[Follow-up: Rovio’s ‘Mighty Eagle’ explains Angry Birds stunt at Space Needle]

[Follow-up: Photo: Space Needle’s Angry Birds slingshot, final version]

Now this is what you call a launch event.

I’m on location right now at Seattle’s Space Needle, where Rovio is planning to mark the launch of “Angry Birds Space” with a stunt that will basically turn the landmark into a giant slingshot, according to a company official. It’s supposed to start around around 10 a.m., although that sounds like an approximate time.

Not sure if this will work, but I’m going to attempt to broadcast from my phone. If the video doesn’t come through below, I’ll post it later.

Video streaming by Ustream

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  • http://twitter.com/EricBurgess Eric Burgess

    You guys live right now?

  • Cosmicmirth

    I’m waiting unPATIENTLY!! For an update… Update please! :)

  • Mildly Upset Bird

    Helium filled – they’re going to launch it….into SPACE!  (my prediction).  It would be fun to see it take out the EMP, though.  or anything for that matter.

    • Forrest

      It’s sagging downward, so doesn’t appear to be helium filled. I doubt it even makes it past the EMP.

  • Andrew

    Say your twitter handle again. :)

  • Forrest

    Update, please! 


    You guyz are hella nub!

    • Anonymous

      Hella not 1337

  • Eric Rice

    You gotta wonder what dollar amount is attached to turning Seattle’s most iconic structure into a slingshot.

  • guest

    there are THREE coffee shops within one block from you. these people are full of excuses. if i wasn’t stuck at home, you’d have a coffee in your other hand. thanks for the stream.

    • guest

      success!!! steve is a good man!

  • http://twitter.com/LaurenC7 Lauren Colman

    In honor of the landmark’s 40th birthday, its roof was painted “Galaxy Gold,” its original color. –> Why the Space Needle was once painted orange.

  • Maxhavoc2000

    This is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  • Alloweichan


  • Emmysweet

    This is *really* a show about needing coffee.

    • Emmysweet

       See? Nothing is happening. Except a perfect set-up for the launch of a mini-series about finding a vanilla latte in the middle of downtown Seattle ;)

  • Britta_G

    Please make “Welcome to Seattle: Meet our Seagulls while you’re looking at our Angry Birds” the headline for your story! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/tierany Tierany Seriflame

    Do we know what they’re planning to launch it at?

  • Dindoandrita

    Been here since 10am. It’s almost 1pm. Got 2 kids. Any idea if they’re launching anytime soon?? I’m leaving in 15 minutes…

  • http://twitter.com/dananderson Dan Anderson

    It is a shame that nothing happened, but I really liked the idea of GeekWire doing a live video stream from the event. Hopefully, you can do a video stream like this again in the future. Also, I found it hilarious that so many people brought Todd cups of coffee. That was the best part.

  • Jamers2004
  • Angry bird

    update : Nothing happened no slingshot, just blown up angry bird attached to the Space Needle, people were pissed waiting for hours in the cold,..with their kids! In the restaurant up in the Needle was a party by the Food Network for Angry Birds, lucky ones got a cup cake , wow!,, the inflated bird is still hanging on the a Space needle,..doing nothing,…
    Someone asked around for a cross bow!

  • Manov rao

     Angry Birds Space is officially available for Android, iOS, PC and Mac .

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