Kathy Savitt

Marissa Mayer continues to put her mark on Yahoo, announcing today that Seattle public relations veteran and entrepreneur Kathy Savitt has joined the company as chief marketing officer. Savitt previously served as CEO of Lockerz, a heavily-funded social commerce startup backed by the likes of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and others.

“We are very excited to welcome Kathy to Yahoo,” said Mayer, the former Google executive who took the reins last month. “Her extensive experience in building and refining well-loved consumer brands like Amazon, American Eagle Outfitters and Lockerz will be incredibly valuable as we define Yahoo’s future.”

Yahoo’s former head of marketing, Elisa Steele, left the company in December, prior to Mayer’s arrival, and was hired by Microsoft’s Skype division as head of marketing last month.

Seattle-based Lockerz, meanwhile, announced today that Mark Stabingas has been named CEO. He previously served as COO. Lockerz is building a social networking service where teenagers and twenty-somethings earn points for sharing content or watching videos.

Savitt, who founded Lockerz in 2009, plans to remain involved in the company as chairman. Lockerz raised $36 million from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures, Live Nation and others last August.

Stabingas is a former executive at Amazon.com and PepsiCo. Savitt also previously worked at Amazon, and previously founded the public relations firm MWW Savitt.

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  • Geekwiregrumpster

    Train wrecks all around! Kathy is pretty good at PR – that’s all Lockerz is.

  • Guest

    Not a good sign for Lockerz

  • Guest

    Congratz to Kathy on the new job! The new Yahoo! continues to blaze new trails for women in technology.

  • yawhat

    Same challenge for Kathy. No one could figure out what Lockerz is and no one knows what Yahoo is.

    • http://twitter.com/fijiaaron Aaron Evans

      Looks like Lockerz is a broken Pinterest clone with fake content (probably scraped from Pinterest.)

  • Trainwreck

    Kathy should stick to PR and stay away from marketing. Lockerz is all PR or as one would say, all style and no substance. Their continuation of hiring over-educated marketing folks and those with no real hands-on experience developing product will lead to an inevitable trainwreck for Lockerz. Just another overrated type in my book. No thanks.

  • Skeptical 1

    Kathy is not a strategic marketing person..but she has perfected the act of leaving one job just before everyone realizes the emperor has no clothes..her best PR job is always on herself..give this assignment about 12 months

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cwcsand Christopher William Crawley

    So what she still has a failing brand and business model without pure innovation like the Kolbe Apollios yahoo is a loss period~CWC

  • Robin

    Well this confirms Yahoo is a sinking ship and Marissa Mayer doesn’t make the greatest hiring choices. Kathy Savitt is inept. Want proof? Ever heard of Lockerz? Do a search on it. It was a horrible idea that was executed horribly Try to find the “45 million” lockerz members and then figure out how much money was made off of them. This lady is great at kissing investor ass and cozying up to the right people. I’ll translate this article for you- She was appointed to CEO of Lockerz, a terrible failure, blew $75 million in investor capital, and was ushered off to Yahoo before she went down with her ship. Last I heard, she has also gone through 12 assistants in the past 3 years. She had an affair with an employee (even hooked up at a company event) and is now divorced. Just think, you could go get a degree work your way up in and industry just to get paid 100k to scrape chewed wads of gum off of her desk and wash the berries for her breakfast. Hopefully Yahoo is her last stop. Investors- steer clear of her and anything she runs. She should be excluded from any sort of “Top Women In Tech” lists or anything of that nature- she doesn’t qualify in any way.

  • Guest

    Kathy is by far, the biggest scam of a CEO there is in tech. Lockerz is an absolute failure, yet no tech press can recognize this due to the fact that she’s done an amazing job at covering up her product failure with PR on “herself.” Just ask yourself, what is Lockerz? Who uses it? How much profit have they made? Nobody can answer this question because the company doesn’t have anything to show off in this regard, just a CEO who sleeps around with investors and is maniacal in every way. Yes, we understand Gen Z loves music, YouTube and sharing. Doesn’t the entire Internet? Kathy needs to be put into jail. Period.

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