Microsoft BizSpark is partnering with one of the startups in its program, 9Slides, to make its online presentation technology available for free use by the other 45,000 startups in the program.

The arrangement, announced this morning, promises to give a boost to 9Slides, a Redmond-based startup whose technology synchronizes the video of a speaker’s presentation with the slides from the same talk for viewing afterward online. 9Slides CEO Ruchit Garg says he expects the partnership to increase the company’s exposure and help it land further business and partnerships.

Startups in the BizSpark program, which get access to Microsoft technologies at no cost, are being offered a 12-month gold subscription to 9Slides, which normally costs $99.99/year. (9Slides also offers a free tier of service supported by advertising.)

The interactive slides are based on HTML5 and can be viewed on PCs, Mac, iPad and other devices.

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  • Pradeep Chauhan

    Congrats Ruchit- way to go!

    • ruchitgarg

      Thanks Pradeep.

  • Rohit Garg

    Congratulations… Ruchit…

    • ruchitgarg

      Thanks Rohit.

  • Peter Chee

    Wow, that’s really great. Congrats Ruchit!

    • ruchitgarg

      Thanks Peter.

  • Dave McLauchlan

    Nice work, Ruchit! Congrats – a great deal to close.

    • ruchitgarg

      Thanks Dave. When are you showing me how to hold gold club..

  • Ram Dutt

    Congratulations! Ruchit. This is a wonderful win…

    • ruchitgarg

      Thanks Ram., its an important one.

  • Red Russak

    Nice work man! First Ignite…then Microsoft. Next up…THE WORLD!

    • ruchitgarg

      Thanks Red. You read my mind ;)

  • Vikas Khandelwal

    congrats Ruchit! I could certainly have used this several times this year…and will use going forward!

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