step of responding to The Daily’s report earlier today that Microsoft plans to bring Office to the iPad — saying the publication was “given bad info” by someone.

The story, by Seattle-based tech reporter Matt Hickey, said the iPad version of the Microsoft Office suite had been finished by its design team, would soon be submitted to Apple for approval and “could be released in the coming weeks.”

Microsoft posted on Twitter this afternoon: “Great respect for The Daily but regrettably someone is giving them bad info, and that’ll be clear in the ‘coming weeks.’ ”

Which means that something is apparently happening in the coming weeks. But what?

The company isn’t giving further details, leaving it unclear whether it’s disputing the entire premise of the story or simply a nuance. A spokesperson tells Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet that the picture accompanying the story — appearing to show an Office app on an iPad —  is “not a picture of a real Microsoft software product.”

Is Microsoft splitting hairs, saying that an unfinished version doesn’t constitute a real product? That’s not clear, either.

In any event, The Daily is standing by its story. Technology editor Peter Ha said on Twitter that a working version of the app “was demoed to us by someone at Microsoft.” He said the publication didn’t fabricate either image that ran with the story.


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  • Joe M.

    Or, the demo was Windows 8 ARM on an iPad?

  • Robert Abiera

    I suspect it’s an Office web app, like Microsoft Docs for facebook.

    • Todd Bishop

      I think you may be correct. An HTML5 app, perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    Theres a 3rd party that lets you run Office on iPad

  • Guest

    Please calm down, Todd. There’s no need to be posting these unsubstantiated rumors as fact. You’re a journalist. Report the facts and let us come up with the nonsense.

  • Vijay Varadan

    My guess is that it’s an Office online client app.

  • Guest

    MS will try to get by with some neutered version of Office for iPad while they still delude themselves that W8 will get them back in the tablet games despite being THREE YEARS lates. When the latter doesn’t happen and iPad sales continue to rise, they’ll eventually be forced to offer it, and at a fraction of historical Office prices given prevailing application pricing. Rinse, repeat.

    • Yetter

      The fact is that many of us are waiting for an uncompromised OS on a tablet.  From everything I’ve seen the ipad 3 isn’t going to pull it off and Android’s ICS still isn’t close so if MSFT lives up to it’s promise (and it’s a big ‘IF’) and releases a full version of windows running on an ARM tablet they are going to be successful.  You consider them three years behind but I think they are now in the perfect position to out compete their biggest rivals  

  • Avatar X

    Commenters ideas here in Geekwire are not far off from the rumor i found yesterday. Extending on the daily scoop update. Which i had already first updated upon in December as i reminded Mary Jo and she kindly mentioned in one of her posts:

  • Rhettrussell

    Yawn…. QuickOffice for the Ipad available on iTunes. Great stable product and it’s been available for a real long time!

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