Looks like of people are interested in kicking the tires on the next big thing from Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft’s Windows team said on Twitter a short time ago that it has seen 1 million downloads of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview since it was released yesterday morning.

To put that in the context of the entire PC market, about 350 million PCs were shipped in 2011. But this is a beta, effectively, and 1 million downloads in a little more than 24 hours shows a strong level of interest from the hard-core geeks who will help to influence the ultimate reception for Windows 8 on its final release.

For more on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, see our hands-on review and video from yesterday.

And if you’re interested in adding to Microsoft’s totals, the new preview is available for download here.



  • Kevinf

    Data point of one…. But I’m more impressed than I expected.

    It’s interesting to see the return to an app-centric web. First .exe’s, then web apps, and now back to apps.


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