Apple’s iPhone may be synonymous with the smartphone revolution. But Samsung still holds the lead in terms of worldwide shipments, showing a 32.6 percent market share as it shipped 50.2 million units during the second quarter.

That compared to Apple’s 16.9 percent market share and 16.9 million units shipped, according to a report from IDC.

Together, Samsung and Apple shipped nearly half of all smartphones as the worldwide mobile phone market increased by just one percent. Smartphone growth was 42 percent, the slowest since the fourth quarter of 2009.

Nokia, with 10.2 million units shipped during the quarter, is losing market share rapidly. It now accounts for just 6.6 percent of smartphones shipped.

IDC reported that Nokia “has a long path to travel before it can reclaim previous volume levels and challenge Apple and Samsung for smartphone supremacy.”

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  • Guest

    Wow. Remember when Apple was #1 and would remain that way indefinitely? Looks like until iPhone 5 is released, which based on what I’ve read won’t happen until next year, Apple is slip-sliding away.

    • guest

      Yeah, notice how this story doesn’t talk about how Apple lost their lead or is being disrupted by Samsung/Android? Or speculate that perhaps some of their recent miss, which they blamed on people holding off for iPhone 5, was actually competitive losses to Samsung, who is growing their share much faster?

      • Guest

        The headline of this story is “Samsung tops Apple in smartphone shipments.” You can refer to the chart, which I’ll summarize below:

        Second quarter of 2011: Apple 18.8%, Samsung 17.0%

        Second quarter of 2012: Apple 16.9%, Samsung 32.6%

        We all expected iPhone 5 to debut last spring. Instead we got a reheated “iPhone 4S,” whose only innovation was a gimmicky beta voice-recognition feature that has quickly been eclipsed by other competitors’ superior offerings.

        Fortunately, the world is no longer expecting Apple to lead the smartphone market. The open Android ecosystem has enabled innovative, disruptive OEMs like Samsung who have taken the baton and who are running with it.

        Congratulations once again to Samsung on a job well done.

  • Jpon

    apple sucks ! I’ got an iphone and …………. I never could buy it again.

  • asd

    Apple sells the iPhone 4S (Black/White 16/32/64gb).
    Samsung sells the Galaxy (S/Y/W/Xcover/Nexus/Ace/Gio/Fit/mini and so on) and various others like the Wave and Omnia.

    Seriously, is there any wonder Samsung have sold more “smartphones” than Apple‽ Have have a much larger product line after all.

    • Guest

      Kudos to Samsung for realizing that there are more than 6 different groups of customers. By catering to many different price points, feature sets, and geographies, Samsung has won the smartphone race.

    • guest

      So your point is Samsung is only winning because they have a superior strategy? Um, okay.

  • Jon

    Samsung do have a larger range compared to Apple,but Apple will sell less phones this time of year,who would buy the iPhone 4s now when a newer model is due about September 22nd,interesting to see new kids on the block ZTE have increased their market share,I did have a ZTE Blade for a couple of years a very popular and ROM customisable phone.

  • guest

    Interesting tone for this story. Samsung still hasthe lead? You mean Samsung took the lead from Apple and has subsequently left them in its dust, right?

  • rt

    Shipments and sales are very different things, but Samdung doesn’t breakdown their phone sales. It’s all BS unless they show everyone what phones they consider a smartphone,

  • Team Negatron

    Why don’t you mention BlackBerry in your statistics? They have a sizable share in the market but you intentionally immured BlackBerry. Why?

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