One of the most popular segments on the GeekWire radio show and podcast is App of the Week, offering up a recommended download for your mobile device. In this special episode, we expand the concept to a full show, with a big rundown of our latest favorite apps.

Sasha Pasulka of Salad Labs in the studio. (Erynn Rose photo.

Joining John Cook and me in the studio to share their picks are GeekWire’s Rebecca Lovell, and GeekWire contributor Sasha Pasulka of Salad Labs, known for its Pop Salad celebrity stock market game.

Here’s a complete list of the apps we talked about (in the order we discussed them, in case you want to follow along).

Cleartune: Precise chromatic tuner for guitar and other instruments. $3.99 for iPhone.

Clear: Productivity app, simple way of keeping prioritized to-do lists — with sound effects! $2.99 for iPhone.

Cocktail Compass: Happy hour finder, from the Stranger, shows the nearest happy hours and how much time is left. Free for iPhone and Android. (Related: Happy Hours from GoTime and Seattle Weekly.)

Cocktail Flow: (Sensing a theme here?) Beautifully designed cocktail recipe app for Windows Phone, Windows 8, iPhone, and Android, recommends drinks and provides recipe based on liquor in your cabinet.

LinkedIn CardMunch: Scans business cards and quickly converts them into a LinkedIn contact. Free app for iPhone.

Postagram: Quickly and easily send physical postcards through the mail for 99 cents based on photos you take on your phone. Free app for Android and iPhone. (Endorsed by John’s mother-in-law.) Related: Sincerely Ink app for sending greeting cards through the mail. (I used this to send Christmas cards last year.)

Glympse: Real-time, time-limited location sharing for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. (Classic use case is when you’re stuck in traffic. Sasha also recommends it for tracking and connecting with family members at theme parks.)

Uber: High-tech town car service, pricey but super-convenient to use an app to summon a driver, track the location of the car as it comes to you, and also pay for the ride. Related: Taxi Magic app.

Apps for Kids: PBS Kids, free video app for the iPhone and iPad. AlsoPotty Time with Elmo, interactive storybook that helps with potty-training kids.

Eyejot: Send short video messages from your phone. $4.99 app for iPhone. (From Seattle entrepreneur David Geller.)

Missile Defender: Defend your city from attack! Highly addictive game for Android, 99 cents.

Glee Karoake: Free app for iPhone, with in-app purchasing of songs. Features include autotune and harmonize. (How Rebecca has been honing her karaoke skills.)

Music apps: Pandora, Rhapsody, and Spotify.

Google Listen: Audio search and playback app for Android.

Stitcher: Internet radio app for iPhone and Android.

Fast Customer: Avoid phone trees on customer service lines by having them call you instead. Free app for iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire and Chrome.

Apart from the apps, we also had some unresolved business to take care of, the answer to last week’s Name that Tech Tune. The song was Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, the Gerudo Valley level. Stay tuned for a new Name that Tech Tune challenge next week.

Listen to the show above or directly via this MP3 file.

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  • ted

    Please add more wp7 app to your list next time, this week had only a paltry amount.

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks for the feedback. I struggle with this in putting together our regular App of the Week segment — I want to feature more Windows Phone apps, but I have a hard time finding as many that I would feel comfortable recommending. 

      I’ve asked for input on this issue in the past and been underwhelmed by the response. The standard we’re shooting for is a truly indispensable app, an amazing design, or something that makes you say, ‘I’m downloading that right now’ or ‘wow, a smartphone can do that?’  

      If you or others have Windows Phone apps that you’d recommend, by all means, post them here.

      • Matt

        Carbon – Pretty much the go to twitter app for WP7

        Rowi Lite – If you want free, and something better than Twitters default app, here you go :)

        Endomondo (available on pretty much all smartphones) – A fantastic fitness tracking application.  I’m pretty blown away by this app and the data it grabs on your workouts for you to review all the history on the app or their website.

        SkyDrive would be the next obvious, but that’s a no brainer :)

        • Todd Bishop

          That’s funny, whenever I ask Windows Phone users about their favorite app, often the first thing they come up with is a Twitter app. A Twitter app doesn’t exactly meet my criteria above, and it would be a stretch to feature one as App of the Week, no matter how nice people think it is.

          Thanks for the Endomondo suggestion, I’ll check it out. Is the WP7 version better than the versions on other platforms?

          I’m not meaning to be unfair, just trying to be realistic. I’ve run into this problem repeatedly in trying to come up with WP7 apps to highlight on the show. 

          What are the *unique* apps for Windows Phone that make you say, “holy crap, I’ve gotta have that?”

          • Carlito

            I’m not much for games…but I’m hooked on Wordament, which is a very cool Windows Phone-only game.

            Other faves: My Trips (TripIt front end), Shazam (settles many bets, leads to music buys), and OpenTable fall in the “holy crap” category, although they aren’t unique to WP.

  • Phil Tapia

    If you like car shows, you should add ShowFinder. Available for iOS and Android with over 25k events!

  • Phil Tapia

  • Atjohnson9

    HiTask for project management (subscription required!). idraw for the ipad (Dropbox fonts, save as SVG)

  • aristarkhos

    I see what you mean, Todd. I struggle to recommend a WP phone simply because of what the Market Place has on offer. I also have grouses with the UI but that I guess is a person-to-person thing. In the Marketplace there are few apps that truly impress or even worth the money for the kind of utility they offer.

    Some of the stuff I have on my Lumia 800,
    TV Guide (Whats on India) – mediorcre
    Mixtapes (audio streaming of playlists)
    Moodagent (so so)
    Call of Carlos (Game)
    Ultimate Cricket 2011 (Game: Not bad at all)
    Breeze (Game: By Microsoft and is fun)
    Evernote (Productivity)
    Flashlight-X (Tool: When your camera sucks, might as well make use of the LED flash, I say)
    Free Ringtones (Tool: When you dont want to go through the hassle of using Zune to cut a ringtone)
    Memory Status (Tool: Lets you see how is being used and by what, without connecting to the Zoon)
    Surfcube 3D Browser (Web: ALternate to the limp IE. It is based on IE, is a little laggy because of the ad bar, but offers helluva lot more features than Innate Explorer)
    Zomato (Lifestyle: a location based app for India. Lets you find eateries around you, figure expenses, view the menu, etc.)
    WP Shortcut Tiles (Tool: shortcut to the Data and Wi-Fi settings. Without this, I would have preferred to use this phone as a paperweight)
    Pikchur, PhotoCrop, PhotoFunia (Photography: Cant believe that something as basic is cropping is not part of WP 7.5)
    PC Remote (Tool: I have not used this one but seems to have received some positive ratings)
    Weave, Pulse (Productivity: News readers)

    Well, this is my list and I am frankly not satisfied with it. Nothing worth showing anybody, hey! have you checked this out?

  • DocPop

    Thanks so much for the Postagram mention! Glad to hear you guys are a fan.

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