Goodbye, Kindle Touch.

Last week, it was Amazon saying goodbye to the Kindle DX and now it appears they’re doing the same to the Kindle Touch.

Amazon lists the $99 Kindle Touch on its website, but it’s “currently not available” to purchase and Amazon writes that “we don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

Amazon also lists a “newer model of this item,” which directs you to the product page for the $119 6” Kindle Paperwhite.

Could this be a move related to higher-than-expected demand for the Paperwhite, which is on back order for 4-to-6 weeks despite complaints? This Kindle blogger ponders that.

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  • Nate the great

    Amazon didn’t kill the Kindle Touch. They replaced the 2011 model with the 2012 model and changed the name. It’s still running the same software and apps as before (KindleOS 5.1 vs KindleOS 5.2).

    • Todd Bishop

      Hi Nate: Thanks for the comment. The discontinuation of the original Kindle Touch is significant in part because the Kindle Touch models have been less expensive than the new Kindle Paperwhite models, and combined with the current shipping delay on the Paperwhite, the news means that people will have to wait a while to get any kind of dedicated touch-based Kindle e-reader.

      So it’s not exactly like swapping one model for a new one. Seemed worth noting. Interested in any other perspectives you have.


      • Nate the great

        And the 2012 model of a car can cost more than the 2011 model as well as have different specs. What’s your point?

        • Todd Bishop

          My only point is that the discontinuation of the original Kindle Touch is an interesting piece of news, and worth noting.

    • anonymous

      Not exactly. Very few of the active content titles that are available for the Kindle Touch work on the Kindle Paperwhite.

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