High-profile investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban gave Microsoft and Nokia a nice little holiday gift in the form of a plug for the new Nokia Windows Phone during an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit on Christmas Eve.

The Nokia phone “crushes the IPhone 5. not even close,” wrote Cuban.

His answer came in response to a Redditor’s question about which kind of technology he uses. Cuban wrote, “I have a MacBook Air, but am trying the new Acer with Windows 8. I really, really like Windows 8 on my phone. I have 2 phones. first is samsung the 2nd was an Iphone5. THe new Nokia with windows replaced my Iphone 5.”

Presumably he was referring to the beefy Nokia Lumia 920, as reported by Business Insider, although he didn’t refer to the specific model.

Cuban also gave a hat tip to Amazon, saying he’s a member of the Prime subscription service.

Asked about T-Mobile product placement on the most recent season of Shark Tank, he acknowledged, “it is beyond cheesey. none of the sharks like it. but we learned from it and it will be different in the future.”

A Redditor asked, “What? You mean you don’t use T-Mobile 4G? Color me shocked!!!”

To which Cuban responded, “i actually do on my samsung. I love the tmobile wifi calling option. I love the open Android and Samsung platforms. I use a replacement keyboard sw which increases my typing speed (i still miss the speed typing on my sidekick).”

“I love myIPad and my macbook air is amazing when it doesnt crash, so i like apple products, but i think as far as phones, both Samsung 3 w android and the windows phone kick the Iphone’s ass. Its not even close.”

See Cuban’s full AMA on Reddit here.

Cuban Photo via Flickr 

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  • lrd555

    Mark is too self serving to be believeable. In other words: He’ll do or say anything for financial gain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skeptomai Christopher Brown

    I’ve been telling everyone I know that I love the screen and heft of the Nokia 920, but I’m a pretty big guy. I think that phone *totally* misses the mark for women. It’s too large and heavy. I have the iPhone 4 and 5 and Samsung / Google Nexus and Nokia 920. Nokia has the best color and brightness and Windows Phone 8 is quite nice. Nexus is only *ok* by comparison. iPhone 5 wins overall for best app selection (surprise), heft, and integration with everything else I own.

  • http://twitter.com/miguel5lora miguel angel lora

    I like this!

  • NearerMyGodtoThee

    If Mark Cuban is your anchor endorsement then you’re in trouble. This man is a useless blowhard and idiot who makes Donald Trump look like a positive contributing member of society.

    And anyway, why should we care about his views on tech any more than Bill Gates’s on sports? Just because I read your name in the papers doesn’t mean I care about your vote on all topics. What’s Chris Brown’s favorite tablet? What would Charles Manson Tweet from if he could? I don’t f#$cking care.

    The fact that NO ONE of any respectable substance has endorsed Windows Phone on their own (sorry Gwen Stefani and Mark Cuban don’t count) shows that even if it has good technology, its DOA. And anyway, I don’t actually BELIEVE that they use this any more than Oprah is sitting using a Surface tonight.

    My paycheck is tied to Redmond and I’m scared for the future. But the reality is that they’ve failed utterly with Windows Phone, Surface, tablets and Windows 8. All the numbers are pointing in that direction.

    And soon, SteveB, Kevin Turner and the partners are going to start laying off even more FTEs to save their worthless hides.

    The Titanic has hit the iceberg. And now the ugly rush for the lifeboats has begun. Women and children first: execs and partners to the boats.

  • quick2wit

    NearerMyGodtoThee, you’re a class act. Love you crapping where you work. You take the paycheck and benefits and them thumb them in the eye publicly. I work for an airline that has their own isssues, I just don’t share them with outsiders. You are an employee every employer cringes to have on the payroll. It would be perfect Karma for you to be on of the FTE’s to get the pink slip. Probably make your boss and co-workers happy, see you as an office grinch, and make Microsoft a better place with happier workers. Tear them down instead of build them up. So, so sad.

    • NearerMyGodtoThee

      Assume much? I said paycheck is tied to Redmond, didn’t say I worked there. I would sooner work at Burger King on the drive through than work at Microsoft: better senior leadership.

      Sometimes speaking the truth publicly IS the class thing to do, especially when the captain is aiming the ship at an iceberg. I don’t think people saying the K Car was great or that Rick Wagoner was brilliant did Chrysler or GM any favors. Or the US Auto industry for that matter.

      And that’s how my paycheck is tied: if you live in Puget Sound or work in tech in the US or both, your paycheck is tied to Microsoft such that if they fail, you’re going to feel it.

      • revolving_alias_twit

        You’re adding nothing constructive. Just regurgitating the same tired talking points of most trolls. And MS’s final failure will not effect most people in IT in the US. It will have a limited impact in Seattle, but even that will be transitory.

        • TheSki

          IT wouldn’t really exist without Microsoft, your talking rubbish

  • SouthDallas40

    Mark is a billionaire who made his fortune in tech. His views on this subject are valid. And as an owner of a Lumia 920, I share them.

    • Fred Maxwell

      Mark Cuban didn’t “[make] his fortune in tech.” He made his fortune through investing (the Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres, and Magnolia Pictures, to cite three big examples). He’s been involved in WWE professional wrestling with staged altercations with wrestlers. He’s appeared in such shows as “Walker: Texas Ranger” and “Dancing With The Stars.”

      So don’t try to portray him as the equivalent of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, or Phil Schiller.

      Mark Cuban was a vocal proponent of Compuserve and Lotus Notes, too. He also invested in San Francisco startup making a high-tech toilet seat called a “Swash,” which works like a bidet but mounts on a standard toilet. Yeah, there’s a guy with a real record in choosing tech, huh?

      And a year after your proclamation about the Lumia 920, the market has spoken and the Lumia 920 was found to be lacking. People didn’t want a heavy, bulky phone with mediocre battery life running some second-tier OS — even if the camera was top-notch. It’s sales numbers were tiny compared to those of the iPhone 5 and Microsoft ended up having to buy Nokia to keep Windows phones on life support.

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