These are the type of deals that must take the wind out of the sails of Microsoft a bit. A few weeks after introducing the Microsoft Surface tablet, British banking giant Barclays has purchased 8,500 iPads in what is said to be among the largest purchase of tablets in the U.K.

The Register reports on the news, noting that the purchase “signals the growing acceptance of the tab tech in corporate land.”

It’s unclear which device Barclays purchased, but at the low-end, and without discounts tossed, in the purchase would amount to more than $2.5 million. (At the high end, the deal would be worth about $7 million).

The Next Web reports that the tablets will be used by employees at bank branches in order to improve customer service. And the purchase comes a few weeks after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was asked about Apple’s dominance in the tablet market, with Ballmer responding that: “We’ll give them a run for their money.”

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  • Guest

    It’s all just a big conspiracy against the Surface.[s]

  • Guest

    Nothing new. Just shows the iPad tide is still rising. Remember what Cook said in the keynote. 92% of Fortune 500 are testing or deploying iPads.

  • Guest

    Thank you to Barclays. It’s important to test banking products with the tablet leaders past (iPad), present (Android), and future (Surface).

    • Guest

      Wow, you read the article and this is your conclusion? Apparently you’re so in denial, it’s not even funny.

  • guest

    A deal like this was probably in evaluation for a year. But yeah, definitely not encouraging for MS. Ballmer promised this would be the “most epic year in Microsoft history”. Instead it’s turning out to be a disaster. Is GeekWire covering the shareholder meeting this week? Imagine there’s going to be a lot of very concerned and dissatisfied people there.

    • Guest

      I agree not encouraging but have to say thinking there will “lot of very concerned and dissatisfied people” at the shareholder meeting is well-meaning but misguided.

      There’s more chance of dissent at a North Korean party congress than at a Microsoft shareholder meeting. They’ve taken steps to aggressively stifle questions and dissent over the years. And anyway, most dissent has been voiced by people dumping or not buying he stock.

      If you want to talk about a bubble, look at Microsoft stock. When it finally starts to lose its value, it’s going to drop FAST as no one holding it has faith in anything but the current price. When that starts to go, don’t get in the way of the exits.

      Prediction: Breaks $11 before September 2013.

  • Guest

    Barclay Bank is the only Apple financing partner. Would that be a factor in their decision?

  • Mike Cleveland

    Our local burger joint tried to use iPads as cash registers, and it failed so badly that they had to switch to a professional P.O.S. cash register system. In any case, this Barclays Bank decision seem completely overblown. As if they’re the only large organization in the world that made a purchase decision! Is this news because it’s the only large deal Apple has gotten?

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