Perhaps no startup in the Seattle area has driven as much discussion and debate in recent weeks as Solavei, a young upstart that plans to begin offering a new $49 per wireless service next month in which users earn cash for signing up friends, family members and co-workers. The public debut of Solavei’s multilevel marketing offering is still a few weeks away, now slated for September 21. But the company’s appetite for investment dollars does not appear to be slowing down.

In a SEC filing today, the company — led by former former Congressman Rick White and former Motricity CEO Ryan Wuerch — indicated that it has raised $6 million. It’s part of an ongoing series B round which we covered last month, with total funding in the company no coming in at more than $10 million.

Investors in the company include Jonathan Miller, the chief digital officer at News Corp. and former CEO of AOL; David Limp, vice president of Kindle at; and Gary Adams, an oil & gas executive from Oklahoma.

Rick White

Despite those big names, not everyone is a believer in the concept with some equating it to a pyramid scheme. In an interview with GeekWire last month White said that Solavei plans to follow the rules associated with multilevel marketing companies.

“You’ve got a new era coming here where the whole phenomenon of social networking is making the idea of people-to-people marketing a lot different, and a lot more exciting than it used to be,” said White, who is leading legal and policy for Solavei. “If you are a multilevel marketer, there are some rules you have to follow and … we will follow all of those rules that apply to us. We really think we are doing something just a little different. We are trying to take a new era of social networking, and all of the tools we have available, and try to figure out a way to monetize that for consumers, not just the company.”

Solavei employs about 140 full-time employees and contractors, and it has already lined up thousands of associates who’ve agreed to test and market the new service once it goes live. In fact, according to a message on the company’s Web site, more than 30,000 people have pre-registered for Solavei membership. “The response has been incredible,” according to the message, which is used to promote an August 22nd online presentation that they’re already dubbing “the world’s largest webinar.”

Previous GeekWire story and discussionSolavei raises $3.6M, touts $49 per month mobile service that rewards you with cash for signing on others

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  • Dreamboat

    “the company’s appetite for investment dollars does not appear to be slowing down.”

    No doubt! The entire plan here is to “Pump and Dump” yet again. Wuerch and White will get richer while investors and employees lose their shorts.

    • Fritz G

      I don’t think this is a “Pump and Dump”. Why do you think that is exactly?

      • Dreamboat

        Anyone interested has only to look at Weurch’s history of ruined companies, hundreds upon hundreds of laid off employees, legal problems and dissolved stock values. Regardless of whether this is a public company, his management style yields the same dismal results.

        • Sevans

          1. What is the list of “Wuerch’s ruined companies”.
          2. On What do you base your judgement of “his management style” of a company that doesn’t launch for another four weeks?
          3. Whether or not he did this would take a more granular understanding of the history of Motricity than I have. Maybe you have some specifics you could enlighten us with.
          4. Were you heavily invested in Motricity? If so I can understand your projected anger at losses that resulted from not being well diversified.

          • Charles P

            Here’s some enlightenment…

            read the comments. Are you telling me this many people are wrong about him?

          • FactvsHype

            Thanks for the link… those that may not know about Solavei and the history of its CEO, Ryan Wuerch, an opportunity to do some investigating on there own to see for themselves and base their decision on this and other facts they find out……

          • Marque Burbatt

            LOL: real news-worth “”. Can you please provide a link from the WSJ, Forbes, CNN or any other reliable “News” source regarding his conduct as CEO? And regarding the shareholder lawsuit, it was brought by Hagens Berman, a Seattle based firm which has brought securities fraud cases against everyone from Apple to JP Morgan to Yahoo! In the last few months alone, this same firm has filed securities fraud cases against both Groupon and Facebook. If you are a publicly traded company with deep pockets and your stock drops, there’s a good chance you’re going to get sued by these guys, or someone else. The cases always settle (that’s the whole game) and so will the Motricity suit.

          • @charles P

            Shows how ignorant about the industry if you don’t know which is the parent company of which just happens to be a widely read and respected industry journal.

        • Sevans

          1. What is the list of “Wuerch’s ruined companies”.
          2. On What do you base your judgement of “his management style” of a company that doesn’t launch for another four weeks?
          3. Were you heavily invested in Motricity? If so I can understand your projected anger at losses that resulted from not being well diversified.

  • Charles P

    It’s a ponzi scheme

  • Dennis J. Smith

    I’m okay with any company that will save me $ on my wireless service. Verizon and AT&T might have the most coverage but the consumer pays for it. There is no reason to pay over $75 for wireless.

  • Hashtag David

    As with any multi-level marketing scheme, the ultimate winners have already been picked.

  • Scott

    @Dreamboat: This is not a publicly traded company, so nothing to dump.
    @Hashtag David: The “ultimate winners” at any MLM are the ones that build a downline.
    @Charles: Look up Ponzi scheme, there is no product with one of those.

    My wife has a beta test phone so I know this is for real. Will it succeed? Depends how consumers respond to 49 dollar unlimited cell phone service. How much are you paying?

    If you’re trying to decide if an MLM is shady or not, look no further than the product they offer and ask one question; would consumers be interested without becoming a member.

    • Dreamboat

      When doing business with a company the question I usually ask is “Are these reputable people who care about their customers?” In this case, that answer is a definitive NO.

      • Sevans

        Hi Dreamboat,
        Do you have a cell phone and if so have you conducted opposition research on the corporate leadership of that company? How about the car you drive? The grocery store you shop at? You say you usually ask the question, “Are these reputable people who care about their customers” so I would expect you could tell me something about the individuals that run some of the companies you do business with.

        How do you decide which companies care about you as opposed to the ones that just care about your money?

  • Fritz G

    Solavei may become the opportunity for the masses. Try to think of the positives rather than the negatives my friend. – @Dreamboat

    • WeurchFan

      Except for a few professionals with massive distribution lists, this model won’t produce repeatable income for the vast majority. Meanwhile those customers will be stuck with a second class, start up middle man who’s customer service, billing, and issue resolution will suffer all the same problems of any brand new start up. Anyone can cut out the middle man and go directly to T-Mobile for the exact same plan and a much improved experience. And they won’t have to Pimp their friends either. Best of all, they’ll be doing business with a company who’s founders don’t have a history of screwing every single customer, investor, partner and employee they come in contact with.

      • Sevans

        Anyone can cut out the middle man and go directly to T-Mobile for the exact same plan and a much improved experience.”

        You obviously don’t know much about the telecom industry. Per FCC regulations, host carriers are not allowed to give priority service to their native clients. Solavei subscribers network coverage experience will be indistinguishable from T-Mobile’s subscribers. The same is true for Cricket on Sprint or Straight Talk on ATT, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile and all the other MVNO’s. (There are lots of them)

        As for customer service, billing and resolutions, I think you will have to wait until there is some history of those things to make an assessment of their quality.

        With no monthly contract, no one will be stuck with anything. If you don’t like it, go back and stand in line at T-Mob or ATT, your unlocked GSM phone will still be compatible with your choice of those companies.

        I think you’re very correct to suggest that “professionals with massive distribution lists” will be very prosperous. You’re very premature to predict that no one else will enjoy residual income. Avon started as the California Perfume Company in 1886 and there are still motivated individuals creating massive downlines in that model today.

        Don’t confuse the marketing strategy for the product.

        Where you heavily invested in Motricity? If so I hope you learned the importance of having a diversified portfolio.

  • TechMaven

    That logo….. is it a wilting flower or a broken gear wheel?

  • Ms. Monica

    The way I see it, its worth trying. And I can’t wait for the launch to see how things turn out. Really there is not much to loose as long as you are getting your $49 a month cell service as agreed. Even if you don’t make any money from signing up people you are still saving on your cell bill on a 4G network with unlimited talk/text/data with no contract. If want to make the money you will work hard to do it, if you don’t at least you’ve got your service for cheap. Pyramid scheme , maybe, maybe not. But with any business if you put the work in you can make the money.

    • RobertsRules

      Actually, “Seems you’ll need to recruit quite a few folks (i.e. get them to switch)
      to get paid. Bottom line seems to be you need to recruit well over 50
      people (get them to switch) to get paid any money.”

      Are you going to make this your full time job, Ms. Monica? :-/

  • Team49Unlimited

    I don’t know how you can complain about $49/month unlimited. Did you also know that Solavei has said that domestic roaming is included? That means if you go off the T-mobile coverage area you will be able to use their partner carriers for free… unlimited. What that makes Solavei is that they are not just a re-seller, they are actually a carrier and have a $20/million stake in T-Mobile/AT&T. I know inside information from the founders and I can tell you that what Solavei is doing has not be done before. Many more details will be released shortly.

    • Sevans

      “Social Commerce Platform” – I can’t wait to see what the combination of Social, Mobile and Commerce looks like up close!

      Talking with a friend about Solavei I gave the following hyperbole. “when the question is asked, ‘What ended the Great Recession’, the answer very well could be, ‘Solavei'”.

      It will create a private economic stimulus, without adding to the deficit. Unless consumers prefer to continue paying too much for wireless of course!

      • TechMaven

        @Sevans – You just lost any credibility you may have had by stating that Solavei could “end the Great Recession.” There is so much wrong with that statement I don’t know where to begin. We all know that you get paid to post, but please, just stop your outrageous attempts to legitimize this company.

      • Charles P

        You are on some serious crack there my friend. You must be referring to Ryan’s dream ( go to 37:00. If you believe one syllable of his “dream” then you are insanely naive

        • FactvsHype

          Mr. Wuerch may want to get his 5 FEDERAL lawsuits taken care of before receiving his plaque from the President….

          • mlmking

            Brains for s*it you can sue anyone for anything it does not mean your guilty do your homework

        • BackInBlack

          I have never seen a pitch more full of lies. How can anyone post about their “Value Bucket” while spewing such complete fabrications? I know this guy. I know him well. I’ve seen him crack under pressure. And I’ve watched him lie to people while looking them straight in the eye. (and then try to justify those lies to me.) This is complete Spin, complete BS. And anyone associated with this company better know that future employers will look negatively on any association with Solevei.

          I am absolutely shocked by the content in just the first 2 minutes of this ridiculous video.

      • Viruses

        WOH! You must be taking some awesome drugs! Let me guess, you go to a mega church and everyone in your church is trying to sell this stuff!?!!? Am I right?!?! :)

    • Charles P

      Its been done before: ESPN, Disney, etc. Its called an MVNO and it almost always fails. In this case they’ve added a MLM mechanism to it. Call it MLM, pyramid, ponzi, or whatever you want, ultimately it will fail but not until the founders have made considerable $$$. Oh and if you just want cheap phone service without the MLM ick feel, how about Walmart for as low as $30/month on the same T-Mobile Network

      a tad more reliable and trustworthy is you ask me.

      • cgromero

        well t-mobile pays walmart to advertise…i have that family plan…and is $45 for the first phone no DATA! but why can’t i make the $20 that t-mobile pays wal-mart to hang it on a shelf ,on top of getting a good service with no contract and affordable?…every little helps…specially when you have kids in college. have you watch “the high cost of low price” about wal-mart? that’s a Monopoly in it self. Does walmart really care about us the consumer and their employees.? the MLM system works if you work. some people make money some people don’ is not for everyone…is proven with Avon, tupperware, MaryKay…and so many others…if it was a ponzi…i don’t think T-Mobile would get involved. But i guess we wont know until it launches and time prove us right or wrong…!

        • ReeferMadness

          The only thing proven about MLM is the HUGE number of people who’ve failed at it. MLM has a bad name for a reason.

          As for this: “Does walmart really care about us the consumer and their employees.?” We KNOW that Walmart will be around tomorrow and they have a proven customer service model. Given what has been said and written about the management of this company, there’s no reason to be a part of its impending failure.

          • Soalvirus@scammer

            Only 2-3% of MLMer’s make any money! You are better off getting a job making $15/hour than trying to sell pre-paid cell service. The reason this won’t work, is it’s month to month. The people who are using it to try and sell it…those are the ones that Solavei is making their bank off of! Sucker born every!

          • mlmking

            lol most people fail at mlm no shit thats like saying most people that want to be in the entertainment industry fail…i can pick any industry and make that claim whats your point new york life aflac and real estate brokers use the network/mlm system do your homework

        • Richo

          actually the family plan includes 4G DATA but it’s minimal and slows down to 2G after first 250 megabytes are used… it then resets to 4G on the next billing period. What I don’t like is T-Mobile’s coverage… it can go from great to none in no time! As for Solavei… these MLM’s rarely make it and the ones that do, have a breadth of products ie… Amway, Herbal Life, Scentsy, Avon, Mary Kay… and so on. Solavei has one! A cellphone plan with an inferior carrier. This MLM is not a ponzi scheme, just a MLM that’s most likely not going to do very well. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

    • Bug46

      Solavei is NOT a carrier, nor do they have stock in AT&T, they are a reseller on T-Mobile network. If you are a member of Solavei, you should know that, or maybe those are more lies told by Ryan W. Get your facts straight! I watched the original video, and I am not in due to the lies in it. I agree with BeenThere above. I will not associate with a man that has no ethics, even if it brought in money.

    • SolaScammer!

      Oh wow! Inside information from a “founding member”! LOL, everyone I know that is pushing this is a “founding member”. I think “founding sucker” is the correct phrase. Team49Unlimted, you are obviously not very educated in telco and probably in your little pre-paid mlm scheme.

  • Sevans

    I think the detractors are mistaking typical MLM’s with Solavei. This is not typical. No one will be left with thousands of dollars of merchandise in a closet after months of discouraging effort to be a retail delivery person and sales rep recruiter and cheerleader.

    There will be value customers and opportunity customers, and anywhere in between. You decide.

    If you have already decided you’re not interested in Solavei and you have no idea what it is, then how can you be sure you’re not interested? (hint: it’s much more than just cell phone service)

  • MotricityStory

    John Cook — given the comments, perhaps you can do an in-depth reporting story of Motricity under Ryan’s leadership? Such a fact-based article will undoubtedly help firm up folk’s views…no matter what the facts reveal.

  • Mustapha

    Did some loser actually just say that Solavei was going to stop the recession??? LOL! Go take an economics course, moron! And quit drinking so much kool aid.

  • FactvsHype

    Has any one heard when the multiple lawsuits against Ryan Wuerch are slated for?

  • MarkyMark

    I’d like to invite everyone to comment on the Solevei video. Especially the first two minutes and the story at the 37:00 mark. Let’s share with the whole world what we think of this company and its leadership.

    • markymark
    • BeenThere

      ok…the truth.

      He did raise hundreds of millions of dollars in VC money for
      Motricity…by selling them the same kind of story he’s selling here – a pipe
      dream – where the only one certain to profit is him. As for those VCs, ask how many saw a return
      on their investment. Hell, see what Carl
      Icahn said about the investment that he was “talked into by his son”
      who bought into Ryan’s “vision” Sorta sounds like a guy who feels duped
      doesn’t it?

      As for who made money from Motricity? Well primarily it was Wuerch and his gang of
      insiders. He is currently being sued by investors for SEC violations

      Oh and about the $1.2B valuation of the company? Well lets
      take a look at the stock timeline

      Do you not find it interesting that he picks one date when
      the stock is at its peak? When the
      hollowness that is MOTR became exposed the stock sank precipitously and
      steadily to where it is today .49 and a market cap of 21M. A far departure from
      the $1.2B he talks about.

      In the Summer of 2011 he “stepped away” from
      Motricity. Well, no, actually he was fired
      but not before reaping millions in the sale of his Motricity stock.

      His reputation? Well its well documented. Search his name at and look for comments. I dare you to find anyone who’s dealt
      with him who has a positive thing to say about him. If you want real dirt (albeit from an
      insiders perspective) go to
      for more lurid details about the man and his company)

      But for all you about to buy into Solavei and his
      “revolution”, don’t feel bad about about being hoodwinked. He pulled off the same con with no other than
      Jim Cramer who initially touted the company as a buy but later had to do a mea
      culpa about being wrong about Motricity (seriously, how many times has Cramer
      had to apologize to his audience?)

      As for his “dream” toward the end of the YouTube
      video? This is a demonstration of Wuerch’s core competency – spinning a
      tale. He did it with investors like
      Icahn, with pundits like Cramer, and now with Solavei investors, partner and
      desperately naive MLMers. This
      storytelling is the core of his being.
      He’s a master at it. He talked some of the best investors (including
      Icahn) to buy into his Motricity dream, talked Jim Cramer into believing in his
      Motricity dream. And now he’s talked a new crop into buying into his Solavei
      dream…until it all falls apart and like a snake oil salesman, he on to the
      next town with a bag of unsuspecting rubes cash.

      So go ahead, join the “Revolution”. But I invite
      all of you back here in 1 year to tell me how it all worked out. Odds are you’ll have made nothing (granted
      you probably didn’t lose much either – except maybe any friends you had who you
      convinced to ‘get in your lane’). Wuerch
      will profit handsomely and will be on to the next town.

      You can disagree with me, but remember. Ryan is telling you
      about his dream. I am presenting you with facts. Pick your poison.

      • SolaScam

        You nailed it. Sadly for most MLM folks, you’re comment is too long and doesn’t have enough pictures for them to understand. (Obviously thats a joke). Because I believe most of these simple-minded folks have $$ in their eyes. But at the end of the day, the simple-minded will be the ones that were warned, and will hopefully stop these get rich quick scams!

  • markymark
  • Shawn Robinson

    Im a big believer in this. DS and MLM is the wave of the future. If anyone wants and invite to be one of the firs. Contact me by the Deadline of Midnight tonight to get in the lane

  • Alicia

    Whoever is bashing a company that hasn’t even launched yet is absolutely ignorant. If you have done your research Ryan lost a LOT when MC stocks dropped. I don’t see how it’s his fault that the economy got hit bad and they weren’t making sales and he made the choice to pull out while it’s good.

    @ Dreamboat – I’ve read all of your comments and you’re completely ignorant. I’m sure when you go to a restaurant you don’t look up the owner and make sure they’ve never done anything shady in their life. When you get treated like crap someplace by a mad employee you don’t make a huge fuss over it. If you do, then you’re even worse than I thought and you need to get a life. Steve Jobs was sued all the time and was fired but no one held that against him.

    I think Ryan came up with an amazing idea that’s never been done before and there is no loss. If I don’t like the service, I’m not in a contract so I’m not out anything and I can go back to metro pcs! Perhaps he is trying to clear his name and help everyone. If they were trying to HIDE anything they would not have made him the front man. read this – it’s from someone that’s done their research on the company through and through trying to find a flaw in the company and they don’t even live in the US. They’ve heard about it and wanted to see if it’s for real.

    You’re just a pessimist – how can you judge a company that isn’t even live yet…lol grow up.

    • RobertsRules

      You know not of what you speak.

      And from that same article:

      “This is going to be a tough sell. First of all, they’re going to
      have to talk someone out of breaking their existing contract…for me,
      that’s a few hundred bucks, as with most people I imagine. Next you
      have to sell T-mobile, which is inferior in my area to ATT and Verizon.
      Next, I’d have to give up my new phone rebate which will allow me to
      buy the iPhone 5 at $199 when it comes out. Last, I’ve heard you can’t
      use the iPhone with Solvei, which is a complete deal killer for me.
      If I were to pick a phone mlm, I’d probably look at ViTel. Seems more appealing.”

      • john

        Virgin has the best deal for $35 with an iphone. T-mobile is the company they are working with but they haven’t said anything. If you have t-mobile just go and ask them for the same deal. There is nothing in the news about this ‘big’ company. All of Ryan and his cohorts are shysters and fraud. This is no real deal. its a scam

        • Marque Burbatt

          It is $35 for 300 minutes. Virgin unlimited voice, data and text is $55. so just a few buck different, but still costs more. If your love your iPhone, its a GREAT deal. If you want a lower bill and/or like the idea of a friends/family plan that pays a bit better, then Solavei is good too.

    • Marque Burbatt

      Good point, also, he didn’t “make out big” like others claim. He still is holding most of his stock in the company.

  • California

    Is this ACN II? Why is this being posted on craigslist as a fundraising program for troubled youth?

  • ToddTalksTrue

    So, no iPhone and no plans to offer one. I’ll have to plunk down hundreds to buy an unlocked phone that will run at sub-par network speeds. I’ll have to break my current contract to join, risk my reputation to sell to my friends and family, and suffer the horrible coverage maps. And then employ the famous MLM HOPE Strategy that I can sell to enough other idiots to make my time and risk worth while? Uh, no thanks. Anybody who watched that video should realize that this guy is delusional. I’ll spend my money in more reliable places.

  • Brian

    We do support Iphone, GSM versions and in a few months we will support its full data capabilities… however is kinda an Android focused service as Solavei has its own social media droid app. Im bringing over my Galaxy III and my wife her iphone..

    also for the people below that still think the world is flat – we have an executive list like no other company EVER in history… so stop just plain out lieing , unless you work for another Wireless MLM then I guess you need to cause where going to take you out.

    Ryan Wuerch – Founder & CEO

    is a seasoned and proven leader with experience including roles as CEO,
    chairman, and key visionary. Prior to founding Solavei, Wuerch founded
    Motricity, a mobile data services company that he grew into a publicly
    traded enterprise worth over $1 billion, creating significant investment
    returns for investors. He served as president for Learning 2000, Inc.,
    an education software company, from 1998 to 2001, and as senior vice
    president of ShapeRite, a nutritional supplement manufacturer, from 1995
    to 1998. He was named the 2010 Pacific Northwest and 2005 Carolinas
    Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Wuerch’s current board
    positions include the Miss America Organization and the Washington
    Roundtable, a nonprofit public policy organization composed of
    Washington State chief executive officers. In addition, he is an
    ambassador for the Internet Innovation Alliance in Washington D.C.

    John Rittenhouse – Chief Operating Officer

    Chairman of Cavallino Capital, former COO of Walmart, Louis Vuitton, and Target

    Jose Rojas – Head of Operations

    Former JPMorgan Chase Payments executive, McKinsey & Co., U.S. Army aviator

    Allyn Hebner – Head of Finance

    Former chief accounting officer of T-Mobile and CFO of Motricity

    Rick White – Head of Legal and Policy

    Former U.S. congressman, attorney at Perkins Coie, CEO of Technet

    Jim Ryan – Head of Products

    Former head of Mobile Data Services of AT&T, Sprint, O2, CSMO at Motricity

    Robert A. McFadden – Head of Sales

    Former president of Viridian Network

    Maria Pinchevsky – Head of Member Experience

    Former VP of customer service at T-Mobile

    Stan Simpliciano – Head of Mobile Network Services

    Former T-Mobile head of MVNO/M2M, Naval aviator

    Larry Wallace – Head of Corporate Development

    Former VP of Global OEM and OS Services at Motricity

    Jason Genthner – Head of Corporate Communications

    Former communications executive at Dr Pepper Snapple Group

    Jason McKinnis – Head of Marketing and Brand

    Former head of brand and marketing communications at Motricity, Infospace

    Board of Advisors and Investors

    Sue Nokes

    SVP of Asurion, former COO and CCO of T-Mobile

    Jon Miller

    Chief digital officer of News Corp, former chairman and CEO of AOL

    David Limp

    VP of Amazon, former CSO of Palm and Liberate

    Brian Turner

    Former CFO of Coinstar (Redbox), RealNetworks, and Bsquare

    Roland Van de Meer

    Managing director of Fuse Capital, former founder and managing partner of ComVentures

    Brian Long

    Managing partner of Atlantic Bridge Capital, founder of Parthus Technologies

    David Burnett

    Managing Member of Bright Rivers Capital, on the board of the Joshua Green Corporation

    Eddie Lazarus

    Former chief of staff of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), attorney Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld

    • TechMaven

      If this is like any of the other companies that Ryan has “founded” all of those people will be laid off or fired in a matter of months.

      • Solavirus!

        But…But…But…He had a dream that this company would change the entire US economy…and he prays! lol

      • Wayne Wymore

        “People” who have to hide behind fake names are probably just “bots” – notice they don’t have a picture either.

        • TechMaven

          As opposed to the morons that are paid to post?

          • Wayne Wymore

            Pretty much

  • SolaScam

    iPhone is 2G on T-Mobile. And you know what they say…if you have to brag about all the “amazing” business leaders you have, you probably don’t have that great of a business! (All one needs to do is look at the success/failure of Motricity).

  • AT&T Customer

    It’s called a pyramid scam ladies…this will wind up a huge crime and a log of indictments are coming to a Solavei near you.

  • Cpr Dallas-Uptown

    I wont comment on Solavei itslef because I havent researched enough but I couldnt help and notice that what they are offering isnt new at all . Boost Mobile ( Sprint Prepaid Group ) offers unlimited all staritng at 50.00 without contracts and offr great phones , so does Metro PCS , Cricket and as well as most Major carriers like AT&T and Verizon offers similar plans w/o contract. Virgin Mobile , also a Sprint Company offers the Iphone 4S with unlimited plans starting at $30/mo no contract. So unless this Company is going to pay me at least $ 30 per referal , it isnt worth it. Residuals? that’s a joke , most pre paid companies ( Leap Comm, SPG, Metro ) pay only 3-5% residuals to Retailers that have an actual B&M store , that means that they get anywehre from 1.50 to 2.5 dlrs for everytime the customer they signed up makes a payment. How much money do you want to make ? 10 K month part time ? Well you will need to sign up 6,666.00 friends at the 1.50 residual slot. If you can sign that many people , you are a rockstar ! Contact me and maybe we can start our own deal.I’ll pay you more than 10K for 6.6K people.

    • Josh

      I love this comment. This thing is hilarious to me. Its like… woah people I know pyramid schemes didnt work in the past, but check it out… Pyramid scheme now with social networking! Genius!

    • Logan

      Actually, with 6,666 friends signed up, you would be making $44,000/month. Not exactly sure where you got your numbers from, but I work for Solavei and no how the pay scale works.



    • ptgaray

      So Cpr Dallas… have you signed up with Solavei yet, you are missin out. I made 2400.00 in 2 weeks and enjoying using my Solavei Debit card.




      You missed the boat already on Solavei. It’s your lost..

  • Beachrocker

    T-Mobile is actively investing in their network to support iPhone..
    Also, they announced in February they wanted to team up with
    companies like Solavei to win back consumers to their network.

  • Alexander Ramos

    Ok, I get the Solavei plan of $49, now what?
    What is happening with my phone?
    All my contacts in my phone, in Facebook, Google+, Twitter or my own account will be posting advertising constantly?

    • SmackDaddy81

      You would be giving all of your contact info/facebook access, Twitter info, etc to Solavie who’s founders already have multiple federal lawsuits against them for unethical practices. NO THANKS!

  • malcolm

    Learn more about Solavei at – Free second month of cell phone service and Free activation

    • Walkingonwater

      Your website has an iPhone 4S on it…with Solavei you only get 2G. There are much better and cheaper plans out there! Good luck with your venture, but pre-paid cell service isn’t something that I see being very profitable for all the “founding suckers” I mean members…lol!

      • pilotemt963

        Thanks, I’m glad you liked the site. 3G speeds for the Iphone are already being tested and upgraded across the T-mobile network to roll out this year. I still have yet to find a cheaper unlimited plan the supports 4G speeds.

        • Flyinhigh

          You just validated my point. Solavei is not a 4G plan for iPhone users, it’s a 2G plan. There are dozens of plans that are cheaper than this, that is if you compare apples to apples. This highlights one of the many issues with MLM’s, undereducated sales reps mean upset and disappointed customers. So do your homework on unlimited plans with 2G, and that is exactlly what Solavei is for iPhone users.

          • pilotemt963

            You are correct. no one is arguing with you or saying anything different. Just like my comment states, the Iphone will be running on 3G speeds by the end of the year, but is currently 2G. That doesn’t change the fact that the plan does support 4G speeds if your phone allows it.

          • solascamtastic!

            But it doesnt change the fact that your website has an iPhone 4/s on it…and it will get 2G, but your selling it as a 4g service?! Misleading? YES!

          • Steven Dubyah

            The 4s isn’t capable of 4g… only 3g.

          • America is now screwed

            Wait…The 4s does get 4G on ATT (Not LTE), 2G in T-Mobile. So Solavei has 2G data speeds?! That sucks!

          • RAUL CAMPOS

            You forgot to state that is going 5G next year. Do you homework..



  • Chase
  • FactsAtHand

    “Maximus” makes a good point:

    “What makes me laugh is these responses below. Oh sure our CEO has several Federal lawsuits against him

    Sure the Motricity Board of Directors asked him to step down as he led the company into the ground


    Sure he is facing insider trading allegations which question his business ethics

    But that is small potatoes compared to the goldmine he offers me with
    $20 for every 3 people I sign up. lol Sure as a founding member or a
    new upline, I’ll piss away my reputation and credibility on what is
    widely understood as a pyramid scheme, but not just any scheme, a
    revolutionary one (Why is it so revolutionary? Because they told you so
    and you just drank the Kool Aid without realizing several other mobile
    providers have a similar model) with someone whom has serious
    credibility issues at the helm. Credibility issues so substantial that
    he has to offer his sales force an internal propaganda sheet

    to aid you in overcoming very relevant questions about your CEOs
    character and ethics. What amazes me is the tunnel vision people have in
    that an uncompetitive unlimited mobile phone service can make you sell
    away your reputations for the guy for $20/per 3 people signed up.
    Unbelievable! lol Are you really that hard up for cash?”

    • solasuckers

      But Ryan Wuerch had a vision! Doesnt that male it credible?? ;)

      • ptgaray

        Hey Solasucka, we makin money with Solavei, and we now have FREE excellent 4g cell phone service on 5 of our iphones…you da sucka, im sure you are sill paying for service…hahaha

        • TurdTiki

          Sure you do. Obvious troll is obvious.

  • “hater”hater

    There are many people out there who seem to want to hold onto the fact that this is an MLM more than the fact that it’s a $49mo unlimited plan that requires you personally to do nothing to receive that product other than to sign up for it. Are there other plans in that price range that offer the same benefits yes, except for the fact that if you do decide to refer 9 of your friends your service becomes free. Do I think many of the people who do get in won’t make any money, sure I do, but that’s up to them. The reality is they are more than likely switching from an unlimited plan through another carrier (or even T-mobile itself) that they are currently paying more than $49 a month for. This isn’t a “scheme” given the fact that you are simply replacing a service you already have for what many see as a cheaper version of it. If you decide you want to make a little extra money with it by referring people so be it, but it’s not a requirement of you personally. If Solavei fails and you lose your provider so what, just switch to another one, who cares. Are you going to run around saying “I may have saved money on my service but I didn’t make any money off of it, waaaa”? No, for most they’ll just be content with the cheaper service. But I’m sure all of you critics on here know exactly where to get the cheapest deals known to man on every product or service out there because you “do your research” right? Pfft, please. The reality is there’s a service being provided and the many who will sign up for it don’t HAVE to refer a single person to get that price. So are they really going to cancel the service just because they didn’t become wealthy? No, they’ll just keep on paying the lower bill that attracted them to the service initially just like they keep paying their higher bills now because they are fine with what they receive for the price they pay. The MLM portion of this company is a bonus not the only benefit. Unlimited “everything” for $49 a month on a 4G LTE network is the true benefit and exactly why I think this company will succeed and ultimately thrive. I could care less about the CEO’s past mistakes given the other amount of large corporations involved. If it fails it fails but to say it’s a scam is just a short sighted complaint on something none of you really seem to understand. If they came out as a company with the same price and service without the MLM portion you’d all be singing a different tune. So let go of the MLM hatred and realize the product and it’s benefits as the reason so many are behind it, not just to “get rich quick”. You people are hilarious

    • TechMaven

      If they came out with the same plan “without the MLM” they’d be offering EXACTLY the same thing that T-Mo already offers!

      Also, if I’ve read their plan correctly, there’s a minimum number of sales that must be met before Solavei pays out. (Twenty trios/60 people?) If this is correct, there is no reason for anyone but affiliate marketers to sign up.

      • Logan

        That actually isn’t correct. Solavei doesn’t require any minimums. If you sign up 3 people, you get $20/month off of your bill, and so on.

        • RAUL CAMPOS


    • Delynie

      So..big Solavei with a touch of MLM, take that away and what are you ?

      A no-hype contract-free unlimited text, talk and data plan on T-Mobile nationwide 4G soon-to-be the largest/first LTE R10 network, for $49.00/month – plus no activation fee :P

      I had to add LTE upgrade because only ReadySim and Solavei are the first MVNOs that’ll get upgraded once tmo rolls it out.

  • Elmaestro


  • onebyone

    I just signed up for solavei and personally like my phone, t-mobile and the potential business opportunity it has available. The “Community” and social marketing side of the company is unlike any other I know of. They are the ones who will make this company a success not Mr. Wuerch and company.

    • Dreamboat

      One thing is certain: Wuerch has never made a success of anything.

  • Hardlook1

    Check this analysis of Solavei business plan at:

  • Mr. Wuerchizmo

    What a joke! Ive read customer service
    reviews and people are pissed off! Stay away!!

    • Daniel Trentacosta

      Where can I read the reviews?

    • David Braylark

      they operate using t-mobiles network. you bring your own phone, so basically youre telling people to stay away from t-mobile?

  • Bill Reiner

    Ok, if they pay $20 per trio they must charge a membership or distributor monthly fee, how much is it?????

  • blazer

    so is the launch going ahead today?

  • April Deonna

    Of all the MLM’s and affiliate marketing businesses I have been a part of I have NEVER been scammed. Either you follow the compensation plan and do what it takes to get paid or you don’t follow it and don’t get paid. If you do the latter, it does not make it a scam. People will always tear down an opportunity, especially if it works outside the traditional idea of a JOB (which ironically is more like a pyramid scam then MLM!) Good luck to all the Solavei Reps out there! Prove people wrong but not addressing their negative energy but with ACTION! Arthur Schopenhauer says it best:

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second,
    it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second,
    it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second,
    it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second,
    it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

  • tbone

    Don’t do it. Junk a waste. My mom fell hook line and sinker she now owes more money not only for a junky phone but cancellation fee’s she can’t afford.

  • tracy

    Junk don’t do it

  • onebyone

    I love the Sol train!

  • Irraz

    How do I get a hold of customer service??!!!?!
    This is frustrating!!!

  • Alex Spencer – Solavei

    I’m like Solavei! We are not only saving over $100/month, but we are actively making money by sharing it with our frugal friends and family. As to the MLM/pyramid hate out there: WHO CARES?!? Does it cost any extra to join? NO! Are you locked into a contract? NO! So if ANYTHING goes wrong, can’t you just run back to your previous provider? YES! So I ask again: What is the problem here? Alex Spencer –

  • TurdTiki

    Straight Talk offers 45 bucks a month unimited everything. You just buy the phone at Walmart.

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