One of the more eye-catching demonstrations during the Consumer Electronics Show this week was the next-generation windshield and dashboard concept shown by Mercedes at its booth.

Hanson Hosein, the director of the University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media program, was at CES this week and provides a glimpse of the windshield as part of a broader video report, above, on the in-vehicle technology on display on the show floor.

Hanson will be our guest on this weekend’s GeekWire radio show and podcast for a discussion about CES. One of my big questions is how safe this type of technology will be. (It sure seems like a major distraction to me.) I’m looking forward to talking about that with Hanson and comparing notes on CES in general.

As a bit of a preview, I caught up with him at the show, and we talked for his video below.

You can follow all of Hanson’s reports from the CES show floor on his Storyteller Uprising site.

Tune in to GeekWire on 97.3 KIRO-FM at 7 a.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. Sunday, or look for the podcast on GeekWire this weekend. 


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