One piece of news disclosed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer here at the Consumer Electronics Show last night was that cumulative sales of Kinect have surpassed 18 million units since the motion controller for Xbox 360 launched in the fall of 2010. In addition, cumulative Xbox 360 sales have topped 66 million units worldwide, and Xbox Live members are up to about 40 million.

That means Kinect now represents more than 25 percent of the population of Xbox 360 consoles, up from 18 percent a year ago. The growth gives Microsoft leverage to continue integrating the Kinect more deeply into the Xbox experience — as it did with the Xbox Live update this fall that expanded voice and gesture controls for the interface.

The figure of 40 million Xbox Live members is up from about 30 million a year ago. Xbox Live membership represents about 60 percent of the Xbox 360 installed base, a proportion that has been relatively steady over the past few years.

By comparison, Sony had sold more than 55 million PlayStation 3s as of last fall, the most recent figures from the company. As of last summer, Sony cited sales of 8.8 million PlayStation Move controllers, which was behind Microsoft at the time.

Nintendo remains the unit sales leader, with more than 90 million Wiis sold.

Also last night, Ballmer gave a timeframe for the rollout of Kinect on Windows, saying it would launch Feb. 1. The company has promised to release a new version of the sensor tuned for commercial and consumer applications on Windows PCs.

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Microsoft! With Kinect coming to the PC next month, I think Kinect as a technology is on the rise.

  • Guest

    $249 price and no game for windows pretty much ensures negligible sales for the PC version (esp. since it is not xbox compatible).  What are they thinking?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not really being promoted for gaming on Windows, but rather for new kinds of immersive vertical software solutions that developers would write. 

      See this to understand Microsoft’s thinking:

      In the future, I am sure Microsoft foresees much cheaper and more powerful Kinect-type sensors embedded directly into display devices or even walls and floors, with real ‘Minority Report’ interaction.  For now, they want developers to begin thinking about how to take advantage of this new kind of interaction model.

  • richoncode

    Q110-Q410 are mislabeled/missing on the graph.

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks for the catch. Just fixed it.

  • Xbox 360 Controller

    Congrats for Microsoft Team. The chart shows simply about kinect.

  • whomever

    mr bishop: xbox 360 can´t have an installed base equal to it´s sales, where did you get this information? its all fake. 16% of the total sales are those with rrod never returned to warranty. that added to a lot of other factors 360 installed base canpt be more than 45 million, nowere near to the 65 m you shoe in your fake chart. why did you publish fake information?? i mean, whats the point?

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