Posting from Las Vegas: Microsoft and Nokia are betting big on the Lumia 900, the Windows Phone officially unveiled here this week at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s a big phone, with a 4.3 inch screen, coming to AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

So what’s it like? The devices were literally tethered to the belts of the Nokia reps at the company’s booth here, for security purposes, but I was still able to hold one and get a feel for it for quite a while this afternoon. Here are the two things that stood out most to me.

1. It feels great in the hand. Yes, it’s a big phone, but it doesn’t seem heavy, and the weight distribution is good. This might sound odd, but the best way I can describe it is that it felt like holding a gigantic second-generation iPod nano.

2. That tiny ridge around the edge of the screen is going to take some getting used to. I did my best to capture it in the picture above. (Click for a larger version.) The smaller Lumia 800 has a curved screen that makes for a more seamless edge, but the larger screen of the Lumia 900 makes that more difficult. The ridge is not a deal-breaker, but it affects the overall aesthetic. I’m not sure if I like it.

Here’s a picture comparing the size of the Lumia 900 to an iPhone 4S.

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  • Guest

    Yuck! Steve Jobs ought to be rolling in his grave. That iPhone 4S is huge and ugly. What’s with that giant white bezel? You might as well sell billboard space on all that wasted frontage.

    If that’s the Lumia 900’s “competition,” the war will be swift and the winner feted quickly.

    • MS_sycophant

      We’re on to you MS Sycophant … you’re the guy who comments “Thanks to MS for leading the way” when they can’t serve 30k streams of video to XBox Live.

      Every MS-related post, there you are: a supplicant.

      The war has been swift indeed, and it’s been brutal, to Microsoft. To put the word competition in quotes is just absurd. To compare equal amounts of “wasted frontage” on the two devices: equally absurd. 

      Supplicant: noun: a person who supplicates.

      1. a person who manifests devotion to a deity
      2. a person who is paid to pray for the soul of another
      3. one praying humbly for something; “a suppliant for her favors”
      4. a petitioner who solicits contributions or trade or votes
      5. a person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment or admission
      6. an energetic petitioner
      7. begging

      • Guest

        Who is “we”? Also, why can’t he just dislike the 4S? Why does that make him a MS sycophant?

  • Guest

    iOS phones sold last quarter = 32m+
    winpho7 phones last quarter = 1-2m WW (at best)
    (to say nothing of android)

    Not to mention that Nokia announced neither pricing nor availability for the 900, which puts it a least 3 months out.

    Steve’s resting comfortably.

  • Anonymous

    what was the peak sales quarter for the blackberry?  just pointing out the fall can be swift.

    However, I am not holding my breath on any ms phone over throwing the leaders anytime soon.

    • Guest

      I believe around 15m was the quarterly peak for units sold.  This most recent quarter ending they claim to have sold (or at least shipped) 10m.  

    • Guest

      I believe around 15m was the quarterly peak for units sold.  This most recent quarter ending they claim to have sold (or at least shipped) 10m.  

  • Roadrunner

    If I set aside my past technology purchases and look purely at the functionalty / speed / usefulness / form factor then I would have to admit that this Nokia is looking like it will be the best phone on the market (assuming it releases soon)…

  • So-many-astroturfers

    Two perfectly legitimate criticisms of the Lumia 900, and already the Nokia/Microsoft astroturfers are foaming at the mouth and hopping mad. LOL.

    Hey Geekwire, wanna track their IP addresses? I’m sure they’ll point to very interesting locations… 

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