This just might be the coolest-looking Xbox 360 out there.

To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the arcade classic Pong — yes, it’s been that long — Atari is giving away a freakin’ awesome custom Xbox 360 that is modded to look like an old school Atari 2600 with an attached LCD.

To enter, you’ll just need to complete a Pong-related puzzle and fill out an entry form on Atari’s Facebook page. The contest runs until Saturday at midnight.

Atari is also celebrating by debuting Pong World for iOS devices. It’s the result of a $100,000 Indie Developer Challenge and is the App Store’s first official Atari Pong game.

Pong officially debuted on November 29, 1972. So crazy to think how far the industry has come since.

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  • Jay Force

    Would be nice if Atari put Pong in ROM so you could boot directly to it without having to log into XBox Live, view ads for movies, etc.

  • Roy Leban

    The contest to get the Xbox is seriously flawed.

    They want Nolan Bushnell to be the answer to “Who was the designer of PONG?” but it’s actually Allan Alcorn. Bushnell came up with the concept and Alcorn is credited with designing the game. They have another question “How many days old is Atari on November 29, 2012” but there are many entities named Atari. Which one? And another question is “Unscramble the Word. It has to do with PONG”. Yes, that’s what it says in its entirety. And the last one asks for the name of the location where the first PONG arcade cabinet was placed, and they give you the answer in a word search. But, they’ve hidden only part of the answer. They’re missing the word “Tavern” on the end. Should I give the right answer or the one I think they want?

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