Google had a giant week, introducing the new Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus Q streaming media device, and pulling off the most impressive keynote stunt we’ve ever seen in the skies over San Francisco, as skydivers delivered Google’s augmented reality glasses with¬†no small amount of technical wizardry.

Maybe now the company can do a little work on YouTube’s automated translations?

Check out what happens when you turn on the closed-captioning (via the “CC – English Transcribed” setting) on the Nexus 7 introductory video above and the Nexus Q video below.

Highlights include …

  • “Nexus ceo their first social streaming media player may trigger the plane home.”
  • “Your friends connect these adversary on collections anyone can synthesize.”
  • “It’s the first as I said let’s introduce our surveillance with your friends.”
  • “Plus the freemen decency act retail binder favored video and he pledged.”
  • “We’re off to a great start fights can challenge but there wasn’t nearly far enough so we could join under the microscope an injury for palm.”
  • “He released school play which ties together all of our properties around music books movies tan slacks caesar’s have one place to go for all the clinton.”
  • “He had to have really crisp high-resolution speaking how to put a fundraising camera on.”
  • “Your hand doesn’t hire your arm out that’s perfect for reading you know complains then in a chair at the beach the pool you’re walking around with the point yourself pretty much in your pocket.”
  • “With nexus seven work bringing the latest and greatest entry technologies and the best content in the world will play into a single device inexperienced antiquity link thing.”
Machine learning and automated translations are tough, to be sure, but particularly for such high-profile product launches, Google would be wise to take this particular “feature” back to the lab.


  • B.E. Ward

    Based on the other Nexus 7 thread, I’m going to sound like some sort of Google evangelist.. but I do like that they’re willing to put products out before they’re nice and shiny.

    That being said.. Latin chanting.. not. really. working. out.

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