Microsoft’s Bing search engine today launched a new feature called “Linked Pages” that gives people more control over which websites are connected to them, leveraging Microsoft’s partnership with Facebook.

The feature lets users authenticate themselves using their Facebook credentials, and then determine which pages and sites their profiles are linked to in Bing search results.

The idea is to give people more control over how they’re viewed online, while making results more relevant to people conducting searches.

Users can also link their Facebook friends to pages and sites in a similar way, although those friends will need to approve the links before they go live.

It’s another example of Microsoft taking advantage of Facebook integration to differentiate its search engine, which remains a distant second to Google in market share. Microsoft is a minority investor in the dominate social network.

Google has largely been going it alone in these areas, with its Google Profiles and Google+ social network.

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  • Ron Schott

    Would be interesting to see if this extends to brands, giving them the chance to flag official pages (Disclosure: MSFT is a client, though I do not work with Bing)

    • Todd Bishop

      Good point, Ron. I’ll ask if that’s part of the plan.

    • Todd Bishop

      Official word is no — it’s only people profiles “at this time.” Could be interpreted to imply it’s possible they could do it in the future.

      • Ron Schott

         Thanks for checking!

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Microsoft on leveraging Facebook! That small stake is bearing grand fruit.

    • Guest

      Congratulations to Microsoft for completely missing out on the opportunity to integrate with Facebook in a meaningful way. It’s sad that they still can’t use the social graph – their only real advantage over Google – in a meaningful way. 

  • kadeeirene

    Also, agree with Ron since not all profiles are able to be flagged official like Twitter. It’s important and good to see they’re not ignoring it 

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