[Update, Monday morning: It’s official: Google passed Microsoft’s market value for the first time in its history this morning, although it’s going back and forth as their share prices fluctuate during regular trading today. We’ve updated the chart above. Original post follows.]

Google’s stock price has been rallying recently, and the search giant appears on track to reach a milestone in the days ahead —possibly surpassing Microsoft in market value for the first time.

The Wall Street Journal noted this fact at the end of the week, and a reader pointed it out in a comment on our month-in-review post earlier today. Curious what the trends looked like, I used the stock charting tools from YCharts to put together the graph above, adding Apple and Amazon to the mix for a little more context.

One interesting point to note: Microsoft was the most valuable of the four companies until early 2010, and is now at risk of falling to third.

No pressure, Windows Division, but the Redmond company clearly needs something big with the Oct. 26 launch of Windows 8.

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  • guest

    “We love our strategy. The board loves our strategy”
    – Steve Ballmer
    Fire Steve. Fire the board. Start over. If it’s not already too late.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Google on joining Microsoft in the $250 billion club!

    • guest

      Yeah, and Ballmer only had to destroy $350 billion to get there.

  • guest

    Epic fail for Steve Ballmer, But the board will ignore this obvious sign of failure just like they have all previous ones. Jobs was right. Nothing will change at MS until Ballmer is gone.

  • mainmac

    Not just Google, but IBM is also about to overtake Microsoft once again, just behind Google.

  • Mike_Acker

    MSFT is a sinking ship. all they have is an insecure OS that is beyond any hope of repair and an office suite that is so goofed up with a new UI everyone reviles it on top of which — it’s expensive. so MSFT is going gaming,– new XBox and even converting their central OS into a gamers’ tablet os /rant

  • guest

    PC sales (along with Windows and Office sales) getting destroyed by iPad, the device Ballmer dismissed as “a toy”. European Union fine that could wipe out another $7 billion in earnings, and all because MS’s senior management wasn’t paying attention to their legal commitments. Google now passing MS on market value. IBM $7 billion from doing it again and perhaps permanently this time, especially with their stock recently resurgent while MS’s is collapsing.

    The “most epic year in Microsoft’s history” doesn’t appear to be going according to the script Ballmer had in mind.

    Cue lame Ballmer or Frank Shaw “we don’t control the stock” excuse, while conveniently ignoring that this reflects a now long term trend and the collective opinion of thousands of intelligent investors, in 3, 2, 1…

  • guest

    And watch Apple announce iPad mini just before W8’s launch, thereby completely disrupting that and the tablet plans of MS and its OEMs. This is so predictable it’s tragic.

  • Bob

    Unfortunately what shareholders thought was light at the end of the thirteen year tunnel that has been MS stock ownership, turned out to be a bus with iPad and Android on it.

  • Guest

    Makes sense.. Google still has strong growth, MS doesn’t. And Google has been able to rebuff MS’s attempted incursion into search without breaking a sweat, despite the billions MS has poured into that. Meanwhile MS has lost the mobile OS market to Android entirely, and IE, hotmail, Windows, Windows server, SQL, Office have all lost share to Google’s offerings. The market backs winners over losers, and the Google:MS “battle” has been decidedly one-sided, at least in the marketplace (the courtroom is a different matter).

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