Google has updated its Drive app for iOS, finally allowing users to edit documents in the app on their iDevice. In itself, this is a great improvement for iOS users, who previously could only view text documents in the app. Currently, editing is limited to word processing documents. Spreadsheets and presentations are still read-only.

However, at the same time, the Google engineers seem to have broken the Google Docs text editor in Safari on the iPhone, causing trouble for those who are accustomed to (or prefer) working in the mobile browser, as opposed to the app.

Currently, if you try to load a document from your Google account, Safari renders the text editor as if you are using a larger screen, pushing the content and essentially breaking the text editor in the browser. Editing still works on the iPad’s larger screen, but editing on a phone is not working the way it did previously.

A GeekWire reader alerted us to the issue, and we contacted Google to ask about the problem. A company representative told us via email that it appears to be a bug, and the team is now investigating the causes. In other words, this is not a ploy to force iPhone users to switch to the official Google Drive app, but a genuine bug that slipped through the cracks.

Thanks to our reader Chris, who sent us the tip.

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  • SDR

    There’s a problem with the iPad App. It will not permit users to edit Google Presentations You may only view. Additionally, the App does not permit the creation of a Google Doc or Presentation within the App. Creation must occur via Safari. I’ve been playing with this for the last hour . . . .

  • Guest

    Couldn’t you just use Chrome instead? Google tends to support its own browser first, so we recommend that our Google Drive customers use Google products with Google services.

  • TheJaer

    I was wondering WTF happened. Not that it was great to edit before (anyone else have the bouncing keypad problem when you tried to scroll) but now it’s impossible. I’ve got a clutter of apps already, all of them useful, I just wish Docs was straightened out because I don’t use it that often to need a manager app, but I do like to check on shared active documents regularly.

  • Michael Hazell

    How did you contact Google? A press form?

  • Chris, the tipster

    Fixed by Google as of Sun 16Sep12 4pm.

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