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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has been tied up in all sorts of lawsuits during his technology career. That just goes with the territory when you become a multi-billionaire in the software industry. Lawsuits happen.

But, we’ve got to say, this is among the most bizarre legal actions we’ve ever seen. (OK, perhaps just behind FunnyJunk’s lawyer suing The Oatmeal).

A Wilsonville, Oregon mother has sued both Paul Allen’s Vulcan Sports and Entertainment, owner of Portland’s Rose Garden, and Justin Bieber over apparent hearing loss that occurred during a 2010 concert by the teen heartthrob.  Concert promoter AEG Worldwide and Island Def Jam Records also were named in the $9.2 million suit.

Paul Allen

Stacey Wilson Betts claims that she experienced hearing loss after Bieber entered a heart-shaped gondola that transported the pop icon over the crowd at the Rose Garden. The Oregonian reports on the allegations in which Betts claims that the floating gondola, combined with the shrieks of teenage girls, created a sound blast that damaged her ears.

“I am an ordinary person who bought a service, I took my daughter to a pop concert.  I had no reasonable way to anticipate the gondola could create a sound blast that would permanently damage my ears,” Betts is quoted as saying, according to the suit.

Question: Can we sue YouTube for having to watch this video as part of the research for this story?


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  • Baker

    In response, Mr. Allen should arrange $220,000,000 on the floor in the shape of the letters “FU.” That ought to show this litigious moron who is boss.

  • jtuper

    What does this have to do with the Seattle tech scene?

  • sam

    First, we must remember that behind everyone who sues someone is a lawyer looking for their 40% or some PR to enhance their stature.

    Second, anyone who buys a ticket to see the Bieb and take their children should have child services called for abuse. Not from the volume of the audio, but due to exposure to the utter mind-numbing, commercial hype-dom that epitomizes the experience.

  • http://www.facebook.com/silver.lioness.1 Silver Lioness

    Ridiculous. Its a concert, you should expect loud noise. No one has ever sued for this before and in the slim chance that some crazy judge will actually rule in her favor, then thousands if not a million or more people will be out of work due to being laid off from the sound industry, musical instrument makers, ticket sellers and many related websites, special effects industry, materials (curtains, screens etc) clothing designers for the stars, band tour buses, hotel room bookings etc will all be affected due to them being afraid to play for fear of opening up themselves to lawsuits. So thanks a lot lady for being greedy and possibly ruining the experience for the rest of us and putting lots of people out of work!! Oh and P.S. Are you related to the lady who sued Mcdonalds for the coffee being hot a couple of decades ago???

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