Stephen Baldwin promotes Solavei in a company video.

Solavei has its fair share of critics, but it turns out the company also has some well-known celebrities in its corner. The Bellevue wireless carrier brought in actor Stephen Baldwin and musician Cee Lo Green for recent launch party at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

Solavei has drawn criticism for a controversial multi-level marketing model that rewards users for signing up their friends, family and co-workers for the cell phone service. Recruiting three new customers, dubbed a “Trio,” earns users $20 per month. Three trios, or nine new customer additions, equates to $49 (or the cost of one month of service).

The company is led by former Motricity CEO Ryan Wuerch and former Congressman Rick White, with backing from the likes of Jonathan Miller, the chief digital officer at News Corp.; David Limp, vice president of Kindle at; and Gary Adams, an oil and gas executive from Oklahoma.

Here’s Baldwin talking about the service in a promotional video dubbed “I Am Solavei,” saying that the company’s goal is to touch as many people as possible and help them “get blessed from it as much as they possibly can.” He calls the service the “real deal” and notes that it is “going viral really quickly.”

Here’s an interview with Baldwin at the launch event. He explains how he got involved in the service after he “got a random email” from a friend who is a pastor in New York, telling him about a new social commerce company with the potential “to be a blessing to millions and millions of Americans” and solve their economic struggles.

No word on whether Baldwin is being paid for the endorsement or his involvement, apart from the return he gets for signing up other users.

And here’s Cee Lo Green’s performance, captured by an attendee.

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  • Adam

    It look long enough but the pyramid scheme has finally arrived in the Internet :)


      it’s your lost..

  • Jerry

    Reminds me of the “Pyramid Scheme” episode of The Office… watch here


      Don’t think so since it’s partnering with T-Mobile. It’s your lost..

  • Eric

    I love SOLAVEI!! just got sim card and inserted it in my unlocked iphone 4 (former AT&T iPhone) today! let me invite you to help out of your economic struggles. check it out unlimited data, text, voice for 49 dollars monthly and no contract at all! why not?!

    • jusitn

      hi eric. just wondering. does your data also say “E” for edge on top? because i also have an unlocked iphone 4s, but right now it’s only running one “edge” speed.

      • Tech Tweeter

        Iphone is supported only at 2g Edge speed until Solavei upgrades to 1900MHZ frequency which is happening right now as we speak

  • Isabel Papagno

    Hey guys, this isn’t a pyyramid. It’s simple really. You can bring your favorite phone, as long as it has a sim card. That includes all you I-phone people too. You slash your bill to $49 a month and you get 4G service. That’s enough to make lots of people happy. So you’re not obligated to sell this to people with a “million dollar opportunity” that costs hundreds upfront and incurs monthly charges that nobody likes. There are no opportunity costs. You like the service? Tell people about it and make a little money every month for every three people who also want a better deal. Check it out here, and contact me if you like.

  • Steven Crane

    People think everything is a “scheme”. Sure, when someone told me about it, it seemed a little weird. However, I realized that I instantly won by saving about $900/year than what I was paying with Verizon, plus getting everything unlimited. There is the referral or reward part to Solavei, but it’s totally optional. I’ve had plenty of people ask me about it and about 10 have signed up. Some are just using it to save money. You aren’t required to share it to use it and their is no investment or anything like that. That’s what keeps it from being a “scheme”.

    • Mark James

      Was out at college today and a girl told me about the flyers i was handing out and the ”THATS OK MY MOM PAYS FOR IT ” told ever think about helping your mom save she got a lightbulb look on her face

  • Mr MArk

    I am a new Solevai member. I have a SIM card and put it in my phone. service is fine. No scam here because it runs down the T-Mobile backbone. I dont know why people would hate sharing this with friends so they can have less expensive service or even free service. Ive referred 9 people who got the service and now my bill is eliminated. I will earn $60/month as long as they keep the service. Check it out to see if YOU think its a scam.


      agree…it’s no scam

  • AintNoParty

    Congratulations to all of the paid posters below (or maybe just one guy with multiple user names) who responded right away with their “genuine” thoughts on this giant SCAM. Adding a noted slime ball like S. Baldwin to the line up does NOT add credibility to this poor excuse for pimping your friends. Every dollar you pump into this company makes the exec’s exit plan happen that much sooner. And your friends will be left wondering why you took advantage of them.


      it’s your lost. it’s no scam..

  • YourWuerchNightmare

    Everything you need to know about Solavei is right here!

    • Good always trumps Evil

      Always beware of those trying to beat the drums of fear and portray someone or something as evil and bad. I willing to say that there’s always a motive behind someone that speaks negative about others. Whose paying you to plant seeds of fear against Mr. Wuerch?. Is it a direct or indirect competitor of Solavei? Did you lose money gambling on the stocks of Motricity? Do you believe that everyone is part of perfect outcomes? The company that you work for, do they operate using the most environmentally safe standards? Come clean with us what’s your story? I’m sure if we follow your real trail of motives, we will soon discover that it is lined with money. You would probably bash the Wright Brothers when they kept failing during their initial flights. Continue your drum roll sir and don’t forget to keep paying your cellphone bill on-time.

  • NotaMeany

    This just came up in my news feed. Listen. If you are really interested in this company you need to look at the history of its leadership. History repeats itself. And it will again. These guys are bad, bad news.

    • Hello!!??

      What is there to lose? No contract, 49.00 a month unlimited voice, data, text and the potential to earn money. It is not rocket science! Hello!!???

  • Michael J Gallegos

    Solavei has passed all of my due diligence on research. I switched from Verizon ($120mo) to now only $49 and I am showing it to many others and they are switching like I did. It is so unfortunate that others have posted their ignorance of pyramid scheme – Solavei is not

    • Mark James

      The fortune 500 backing for this company is stellar and the billion dollars their going to spend on the platform will bring the backbone way up to speed


      agree…some people are dumb but not all.

  • Aaron Kramer

    Solavei has some pretty good offers, glad to see they released some new products! I promote Solavei and one other program those are the only two i will touch, and I promote both working from my house! I love life.


    You never mention Jesus Christ is lord in the media Why is that? U are a Punk Stevie B! and you are under my feet! You use the Body of Christ!

  • tony williams

    Don’t Join “Solavei Wireless” Opportunity Until Watch My Video Review!!

  • Tech Tweeter

    lol @ these pathetic losers, it’s not a scam when you pay $100.00 to your Cell phone provider? there is no pleasing the sheep, let them cry Scam while me and my team collect the $

  • Jim Adams

    Solavei offers a value driven product at an excellent price. $49 for unlimited mobile service on a nationwide 4G network. I have been involved with Solavei for 2 months. My experience has been excellent so far. I’m a pilot and travel extensively. My coverage and reliability has been as good if not better than my previous provider – Verizon. I have just over 100 people affiliate with me and I’m making about $1500 a month in a part-time business and that is going up every day. Call it any name you want but Solavei is working for myself and my family. Check my profile for more info.


      agree…good job

  • Mark James

    Went to college today with 200 flyers and when I asked if anyone needed to save some money on their phone bill 3-4 from groups of ten raised their hand of course the rest of them got a flyer too . but I did this as a test I know they need to save money who dont but who holds their hand up for a flyer

  • Dierk Dubois

    One of the best reviews from solavei, It really explains what this company is all about.

  • johnny Brent

    if your already doing the pre paid minutes from those other pre paid minute company like tracphone, net10 and others why not give solavei a try, it’s no contract what do u have to loose, just get a reloadable credit card and try it out if your not happy then just stop. atleast with solavei u get paid for signing up new customers

  • Deborah De Boer

    I love my Solavei service. There is no pressure to
    share at all if you don’t want to. But if you do, you can get really into it and
    make a living. It really fits everyone. Best of all $49 a month
    unlimited talk, text data! Want to join? I will do all I can to help you succeed. Check it out here:

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