This just in: Apple has sold 3 million iPads overall in the three days since the Friday launch of the iPad mini and the fourth-generation iPad.

That’s the news from the company this morning, but Apple isn’t providing any specifics about sales of the individual iPad models.

Here’s how the news release is worded: “Apple today announced it has sold three million iPads in just three days since the launch of its new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad—double the previous first weekend milestone of 1.5 million Wi-Fi only models sold for the third generation iPad in March.”

Apple is also continuing to sell the iPad 2, which would also factor into the number.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, says in the news release: “Customers around the world love the new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad. We set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out of iPad minis. We’re working hard to build more quickly to meet the incredible demand.”

As we reported on Friday, the iPad mini launch generated lines, but they weren’t as long as those that normally greet an iPad launch.

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  • Guest

    Very troubling news. Apple is the quickest company to gloat when a product does well and the quickest to cover up a failed product. Witness, for example, that Apple TV has been lumped in with iPod sales since its inception.

    iPad mini, the product of which the late Steve Jobs disapproved, is now proving a disappointment. Truly innovative products like Standalone Apple TV have been delayed while the new CEO looks to make them much higher in resolution for no good reason. (I imagine him saying, “A 13.3″ MacBook can be 2560×1600, so our 53.2″ TV should be like 10,240×6400, dudes!”)

    Tim, you might be a great numbers guy, but please hand the CEO reins to someone with vision.

  • Guest

    The iPad Mini is a fantastic device. After 3 days of use, I believe there is nothing lost from the original, only gains from a size and weight perspective.

    However, in the microcosm of my life, I know two people who traded their iPad purchase for an iPad mini. One who was set to buy a new one (currently he owns the original iPad) and another who just bought an iPad two weeks ago. In the first instance, after using my device, he decided to buy the Mini. In the other instance, after trying my Mini, he returned his iPad 3 for a Mini.

    Purchases of the MiniPad seem to be cannibalizing their own iPad sales.

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