How many hours of your childhood did you spend playing PITFALL! on the Atari 2600? If you’re of a certain generation, the answer is probably way too many.

Well, get ready to try it again, but from a very different perspective. To mark the 30th Anniversary of the classic game, Activision this week released a new version for the iPhone and iPad. As in the original, you play as Pitfall Harry — racing along a narrow route, jumping off cliffs and sliding to avoid obstacles.

But this time around the game is in a 3D space, the graphics are modern, and you use the touch screen and accelerometer as controls, swiping to jump and slide and tilting the phone to make Harry swerve from one side of the path to another.

It’s 99 cents for iPhone and iPad, available for download in the App Store. Go ahead, spend a few more hours of your life on this thing.

Here’s the audio of this week’s segment.

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  • Perfect Parallel

    I met David Crane at his offices when he was with Gary Kitchen at Skyworks technologies. David Crane is the best. A real pioneer who knew how to make games fun.

  • Kibbi

    .99 to buy. So much more expensive to keep playing. Good game but costs more money than a gambling habit!

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