Steve Ballmer is known for some memorable moments on stage, and AT&T Mobility chief Ralph de la Vega was almost on the receiving end of one today as the boisterous Microsoft CEO took the stage at the wireless carrier’s event here this morning at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Here’s our video of Ballmer’s big entrance, along with a snippet from his opening remarks. I’m pretty sure de la Vega’s life flashed before his eyes.

Ballmer concluded his remarks with a nod to one of his most memorable moments on stage, echoing his famous line: “There’s still only one clarion call that’s clear in my mind: Developers, developers, developers.”

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  • Lgudger

    I don’t know if that geekwire lead-in/out is new or not.  I do know I like it!

    • johnhcook

      Thanks for noticing. That is indeed new. The animation was created by the very talented Derek Merdinyan, and Todd added a little geeky music to spice it up. I love it too!!

      • bigoven

        Love the geekwire lead-in, lead-out.  Good stuff.  (Perhaps should be echoed on the radio show as well to reinforce branding?)

    • Brent Enarson

      It’s a touch too long.  Needs to get down to 3 seconds.  Great start though!

      • Derek Merdinyan

        John – if you’d like, we can speed it up a bit & see how it looks.

  • Guest

    Ballmer is an embarrassment. They warned on PC sales this week, so obviously earnings next week are going to be even worse than expected. Continued growth was the only remaining thing keeping Ballmer in the power. Now that it’s gone, his days as CEO are numbered. Too bad it didn’t happen sooner.

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