As reporters covering the Seattle-area tech community, we frequently would refer to the Startup List on the  Seattle 2.0 website when looking for new startups or jogging our memories about tech companies in the Seattle region. We know many of you were avid users of the list, as well.

Starting today, we’re bringing it back, and it’s bigger and better than ever.

We’re proud to introduce the GeekWire Startup List — the largest and most up-to-date directory of startups in our region, with 500 companies in a variety of tech-oriented categories.

We hope you find it as useful as we do, and we’re asking for your help to keep the list growing as we take this project to the next big stage: In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out a ranked index of Seattle-area startups, based on the same database, bringing back the legendary Seattle 2.0 Index.

Created in collaboration with our partners at Fresh Consulting, the Startup List builds on the legacy of the original Seattle 2.0 Startup List, which GeekWire received as part of our acquisition of Seattle 2.0 last year.

However, it goes much further. GeekWire team members Emily Shahan and Mikey Tom spearheaded an effort to build upon and verify the Seattle 2.0 database — adding hundreds of new companies in more than two dozen categories, along with links to Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Check out the list here, including a handy feature for sorting by category if you’re researching one particular area of the tech community.

This feature is part of a growing collection of startup resources on GeekWire, following up on the earlier launch of our Service Provider Directory, another former Seattle 2.0 feature that we’ve updated and reintroduced.

Here’s where we need your help: Even with all of our research, we’re sure we haven’t found everybody. If your Seattle-area tech startup is missing from the GeekWire Startup List, please let us know through this submission form. You can also use that form to send us updated information about an existing startup on the list.

You’ll notice that the form includes extra fields, including date of founding, number of employees and annual revenue. None of this information is required for inclusion in the Startup List, but we’re gathering this data as we look ahead to the next stage in our project, a ranked index of the top startups in the Seattle region, drawing from the same comprehensive database. The more information you’re able to give us, the better that resource will be when it launches.

A big thanks to GeekWire readers and our annual sponsors Filter, Tableau, Barokas, Splunk, GistWilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and (new annual sponsor!) SEOmoz for supporting our work and making it possible for us to pursue community projects such as these. For information about sponsorships, contact GeekWire’s chief business officer, Rebecca Lovell, at

Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more in the pipeline.

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  • Marcelo Calbucci

    This is very exciting Todd. You guys brought it back and made it much better. There is a huge value on this type of list for the purpose of discovering new and existing startups, from investors who want to see what’s going on (particularly the ones that are out of area) to candidates looking for a job at a startup. Congrats on the launch and let me know how I can help.

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks a lot, Marcelo. The original database gave us a great foundation — thanks for all your help and work.

  • Mikey Tom

    Love this. It’s great to see how many startup companies actually call Seattle home!

  • Tara Gowland

    This is great!

    • johnhcook

      Thanks for the kind words. Mike, in terms of the startup question, it is a bit fluid and everyone has their own definition. Mine is (and has always been) any non-service provider company in the tech arena, including biotech, games, clean tech, software, Internet, etc. that has yet to sell or go IPO. (Once a company tops $100M in sales we’ll probably boot them off the list too).

      You won’t find companies such as Clearwire or Zillow that have gone public on the list, or for that matter startups that have recently been sold like Thinkfuse or Smilebox or TeachStreet or Likewise.

      Thanks for reading, and for all of the support.

      • Guest

        Instead of removing them from the index, how about moving them to a list of Seattle startups that have been retired (graduated? expired?) from the list?

  • Forrest Corbett

    Does the list have the same qualification criteria as the previous list? I see one in your screenshot above I wouldn’t really consider a startup anymore.

  • Mike Jensen

    Great to see the list make a comeback. Good reminder of all the cool things happening in Seattle. The only question I have is around the definition of “startup” as it relates to this list – is that anywhere? Regardless, great work!

  • John

    The list link doesn’t work for me – it shows the “submit startup” page.

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks for the help, John, I just fixed that second link. Here’s the direct link for anyone having trouble accessing the list …

  • Roy Leban

    When you roll out the index, I suggest you rename it to the “Traffic Index”. One of the big problems with the previous index was that web site traffic frequently has little to do with traction or success, particularly for companies with mobile offerings, Facebook offering, etc. Just in the P section of the list, I see PaperKarma, PhaseRX, Pinkrice, Pinpoint Pickup, Pirq, Placed, Planetary Resources, Playteau, Point Inside, PopSalad, PressOK, Propeld, Prosodic,, and my company Puzzazz. That’s half the comapanies and maybe I missed a few.

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks, Roy. We’ve had long discussions about this topic inside GeekWire and with our developers, and it’s one reason we’ve waited to roll out the Index.

      Our goal is to end up with an algorithm that reflects more than just traffic but also takes into account other data. We have some ideas (note that we’re asking for revenue and employees in the submission form) but would love to hear any ideas you have along those lines.

      • Roy Leban

        I have no problems with calling a traffic index just that. It did always irk me that the Seattle 2.0 Index seemed to imply that it was more than that. A lot of the other things are really hard. Most startups don’t want to disclose revenue or sales, and even those are complex to interpret. A 1-person startup making $100K is doing way better than a 20-person startup making $1M. And many other metrics are problematic too. b2c and b2b companies look really different. For example, Twitter and Facebook just aren’t important to a company in the enterprise space. A b2b company targeting software companies might be very heavy into social media, while another b2b company targeting coffee companies might not have any presence whatsoever.

        Good luck with the algorithm :)

      • guest

        Having a composite ‘geekwire index’ reflecting multiple measurements sounds good. Can you have multiple indexes/sort orders? would be cool to sort by web traffic, number of employees, number of years since being founded, likes on their facebook page, etc.

  • Tushar Chaudhary

    Great resource Todd! Added to the list. :)

  • Ben Mullins

    This is an exceptional list for job seekers as well. Thanks guys!

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks, Ben, happy to help. Also see our job board,, and stay tuned for future improvements on that front, as well, we’ve got some good stuff in the works.

  • iPhone reader

    Shows up blank on iPhone.

    • johnhcook

      I saw this problem initially on my iPhone as well, and I believe it is occurring for those who reach the Startup List through the mobile WordPress version. It does not occur for me when you turn that version off. We are looking into this. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Tony Mandarano

    Very awesome list. I need to get on there.

  • Jeff MacDuff

    Great List , thanks for re-launching this!

  • ChuksOnwuneme

    Someone from Deal Maker Media was just asking me yesterday of a list of startups in Seattle yesterday at the GROW 2012 conference @Vancouver pre-party, and the time it took me to say “uhm…I dunno”, I received the notification! This will serve not just Seattle, but you never know who’s watching. Kudos on getting this together.

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