Here’s more evidence that Microsoft and Amazon are planning their own smartphones

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was grilled by both Charlie Rose and Jimmy Fallon last week about the potential of an Amazon smartphone, yet Amazon’s boss still remained mum.

But a report from Digitimes claims that Foxconn, the major manufacturer of iPhones, has received handset orders from both Amazon and Microsoft and is set to launch both devices in mid-2013.

This comes after a Wall Street Journal report earlier this month that noted Microsoft’s Asian suppliers developing an in-house smartphone.

Could we see both a Microsoft and Amazon smartphone as soon as next year? Would you consider buying one?

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  • meme72

    Can’t wait for all the fan boys to come unglued on this one!

  • guest

    Don’t really understand the MS play here. Nokia and even HTC are finally making some decent phones. So there doesn’t seem to be a need for a “north star” the way there was with the Surface tablet. The Amazon one I can sort of see. Although if they’re going to heavily discount that too, I wonder how much hardware they can afford to do this with. They’re not making much money as it is.

    • Guest

      Apple envy

  • ZunePhone

    Because it’s just plain funny, any talk about a Microsoft phone needs to have a link to the ZunePhone comedy video:

    • guest

      Get a life.

      • rob hammond

        pfft…that video was great, i needed a laugh today.

        • ZunePhone

          You’re most welcome, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Wtechrover

    After enjoying my Surface, I would love a Surface Phone. Like the one in the artist impression. Drool. Only the Lumia 920 (and partly the 8X) comes close as being as beautifull.

  • guest

    Because digitimes track record with rumors is SO bullet proof :-)