Nintendo this morning unveiled its television and media integration plans for the Wii U, announcing a new feature called Nintendo TVii that will come with the upcoming console, at no extra charge, and work in conjunction with the Wii U’s tablet-style GamePad controller.

Nintendo TVii (pronounced “TV”) will integrate with existing services such as Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, TiVo and live television, using the GamePad as a remote control and discovery device, taking advantage of its touch screen.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 have largely led the way in recent years by integrating entertainment options into the console, but Nintendo this morning touted the advantage of the tablet as a secondary screen. Individuals in each family will be able to have their own personalized experiences based on their viewing history. Features include the ability to interact with other users on social media, and scroll back to learn about key moments in a particular show. Sports viewing also includes the ability to see scores and related information on the GamePad.

The company “is bringing together how you watch and what you watch into this seamless second screen experience,” said Zach Fountain, an executive with Redmond-based Nintendo of America, during a media event in New York. The company also unveiled the pricing and release date for the new console: $300 for a model with 8GB of memory and $350 for a 32GB model, available on Nov. 18.

Here’s a collection of screenshots from the webcast this morning. Click any image to open a gallery.

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  • guest

    So would somebody please explain why this will be better than TV on Xbox360, or PS3, or AppleTV, or Roku, or [insert existing online TV HW here]. I’m not seeing it.

  • Jason Farris

    Looks like a second rate knock-off of the existing UI on the Xbox. Sure, WiiVii will be good enough at first but Xbox 720 is less than a year away and you can be certain it’s media capabilities, especially with SmartGlass in play, will be a significant jump forward. This would have been impressive three years ago.

  • Mr Banana


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