Windows executive Mike Angiulo and Windows chief Steven Sinofsky show a giant Windows 8 tablet at a Consumer Preview event earlier this year. (Microsoft photo)

Microsoft has said for a while that it will be offering Windows 8 on everything from tablets to giant screens, and the point was driven home this week when reported that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet on the wall in his office.

The company expects to see hardware makers sell similar wall-mounted Windows 8 tablet computers for use in office, Microsoft’s communications chief Frank Shaw confirms.

Microsoft showed a similar screen at the Windows 8 Consumer Preview event, above, so the plan isn’t a major surprise, but it’s notable that Ballmer is already using one of them in his office — a sign that these could get a serious push for use in businesses.

To be clear, this is not a Microsoft Surface computer, but rather a traditional tablet in giant form.

No word on possible pricing or availability.

Literally putting a computer on a wall won’t be the only solution long term. One of the projects being developed by a startup inside Microsoft’s Kinect Accelerator program uses the Kinect Sensor for Windows to turn a projected screen into a touch screen, as well. See our recent tour for more.

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  • Nick White

    What is different about this and a MSFT surface computer?

    • Guest

      What is different about an apple and an orange? Do some research.

  • hans.gerwitz

    Does that use a soft keyboard?

    • Guest

      It’s W8, so yes.

  • cybergabry

    Great solution! Congratulations Mr. Ballmer

  • Jmhutchi

    I get gesturing with a wall mounted tablet (though I wouldn’t want to have to clean it).  How do you type an email into a big screen on the wall?   punches?

    • Guest

      If it’s mounted high enough, what’s the problem? You type an email just like you’d do it on an iPad. It’s not like most are going to be typing War and Peace on either.

  • Arlington Albertson

    I could see this being especially useful with a projector and touch sensors that would allow wall integration anywhere. Which would also potentially allow for Kinect input as well as voice input for dictation, etc….

  • Guest

    If Ballmer got rid of his phone and uses this instead, then not really surprising that he and MS have fallen so far behind in mobile after being an early pioneer.

  • Guest

    W8 is the best thing ever…for Mac and IPad sales.

  • BaldBird

    Of course it will be obsolete in about 4 months time and then you’ll have to buy a new 80inch tablet.

  • John-Paul Cox

    White is asking a good question – don’t be a jacka$$…its the first thing I thought.

  • Astyanax

    MS is about 5 years ahead of its time in betting the farm on touch interfaces and completely shunning the mouse & keyboard. It’s not gonna work.

  • RollingEyes

    What’s next, a giant mouse with 128 buttons? This right here tells me that Ballmer’s vision is stuck in the eighties.

  • Keith Cronhardt

    Sure, I’ll buy it.
    Let me take out a loan first!

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