Cheezburger is turning its focus from cats to Olympians with a new site called ROFLympics 2012 that’s launched just in time for the opening ceremonies in London (which start in about three hours).

For those not hip to Internet slang, ROFL is an acronym which means “rolling on the floor laughing.” Cheezburger, the Seattle network of comedy sites, is accustomed to rolling out new sites in anticipation of big events and holidays.

On ROFLympics, one can view all sorts of silliness, including the “hideous” national team outfits of Spain to the real reason why the U.S. men’s basketball team won’t be spending their nights in the Olympic village.

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    Congratulations to Ben Huh on continuing to deliver! This Olympic tie-in is a perfect way to blend the world’s shared loves of sport and of the “Impact” font.

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