Microsoft is aiming to make Windows Phone a strong No. 3 in the smartphone market, behind Android and iPhone, but first it has a different rival to overcome: Samsung’s Bada smartphone operating system. Not to mention RIM and Symbian.

The Redmond company remained in sixth place in smartphone operating system sales in the first quarter, slipping to 1.9 percent of the market for the quarter, according to new numbers released this morning by the Gartner research firm.

That was down from 2.6 percent in the same quarter a year ago.

The worldwide trend for Microsoft was similar to results reported for the first quarter in the U.S. by the comScore Networks research firm. The numbers don’t reflect the U.S. launch of the Nokia Lumia 900, the new flagship Windows Phone, which hit the market in early April.

Here’s the full chart from Gartner …

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  • UW97

    Really interesting to see RIM share plummet, Android and Apple picked it all up

  • Guest

    Wasn’t Ballmer “reprimanded” by the board in 2008 after the billion dollar plus Kin failure and specifically tasked with improving MS’s position in both mobile and alternate form factors?

    Four years later, he hasn’t accomplished either and MS’s share in both mobile and tablets has continued downward.

    Where’s the accountability?

    • Hfdfhkj

       Jumping on the old Forbes bandwagon, huh?  Sad.

      • Guest

        Unable to refute the point so trying to redirect to Forbes? Sad.

    • Kevin Foreman

      Comments from a disinterested (not uninterested) 3rd party app developer whose firm produces app for all the major OS platforms… 

      Apple needed shock-theropy 10 years ago and got it.  Windows Phone needed shock therapy 3 years ago and got it.   RIM needs shock therapy right now and the jury is out, if they’ve got it.  right now, we are investing in Windows Phone and Windows 8 more than ever.  

      Data point of one. 

      Kevin Foreman, VP Mobile Applications, INRIX Inc.

      • PattiK

        Love Inrix app thank you!!

        • Kevin Foreman

           Thanks Patti.  We have a long way to go, so watch for updates.

  • MobileHudson

    This should not be a surprise to anyone. When you are tragically late to the SmartPhone party, your platform (Mango) is slated to become obsolete and no longer supported when Apollo comes out … your message to the public is crickets. Crickets can jump and so can I. I am jumping to a different platform.

    For the record, I own a Windows phone. I love it, but the awkward silence on how I’ll be supported as an early WP7 adopter has me looking at all things Samsung.

    • Guest

      You mean tragically late in responding to iPhone and Android. They were actually early to the “SmartPhone party” by nearly a decade, only to get wiped out inside a year by Apple. That’s the real tragedy.

    • Kevin Foreman

       In all fairness.  AT&T won’t update my Android 2.1-based Samsung Captive either… so from a user’s perspective Android based phone often work the same way Mango-Apollo transitions work… ie.  buy a new phone every 13.7 months on average.

    • Guest

       and boy doesn’t it look good! :)

    • john

      Your moving to a platform with an even worse reputation of updates? 

      • MobileHudson

        As I re-read my comment, I was not clear and I apologize. I wasn’t going to Samsung for Bada; I am going to Samsung for Android. I see a few phones in the marketplace that have what I seek.

        …and the Inrix app will be on my phone again – shamless plug for Kevin and Inrix. I use it regularly and it is pinned to my screen.

  • Guest

    Bada is not a credible “smartphone operating system.” Bada is a proprietary OS for low-end phones with few capabilities compared with Windows Phone, etc. We are unmoved that value-centric phones continue to sell well and we do not consider this Bada to be any threat to Windows Phone or to any other full-featured operating system.

  • Christopher Budd

    Interesting, Gartner’s also noting that worldwide sales overall are down 2% in the first quarter.

    If like me you’ve never heard of Bada before, here’s some info on it: like a smart marketing venture would be for MS to land search on that so that then you’d have Bada Bing. :)

    Looks like Bada is rising as a result of Samsung’s increase in the hardware arena, they just nudged past Nokia to be #1 on the hardware side.The Bada/WP numbers show an almost perfect swap in numbers last year to this.

    • Smckinnon10

       So this would be: Bada Boom

      • Christopher Budd

        Indeed. Indeed :).

  • Kfrenn

    Microsoft is an OS now ?

  • Mark Gibbs

    for some reason I just don’t beleave these numbers, I don’t think WP is going up fast but its not loosing ground right now with Nokia pushing across the globe..
    I think this is mor acruate

    • Jon Nehring

      Anecdotally speaking, I’ve seen downloads and conversion rate increase on my WP7 apps quite remarkably in the last 6 weeks. That’s despite having no time to update or promote them. (They are also only available in US, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ).

    • MobileHudson

      I can not dispute the Kantar numbers. I have no contacts there and am not familiar with their study.

      So according to the data – Android shrunk in the US over the last year? While it experienced 20% growth in Germany and Aurstralia.

      Only iOS and WinMobile grew in the US. Really? I’m sorry but that dog just won’t hunt.

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