Maybe the Museum of Flight could buy this thing and put it next to that replica Space Shuttle when it arrives?

This replica TIE fighter has been generating a ton of buzz online today after it was put up for sale on Craigslist by someone in Olympia, Wash. The plywood replica, about a third the size of the “real” thing, features laser cannons set to fire standard party poppers, according to the listing.

The price: $150 or best offer, assuming it isn’t gone yet.

I called to find out the back story, but haven’t yet heard back. No doubt it was created by one very cool dad.

(Thanks to Isaac Alexander for the tip.)


  • Spirulina

    Very cool. Can’t put a price on those things

  • SurfSwitch

    This was actually created by my older brother, David. He hasn’t sold it yet, and is currently being bombarded by offers. Thanks for featuring it! He is a great Dad and also a foster parent. 

  • Shoreline

    He has a lot more than $150.00 into that thing.  Really cool for a Star Wars fan.

  • Anonymous

    Todd, the guy who built this has updated his listing to acknowledge the “hundreds” of responses he received and also to provide some background.  Apparently he built an X-Wing fighter last year and has plans…  My son’s ready to put on his Darth Vader costume again.

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