TechStars Seattle just accepted its latest batch of companies, choosing 10 young upstarts from around the world to participate in the technology incubator. About 600 companies applied for this year’s class, and this marks the first time that TechStars Seattle has welcomed two female CEOs.

A number of the companies also have already raised angel financing rounds in the range of $250,000 to $600,000, which is on top of the up to $118,000 that each team will receive as part of the three-month bootcamp. The class includes two international companies, four Seattle-based companies, and six companies who relocated to Seattle from across the country.

Check out nine of the 10 companies who made the cut, with descriptions from TechStars.


App stores are amazing for distribution, but are horrible for customer communication. Apptentive fixes that. App publishers like Yahoo! and Urbanspoon are using Apptentive to get better ratings, more app downloads and higher customer retention.

Leanplum: San Francisco
Application testing tool


Offline businesses spend billions in online marketing, but have no way to track the value of their adspend beyond calls and clicks.  Bizible reports the exact offline revenue generated by online marketing efforts, including PPC campaigns, search keywords, blog posts and social shares.


Savvy social tools to amplify your advocates and mobilize your movement.


The most inspirational map in the world.


MobileDevHQ is an app store optimization product, or SEO for mobile apps. We help app developers and marketers find, understand, and track their app versus competition and provide actionable insights to rank higher within the app stores, from the idea stage through launch and iterations.


Makes managing a lot of tasks easy.

Tred: New York

Improving new car shopping and dealing. 

Superbly: Portland

Superbly is redefining word processing from the ground up to make organizing, negotiating, and signing documents as simple as it should be.

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  • Adam Loving

    Hi Guys – The URL for Linksy is I left it out of the press release DOH!

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks, Adam, just added that.

      • Adam Loving

        Thank you Todd :-)! Kind of ironic of me to forget the “link.”

    • Kevin Leneway

      I’m already addicted to Linksy, such an awesome tool for organizing a social media campaign. Congrats on getting into TechStars.

  • Jeff Cutler-Stamm

    Congrats to our Portland friends Superbly – you’re in for a great ride!
    Oh, and linksy rocks btw. Too bad we didn’t know about you two weeks ago when Vizify launched :-)

  • Jonny Miller

    The Maptia team is super excited for the next 10 weeks in Seattle TechStars, we’ve loved every minute so far!

  • Ron

    congrats to the maptia team. can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Dorothy Sanders

      Thanks Ron! We are thrilled to be a part of the TechStars family. Really appreciate all your advice along the road to get here. The next three months will be some of the most awesome and most intense of our lives – of that I have no doubt!

  • Miles Austin

    Congratulations to all of these companies and especially to Adam and his work at! Exciting to see the creative ideas and innovation going on here.

    • Adam Loving

      Thank you Miles for helping me get this project off the ground, with all the great feedback your audience provided!

  • Grant Feek

    Super excited for the whole Tech Stars posse!

    If you love cars and are a designer and/or front end dev, we’d love to tell you more about what we’re up to at Tred –>

  • Stephen Medawar

    Congratulations Robi and Mike! This is really great news and I wish you guys the best.

    • Dave McLauchlan

      +1 – congrats to Robi and Mike, looking forward to great things!

      • Stephen Medawar

        @twitter-53179741:disqus Congrats to you as well for joining the Bing fund. What a great Friday for everyone!

      • Robi Ganguly

        Thank you Stephen and Dave! So excited to be part of this incredible program :)

        • Jay Weeldreyer

          This is great Robi! It’s great to see Apptentive in the mix. Congrats dude.

          • Robi Ganguly

            Thanks Jay!

  • Kyle Kesterson

    Congrats on making the cut, some super solid teams in there! You all are in for a wild ride, no sleeping or it’ll fly right by you… Can’t wait to meet the teams I don’t know.

  • guest

    Congrats to all, esp. Apptentive!

    • Robi Ganguly

      Thank you!

  • steveb

    Maybe it is me, but how do you make any revenue on any of these startups? Nice pieces of technology, but nothing I see people paying for. Or maybe you will make it up on advertising…

    • Aaron Bird


      It often times is not obvious in a one sentence pitch, but having spent the week with these companies I can say that all 10 of them have compelling financial & business models. I can’t speak to revenue details about the other companies, but we (Bizible) generated 5 digit monthly recurring revenue last month, with the month-over-month revenue growing fast.

      • Ian Sefferman

        +1. MobileDevHQ makes well into 5 figures every month, with consistent growth. So much so, we’re hiring!

        Any engineers looking for an amazing company and opportunity, contact me! :)


  • Jessica

    Mobiledevhq was previously funded by Founders Coop which is also run by Chris DeVore and Andy Sack, who also drive TechStars Seattle. Is it just me or is there something more than odd about that? I’ve heard a growing buzz that they’ve created a convenient conflict of interest by running both organizations.

    • Andy Sack

      Founder’s Co-op is an investor in Mobile Dev HQ. In any instance that Founder’s Co-op is an investor in any TechStars company, we make sure to run it by the selection committee which consists of 6 independent 3rd party people.
      Conflicts like this are inevitable given how many early stage companies Founder’s Co-op is participating in Seattle. As we continue to be the supporters and advocates of entrepreneurs locally, we’ll keep putting our money and time where our mouth is ….and do this while minimizing conflicts.

    • Ian Sefferman

      Hi Jessica,

      As a founder of MobileDevHQ, I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have investors like Andy and Chris on board.

      As Andy said, we were all aware of a potential conflict of interest when applying to TechStars, which is why Andy and Chris graciously excluded themselves from our selection process. Instead, we spent our time interviewing with other investors and backers in TechStars, who ultimately helped make the decision on our admission to this year’s class.

      In any case, we’re insanely excited about TechStars and the opportunity to make amazing app store optimization tools.

      Hope you have a chance to try out our product and tell us what you think!


  • Eli Rubel

    We’re super stoked to be part of the program- we’re also really excited to be growing our team while here in Seattle! If you’d like to go through the TechStars experience with us, take a look at our open positions –

  • GoSeattle

    Good luck!

  • Joshua Maher

    Congrats all – can’t wait to see where you take things next!

  • Marina Martin

    Congratulations to Roby, Mike, Sky, and Adam! Can’t wait to see how Apptentive and Linksy grow in a few months :)

    • Robi Ganguly

      Who is Roby :)? Thank you Marina!

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