This certainly isn’t what Beliebing is all about, Tacoma.

Justin Bieber performed in front of a raucous sold out crowd last night at the Tacoma Dome, but it appears that the 18-year-old pop star had his personal laptop, camera and some other “stuff” stolen afterward. Here’s what he posted on Twitter a short time ago.

We’ve left a message with the Tacoma Police Department for more information on the stolen goods.

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  • Nate

    Well keep an eye out on TMZ

  • Mel Carson

    You’d think he’d be advised to back up that kind of thing?

  • Dick

    Probs a porno w/ him an Selena… Yum

  • Kevin Mansel

    Backup your stuff. Cloud backup programs are really simple to setup too. I’m sure even Bieber can afford $5-10/mo to backup his stuff.

  • Doug Smith

    We’ll see if Selena Gomez starts acting nervous…

    • Michael Hazell

      Oh wow. If I am thinking what you are thinking, then I hope that Bieber had some sort of remote wipe software on there, similiar to Lookout on Android phones. That way the laptop can get locked or wiped as soon as it connects to the internet.

  • Michael Hazell

    I wonder if Bieber has some sort of backup of his files. Cloud storage is really cheap, and as rich as he is he could afford to buy several thousand servers to back up his suff. And if he really cared, he would have also had remote management software installed onto his computer.
    And how did his computer get solen? He must have left it out in the open, or his security was not good enough to catch the theif moving in the shadows.

  • ImWorriedAbouttheBieber

    Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason.

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