Windows 8 is so easy even kids can use it.

At least that’s the message Microsoft wants to get across in its Portugal store. The Redmond software giant is using child salespeople to show customers how easy Windows 8 is to use. It’s both funny and innovative — you have to check out the video above.

Here’s what happens: An adult salesman at the Lisbon Microsoft Store asks customers if they want a Windows 8 demonstration. Once they say yes, he seeks out his “colleague” to help.

Well, that colleague is a little 11-year-old boy that needs a step-up so he can be high enough to see the computer on the table. He shows potential buyers the touchscreen features of Windows 8, including the swipe password trick and other aspects of the OS, all the while talking about Windows 8 like he’s a Microsoft expert (maybe he is).

But the ending is the best part. A customer asks about what memory she needs to install for the new Windows — certainly a controversial topic for some — and the boy seems perplexed. He needs to call his “colleague” to answer the question. Right when you expect the adult to come back, out comes another 11-year-old. This time, it’s an adorable girl that says, “Hello, I’ve been told you need help.” The customers can’t stop smiling.

This is an interesting marketing ploy by Microsoft. Often times we get angry with over-aggressive salespeople, but how could you get pissed at a 12-year-old just trying to teach you? I could see people feeling more inclined to buy the Microsoft product solely based on the fact that there’s a cute little kid trying to help them buy a device.

That being said, it looks like this was just a one-day stunt according to the video description on YouTube. I’m not sure if Microsoft employed the kids or not. Does Portugal have child labor laws?

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  • jdc

    Of course Portugal has child labor laws …

  • L Lam

    You know, when I was 12 I devoured PC World magazine and knew all the stats of all the latest PCs and hardware. if I had been allowed to work on the floor of what is now Best Buy at the time, I probably would have sold circles around my colleagues.

  • RayZ fox

    Im 22 and don’t understand windows 8. It must be like the Microsoft ribbon you have to be a dumb ass to understand it.

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