There’s no shortage of online storage and synchronization services on the market, from to Dropbox to Apple’s iCloud to Seattle’s very own TappIn (acquired last month by GlobalScape).

Now, here comes another player, and boy does it have deep pockets. Seattle-based Mozy, the unit of storage giant EMC, today is announcing the public availability of Stash.

Like the name suggests, Stash provides individuals with a place to store files and then access them on multiple computers. That’s different from how the company’s traditional backup service works, since files aren’t accessible on multiple computers or devices.

“Mozy has always protected our customers’ data against catastrophic loss,” said Russ Stockdale, general manager of Mozy. “With Stash, Mozy customers will see a huge increase in the value they get from protecting their data with Mozy. Stash makes it easy to move from your computer at the office to your computer at home to your smartphone or tablet without having to email files to yourself, or mess around with USB drives.”

The new Stash service is available to MozyHome customers using the 2 GB free, 50 GB or 125 GB plan.

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  • Anonymous

    Youve got to admit dude thats some cool stuff.
    privacy-toolz dot com

  • Jason

    Why bother when there are so many other services out there?

    • Ted Haeger

      Mozy gets you *all* of your files in a single service. Back up whole computers. Synchronize the part you need on multiple computers. Securely access it all from a single mobile app or web site.

      • Luis Antezana (luckylou)

        All files? My knee-jerk reaction is that most people are going to have to either shell out for more storage or make a lot of manual determinations on what gets synced.

        That said, that feature is a good differentiator in principle. I’ll definitely check it out.

        • Ted Haeger

          Yep. All files. Our goal is to provide a human-centric storage service, something that puts all of your files right at your fingertips.

          Setting aside how much capacity you might need, the combination of online backup and Stash means that even if you don’t put a file in your Stash, you can still retrieve it from your backup data when you need it.

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