Employers pay a lot to recruit and retain skilled workers. Now, at Expedia they are going the extra step to make sure they stay healthy.

The Bellevue online travel giant announced today that it plans to open a new health clinic early next year in partnership with Qliance, providing easy access to medical care on the corporate campus. Expedia employs about 2,000 people in the Seattle area. This marks the first time that Qliance has set up a clinic on a corporate campus.

“We are excited to be providing employees with an innovative new avenue for accessing medical attention and services that will make it easier for them to practice consistent health care,” said Connie Symes, executive vice president of human resources at Expedia. “In collaboration with Qliance, the opening of this new onsite clinic is another step in our ongoing initiative to make personal health and well-being a major focus for our workforce.”

Based in Seattle, Qliance’s backers include Jeff Bezos, Michael Dell, Drew Carey and Nick Hanauer. It is also funded in part by Rich Barton, the chairman of Zillow and former CEO of Expedia. Late last year, Qliance raised an additional $3.1 million.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cameron-Newland/10700278 Cameron Newland

    Awesome news! I love Qliance (especially how they’re able to effectively drive down the cost of delivering primary care!). I expect big things from them in the future.

  • Plateau Mom

    The model is great for the providers income – they can triple their income and see far less patients (not a scalable model – who treats the 1500 patients they drop from their panels.?) and for those that need long visits it is an affordable option.

    My experience was that they practiced old style medicine with unnecessary screening tests – like DEXA screening for a women in 40’s (not recommended till age 65) that cost over $1500 as insurance didn’t cover it. they lacked any patient portal and were slow to respond to email (group health does within an hour). They had as many front desk staff as any place else but I had to wait 30 minutes to bee seen.. Tried it for a year.. 1 visit cost me 1200 (100 a month for 12 months).

    Also as a patient knowing that it is being funded by high cost VC and angel money makes me question where their alligence really is? To their share holders 1st then to the doctors? Certainly not the patients.

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