The infographic below developed by Seattle’s Killer Infographics certainly resonated with us, given our passion for all things geek. And while we love our “nerd” colleagues and friends, we’ve got to say that it is hard not to identify with our fellow geeks based on this criteria. (OK, maybe Todd is a bit more nerdy).

So, now here’s the key question, which one are you?

Geeks vs Nerds

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  • WhatDoesOSHaveToDoWIthIt?

    Geeks like Macs and Nerds like PCs? Uhhh what? Where did you make that one up from?

  • Monica Guzman

    Love nerds, identify more with geeks (still can’t code), and believe wholeheartedly that a lifetime supply of Nerds candy would make everything better ;) 

  • Joe McCarthy

    Pretty funny, and very detailed … though I still prefer the more broadly scoped Venn diagram illustrating the differences between nerd, dork, geek and dweeb by @GreatWhiteSnark.

  • Ardell DellaLoggia

    Behind and in the shadow of most every prominent and successful Geek I know, is a Nerd or a group of Nerds to whom the Geek says: “Make It So #2”.

  • FrankCatalano

    Definitely lean more toward Nerd than Geek (and it’s not because Harlan Ellison once famously noted that geek is derived from the nickname given to carnival sideshow performers, frequently alcoholics, who bit the heads off of live chickens for gin). 

    Wait … inserting that reference … probably makes me a Nerd. Yet I’m a marketer. There clearly is a need for an updated Myers-Briggs test that adds a G/N scale.

  • Z.

    Honestly, I’m kind of sick of both of them.

  • michael sherman

    as a true geek I know that it is 60 percent of the time it works every time not all the time

  • Cory

    I’m a PC, so I guess that automatically makes me a nerd,

  • Buntu Redempter

    I guess I am a nerd.

  • Andrea James

    I’m more of a nerd, even down to my financial models, which I adore. I’m not cool enough to be a geek. Also loved all my subjects in school and have to resist the urge in polite conversation to interject, “Well, that’s not actually true. See there was a recent study  . . .”

  • ryancaldwell

    They just put out a new one called Geeks vs. Hipsters:

  • Elijah Hibbard

    If this is true. Then I’m pretty much even. lol

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