Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team is back with an updated version of its “Browser You Love(d) To Hate” online campaign, including the video above. It’s a clever way of challenging the company’s critics while touting some of its latest milestones (real and imagined).

So how is the browser doing? Microsoft points to the recent release of the touch-friendly IE10, favorable competitive benchmarks, and 54 percent market share — its highest level in more than a year, although still well below the browser’s historic highs.

One bummer: Comments are disabled on the YouTube version. Given the subject of the video, it would have been fascinating to see how some of the browser’s actual critics responded. Let’s see if GeekWire readers can fill the void.

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  • Jorge Manuel Xavier

    This is genius. (posted with IE10).

  • aemarques

    Best… thing… ever!
    BTW, IE10 rulz! :-)

  • IEhater_4_life

    IE SUCKS!!!

  • guest

    Okay. That’s pretty funny.

  • Peter H

    I liked IE 10 until it turned on “Do Not Track” by default. Makes this new web standard totally useless now because it doesn’t convey user intent.

    • Do not track me

      Yeah, YOU know the user intent … Are you really convinced that all the users wants to be ?

      • Peter H

        Maybe be a little less obvious?

    • Ventura Perez

      but provides you with Privacy? interesting.

      • Peter H

        No it doesn’t, b/c sites will ignore the flag from IE, because IE has set it on by default. The standard says the flag should represent user intent, not a default choice by company. For a while the standard insisted that the default be “off” so that “on” would actually mean something.

    • Alan Barksdale

      You had me at hello.

  • Mike Christensen

    As an IE hater, I do have to admit IE10 is a huge improvement. Too bad as developers, we still will be stuck supporting IE8 and IE9 for years to come.

  • Dave Small

    If it doesn’t run on a Mac then it really does suck

    • guest

      I suspect you’re the kind of person they had in mind when making the video.

    • Alan Barksdale

      News flash: Your Mac runs on PC hardware.

      • Alfred Sturges

        NO!!!!! This is the worst thing anyone has said since “Luke, I am your father!”

  • Forrest Corbett

    Overall, IE10 does suck less than previous versions of IE but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still suck. In fact, with IE10 they’ve introduced new “suck” by there being two versions in Win8, and they don’t work the same. IE10 still lacks standards support that other browsers have provided for years. It also doesn’t auto-update like its main competitors do, which only complicates web development.

    All this video points out is they are aware many people think IE sucks, and that they think hype is more important than reality.

  • Mike

    I have tried Microsoft IE several times over the years…what I can’t understand is how a company as big as MICROSOFT and have such a poor quality browser. I have used Firefox for many years, no one can compete with Firefox. My latest try was IE9 which stayed on my computer maybe 15 min. before I took it off. Com’on Microsoft, get on the ball….you put out a few crappy OS….exception Win XP and Win 7….is Win 8 your next big flop? Not many good reviews…again…BIG MICROSOFT should be able to be the top OS and Browser producers….with all your talent and $$$$. Get with the program…..

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