Geeks may like to spend a lot of time indoors, playing games and coding in isolation. But the group behind Seattle’s Pink Gorilla gaming stores have something entirely new in mind. It’s called the Level Up Pixel Pub and Gaming Lounge, and it basically amounts to a gaming paradise.

Oh yeah, on the weekends it will be transformed into a hip night club, but not of your ordinary variety.

“Level Up does not judge. We embrace the art of costuming, and encourage all patrons to visit wearing their own costumes. In fact, this is probably the one place where it would not be outside the norm to see a Stormtrooper buy a beer for Pikachu and then do the Macarena with a wizard and a giant toaster pastry,” according to the company’s promotional Kickstarter video. (See below).

Where will this be located? “A popular Seattle neighborhood! That is all we can say for now until all the paperwork is finalized,” organizers say in their Kickstarter FAQ.

The gaming lounge will feature separate areas for fighting games; music games; and board and card games. It will also feature retro and new titles, with customers able to watch the action on multiple flat-screen TVs.

We’ve seen the rise of geek hangouts in Seattle, including Card Kingdom in Ballard; GameWorks in downtown Seattle and retro pinball halls like Full Tilt.

Here’s a look at Pink Gorilla’s Kickstarter effort, which has already raised more than $6,900 towards a $75,000 goal.

Thanks to Isaac Alexander for the tip.

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  • protected static

    Sounds like there’s a lot of competition here: Gamma Ray Games just closed over $30K on Kickstarter to do a more casual version of this, and AFK Tavern in Everett has been going strong for a while now…

    • CJAT

      Though that is in Everett and most people wouldn’t want to travel that far. It will probably be bigger between Gamma Ray Games and PG Pub. The real deciding factor will be if people want a more relaxed atmosphere and even more importantly the location. If PG Pub is going to be in Georgetown then it will be hurt, if it’s somewhere closer to downtown then it can compete.

      • Billy Wellen

        I’ve had nothing but poor experiences at AFK Tavern. How many separate nights could my server have fallen in the back? Always their excuse!

  • Ty

    @twitter-15080214:disqus That’s great! Do you want more places or less?! Pink Gorilla has been doing this for a while too and have a great following. They have 3 gaming stores, throw tons of events, and even have their own web comic. So I am sure this will have its own PG vibe (as you can see from the vid) and you can go to different places for different reasons.

    • Subopti

      I’m sorry, but we only allow one business per category. That’s why Seattle has one coffee shop, one clothing store, one gay newspaper, and one tech news site.

      Pink Gorilla looks good, but if they can’t open before Gamma Ray Games’s new place, I’m afraid they won’t be permitted to operate.

      • protected static

        Don’t be obtuse. It isn’t the number per se, it’s the niche factor. The way people tend to patronize based on neighborhood might allow for a larger number of gaming pubs to survive – but having more than a couple strikes me as stretching the ecosystem somewhat.

    • protected static

      Personally I think it’s great as well. It was more of an observation; this is a geeky city, for sure, but I wonder how many niche establishments of this type it can support.

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