Our winner: Aravanan Sivaloganathan of Amazon.com

Well, folks, here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. After some very careful deliberation at the GeekWire HQ today, we’ve chosen our winners in the second annual GeekWire Movember mustache challenge.

Our judging panel — consisting of GeekWire’s Emily Shahan, Taylor Soper, Rebecca Lovell and yours truly — carefully weighed more than 20 entries from bushy Tom Selleck-style staches to an impressive array of handlebars.

“Man, we’ve got some furry dudes,” noted Lovell in perusing this year’s entries.

But the furry-style lost out this year to a thinly sculpted masterpiece from Amazon.com software development manager Aravanan Sivaloganathan. He won by a unanimous decision. (Heck, my mustache-averse wife even thought Sivaloganathan’s stache was pretty cool).

“If it were easy, everyone would be doing it,” joked Sivaloganathan. “I expected the competition to be a hairy one.”

Colin Brissey

As a result of his achievement, Sivaloganathan has won two tickets to the GeekWire Gala on December 6th at McCaw Hall.

Now, Sivaloganathan wasn’t the only one with an impressive stache, and as runner ups we chose two very different creations.

In second place, we picked Colin Brissey, a regional sales manager at Seattle startup ExtraHop Networks. You just gotta love the bald head with a classic “horseshoe,” don’t you?

“I’m thinking I might keep this thing forever.  It scares my coworkers,” noted Brissey.

The third place finisher, just creeped me out a bit. I personally opted for another entry, going with a more traditional look.

But my fellow judges liked the creativity of Travis Geer of AudioSocket, who described his creation as a “reverse-Hitler, Fu-Manchuish creepshow of a stache.” Agreed. That’s one creepy stache.

UPDATEPeople’s choice award: Vote now for your favorite stache

Travis Geer

Congrats to everyone who participated this year, including teams from Globys, Slalom Consulting and Point Inside.

Now, if mustaches aren’t your thing, don’t fret.

There will still be a chance to strut your stuff at the GeekWire Gala where we’ll be awarding prizes for the best dressed. (Yes, we recognize the irony in giving away prizes for fashion sense in a room full of geeks!)

Meanwhile, here’s a gallery of some of the other folks who participated in the mustache competition this year.

Which one is your favorite?

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  • JimboW

    In these pictures, who looks the most satisfied, the most relaxed and at ease? Yes, clearly it is Mr. Colin Brissey. I think this says something about him and his mustache. He knows it is good, great even. He is at peace with the world, with himself, with his face and facial hair.

  • MoMember

    Sorry, Aravanan:

    Rule Three of Movember: There is to be no joining of the Mo to your side burns. (That’s considered a beard)


  • http://www.nickwhite.me/ Nick White

    I like Aravanan’s one eyebrow lift. Classic.

  • Sarah Johnston

    Yes, the winner should be crowned winner of Mobeardmer. Familiar for fullness!

  • Sad in Seattle

    Your winner has a beard! I think you should hold this next year on Halloween and call it the GeekWire Beard Carving Competition, because clearly your panel of judges has no idea what makes a good mustache. Or maybe you could call it the GeekWire Who Can Make Fun Of Mustaches With Their Ironic Growth Competition? Either way if this was a real mustache contest Ray Fortna runs away with it, and it aint even close. Dave Manningsmith makes a strong showing in second place. Where are the points for thick, dense growth? And what about length? Your winners look like they were growing for 3 or 4 days tops.


  • http://www.facebook.com/the.leif Leif Espelund

    Sad in Seattle makes a good point. I think next year this should be judged by the people. Let us vote!

    • johnhcook

      Agreed, folks. Stay tuned. We are rolling out a “People’s Choice Award” shortly.

  • RDub

    How do I add myself as a write-in vote or get our office in on this next year? We had a firm “free standing moustache” policy in the office this year – no connections to other facial hair allowed.

  • http://twitter.com/MsStackattack Emily Stackhouse

    I just want to weigh in here and say this: It takes guts to walk around with Aravanan Sivaloganathan’s mean STACHE. Would you do it? Didn’t think so…

  • http://twitter.com/artefactgroup Artefact

    We at @artefactgroup had our own Mo’vember, together with design challenges, bidding contests and more. Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151199610061553.458127.19368776552&type=1&l=e1f2d6b299

  • PinkyT

    ‘What makes a good mustache’ is in the eye of the beholder and the ones stroking that sexy stache! So thanks for letting the people express their opinions on what makes a mustache a winner.

  • Dan L

    Ray Fortna, Josh Hepfer and Siddhartha. In that order. A good mustache is confident and doesnt need gimmicks like handlebars, fu manchus, or ‘reverse Hitlers’. Siddhartha gets special mention for being shirtless in his photo.

  • Seahawks121

    Congrats Aravanan on the win, that is one angry duster, my friend.

  • Seahawks121

    Congrats Aravanan on the win… that is one angry duster my friend!

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