Christmas came a little early for all the Microsofties out there.

As we first reported back in September, all full-time, direct Microsoft employees (a.k.a. Blue Badges/FTEs) received a Surface RT machine for use at work and home.

And as we can see on the social media feeds, it looks like that happened on Wednesday.

Mary Jo Foley reports that employees in 12 countries with Microsoft offices will receive the initial batch of complimentary Surfaces —all employees are also receiving Windows 8 Phone devices — with the hope to have a majority of the employees equipped with a Surface before Christmas.

Microsoft is also reportedly opening up a new open Wi-Fi network on the Redmond campus, with the company encouraging employees to use the new network for personal use with the Surface tablets or Windows 8 phones that aren’t connected to the corporate domain.

Maybe having 94,000 employees carry around the Surface will help spread the word of the new tablet, which until just recently was selling exclusively in Microsoft’s own retail and online storefronts.

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  • Guest

    Congrats to Neil, Omar, and the 93,998 other Microsofties who are eating the biggest, sweetest batch of dog food yet! Can’t wait to see the exciting innovations that will result from having such a widespread rollout.

  • msoft

    Surface sales now at 94,001!!!

  • Go Team!

    “Sales” just doubled. Also of note in true MS fashion, non-blue badgers that busted their @#$% on the Surface are shown ZERO appreciation by MS. Go “team!”

    • tk

      I never understood why vendors/contractors are so bitter about not getting the same perks as FTEs. I’ve been consulting at MSFT for years, and have never felt slighted or pained that I didn’t get the same things as FTEs. If you think you “deserve” these things, apply for an FTE job.

    • GG002

      iSheep and Fandroids are getting really desperate with no imagination, having to reuse same joke over and over again. I hope you enjoy your Lagdroids and i2007OS. The rest of us are moving on.

  • John Corrals

    I sat next to a young kid on the bus and he commented on my Surface. He said his buddy got one and really liked it. The funny thing was that he said he had never used a Windows device as he had only Apple growing up. He liked his friends Surface more that his Apple and was going to get a Win8 device next.

    Just an interesting insight on the market today. And I don’t work at or own Microsoft. But I do like my Surface more than my old iPad and I am going to buy a Win8 PC to replace my old Win7.

  • Aisle iQ

    tested surface in commericial setting with bluetooth scanning. perfect. like the touch over the ipad we have been deploying with retailers.

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